14 of the Best Hiking Trails Across the USA

Going on a long hike can be a very rewarding and exciting time for yourself and the people that you choose to take with you. The trick is to simply know which hiking spots are the best around. Luckily for you, this dedicated guide has selected 14 of the finest hiking trails right across the USA, meaning that you are likely to find the best one for you no matter where in the country you might live. Whether you need some inspiration for your walk, or you simply want to learn more, it is recommended to read the complete guide that has been created for your reading pleasure below. Take a look now in order to learn more.

The Lost Coast Trail

State: California

Length: 25 miles one way

If the Pacific Coast Trail feels like a bit too much for you, then there is always the option to take part in the much shorter—but equally resplendent—Lost Coast Trail. If you feel like camping along the way, then you should definitely get the best portable power supply for camping, such as the EcoFlow RIVER Pro from EcoFlow. 

Emerald Lake Trail

State: Colorado

Length: 3.6 miles round trip

Due to its mountainous terrain, you will find that one of the best states for hiking is Colorado. The Emerald Lake Trail is one of the most popular around—as a result, expect a lot of people to join you on this journey.

Cascade Canyon Trail

State: Wyoming

Length: 13.6 miles round trip

This heavily trafficked trail near the town of Moose features a gorgeous lake and is usually rated as a moderately difficult trail—perfect if you are looking to upgrade from beginner status. Just be aware that you will be charged a fee to enter Grand Teton National Park.

Pacific Crest Trail

States: California, Oregon, Washington

Length: 2653 miles one way

As popularized in the film Wild, the Pacific Crest Trail takes you all the way from the US–Mexican border to the US–Canadian border—making for an epic journey complemented by fantastic seaside views of the Pacific. Not for the faint of heart, it has been described by many as one of the most iconic walks in the entire country.

Appalachian Scenic Trail

States: Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine

Length: 2200 miles one way

The Appalachians is an area rich in history, which makes taking on the epic Appalachian Scenic Trail one of the must-do challenges if you are a person who is serious about hiking. You will also intersect with many different American states.

Jay Peak Long Trail North

State: Vermont

Length: 3.1 miles round trip

This is the oldest long-distance trail in the entire country—built between 1910 and 1930 by the Green Mountain Club—making it a must-visit location for people interested in the lore behind long trails in the USA.

Beacon Heights Trail

States: Virginia, North Carolina

Length: 1-mile round trip

For a quick and easy trail that takes in two states, the Beacon Heights Trail is a good one to choose for an afternoon out hiking.

The Hayduke Trail Hurrah Pass

States: Utah, Arizona

Length: 800 miles one way

If you fancy a truly epic journey through a trail with little natural water, then it is definitely recommended that you go on the monumental journey that is the Hayduke Trail Hurrah Pass—named after a fictional character in The Monkey Wrench Gang—which will take you through a grand total of six different national parks.

John Muir Trail

State: California

Length: 211 miles one way

Named after the famous mountaineer and writer, the John Muir Trail is a relatively challenging, long, multi-day hike across California. The great part about this trip is that you can even visit the John Muir National Historic Site along the way.

Nugget Falls Trail

State: Alaska

Length: 2 miles round trip

This guide includes trails even in the most far-flung parts of the USA, including Alaska and the famous Nugget Falls Trail. You can even bring your dog on this trail, but it has to be kept on a leash.

Charlies Bunion Hike Trail

States: North Carolina, Tennessee 

Length: 8 miles round trip

Taking place on the eponymous mountain situated on the state line between North Carolina and Tennessee, the Charles Bunion Hike Trail has been described by many as one of the most rewarding and exciting hikes around.

Billy Goat Trail

State: Maryland

Length: 4.7 miles one way

Situated in Maryland, the Billy Goat Trail allows you to take in some jaw-dropping scenery while not being too challenging for new hikers. Just try not to get lost while you are hiking as these people did.

Kalalau Trail

State: Hawaii

Length: 22 miles round trip

Hawaii has a lot of great national parks, meaning that if you live in a remote state, this doesn’t mean that you will miss out on the possibilities involved with taking long hikes. One great hike for you to go on with your friends or family is the Kalalau Trail.

Petroglyph Wall Trail

State: Nevada

Length: 0.15 miles round trip

The smallest trip on this list, the Petroglyph Wall Trail, situated in Red Rock Canyon, is a perfect trip to take with your children. It also boasts some truly amazing views, making it more than worth driving over there.


You should definitely have some idea now of where you would like to go on your hike after reading this exclusive guide. It’s worth pointing out that you don’t have to pick just one option on the list and then forget about the rest. It might actually be an even more fun idea to set yourself a challenge to tackle all 14 of these historic routes. Just remember to pack properly before you go and definitely make sure that you share your location with a friend, as safety first is always the most important principle of all to adhere to in hiking.

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