Tips on Using Circles in Web Design

Circles in web design is an art and getting tips is invaluable. Web Design takes a great deal of discipline to go with the flow of trends and principles. There is one design that often pops up and has grown in popularity and that’s the circle. You might wonder why the simple circle would be considered a design trend, but in reality, circles are used quite effectively on any website for a number of reasons. So,  the leading question might be why the circle and for what purpose in web design? Is there a way to integrate circles seamlessly with your website and current brand? 

In case you still don’t have a website or want to update an existing one, it’s best for you to not try doing it by yourself unless your company provides web design services. The best way to solve this would be hiring a web design service that has all the needed specialists, tools, and other resources necessary for high-quality website creation. Moreover, hiring a reliable and experienced web design agency will help you learn and understand a lot of new things regarding website design and use. It’s best to get your marketing department connected with the web design team for the entire period of the latter’s work on your website, so they can get a better idea of how they can use certain elements, techniques, and strategies, including circles. 

Reasons to Use Circles in Web Design 

If circles can offer you a world of benefits, how can you use them as a design feature? There are several ways.

While extremely popular among web designers and companies, many people want to know why the circle? One reason, they are highly effective and come with a range of advantages including:

Getting Your Attention

Let’s face it, our screens are rectangular and the grid pattern is standard for consumers to view. Circles, on the other hand, are round which makes them stand out. When you grab the viewer’s attention, you can direct them to different areas of your website or different features. Some important features would include where to click on your Call to Action, or the navigation bar.

Reading Your Text

You might wonder why text sitting inside a circle would draw your attention. It’s because the shape will draw your attention to the inside instead of the outside of the circle.  Therefore, if you have a message you want people to see, using a circle might be your best bet.

Emphasis On Text

If you are not aware, there are many websites out there that have circular designs or a circular background for accentuating their text. This approach is very effective because it creates an area of distinction and interest for your visitors. 

For Navigation

Circles have become the most popular way for visitors to navigate a website. The internet is constantly evolving and changing. Because it loves mobility, circles have become the chosen child for navigation.  On top of that, due to touch screens devices, circles have become favored over buttons making it easier to connect with potential customers. Because the circle is shaped like a fingertip, it entices visitors to press on it. 


Circular logos have become the next great thing. They are neat and essential for a new look for websites. Circles give websites a feel and look of sophistication and a touch of class.  Most web designers have said they prefer circular logos making the design the top choice. 

Image Framing 

If your website supports image framing, you might want to look into circular frames for your smaller images for your web design. The frame should be an accent color to help it stand out. That along with the shape will create an impressive impact on the site’s design. 

Image Previews 

Round images have proven to be very appealing to visitors and users.  These images are very popular for image previews and are commonly used in portfolios. Offering your previews in a cropped circle will direct users and also communicate directly to them. You will not have a cluttered look to the site, instead, the site will look creative and friendly. 


Logos in circular design have become extremely popular in web design.  The circular icons are image-based meaning CSS is not needed. There are many web developers that have grown tired of circular designs and feel it’s time to move on to something else. That said, for now, these designs are very pleasing and attractive so the style will probably be around for some time. 


Calls-To-Action are critical for all websites and blogs. Please note, if you use circular for both your CTA and for navigating you will have to distinguish between the two. There\’s no doubt that Calls-To-Action will take top priority and well should. Because most web designers are great at visual order, this is merely a continuation of that. 


Now that you know why and how you should use circles on your website, sit down with your web designing company and discuss the possibilities. It may turn out that you won’t need to use them at all because your site is going to have a different concept and an audience that won’t see any sense in circles. It’s best for you to trust the professional opinion and go with the flow

Tips on Using Circles in Web Design was last updated February 10th, 2023 by Herbert Merrick