How to Access Region-Blocked Websites from Abroad

How do you feel when you want to visit some site to view a movie or read an article, and suddenly it turns out that only visitors from India can see it? There are ways to get around it: for example, you can use an India proxy server to access Indian-only content. Let’s see how it works and what you need to use this method.

Why Do Sites Get Region-Blocked?

When we speak about site blockades, we often mean government censorship. But often the owners of websites lay restrictions upon access, allowing only visitors from their country or several ones to access the entire site or select content on it. Why do they do it?

  • To comply with state politics. For example, some movies and series can be found amoral in Oriental and Middle-Eastern countries while allowed in the West or Japan.
  • To avoid copyright issues. It’s based on the fact that distribution rights are often sold separately for different countries and regions. It often happens with Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services.
  • To save bandwidth and performance by blocking visitors from other countries. It makes sense, for example, if your shop doesn’t sell goods abroad.

Regardless of the reason, you need to visit a region-blocked website, and there are just two ways to do it. Either you physically move to that country and reach it from there, or you pretend you’re from there with a little help from a proxy server.

Proxy to the Rescue

To disguise yourself as a resident of a certain country, you may use a proxy that shows the server its own data instead of yours. This includes the IP address and derivatives of it, like, for example, location data. With this, the server will see you as a visitor from an approved area – and let you in. This is how proxies work.

Today proxies are in abundance. You can enjoy lots of free proxy servers that take you to virtually any corner of the world, from Portugal to Fiji. It’s not a problem to find one; it’s rather a problem to choose the right proxy. Here is what you need to consider.

Which Proxy Do You Need?

If you only need access to reading the sites and don’t care much about streaming quality and privacy, your demands can be satisfied by a free proxy. But situations vary. Sometimes, the very fact that you are visiting sites meant for another region can compromise you. Or your data might leak and appear in a hacker database. Or your videos or audios just won’t load. Or…

To protect yourself from all these or’s, you may use a well-paid proxy. Not only will you get a stable fast connection and a rich data plan for your money. What is even more important is granted personal data security and connection privacy. With a paid proxy provided by a serious company, you can be sure they hold their responsibility and fulfill their obligations.

Among various paid propositions, you don’t only choose by price. There are extras and perks that you might need or not, so choose by usability as well. Anyway, there is always a proxy that can help you (though not in person) get anywhere you want.

Wherever You Are, You’re Here

Do you often need to visit region-blocked sites? How do you get around the restrictions? Are you good with a free proxy, or prefer to subscribe? And which option is the best? Your opinion matters; why not share it in the comments? We don’t insist on having your real location 🙂

How to Access Region-Blocked Websites from Abroad was last updated February 17th, 2022 by Dave Outreach