Turbo Pump: What Does It Do and Why You Should Own One?

A turbomolecular pump, most commonly referred to as a turbo pump, usually has a rapidly spinning turbine rotor. This rotor hits gas molecules coming from an inlet of the pump, directing it towards the exhaust, thereby, producing and maintaining a vacuum. Turbo pumps have various applications and this article focuses on some of them, as well as the top reasons why you should own a turbo pump.

Common Applications

  • Industrial Vacuum Processing

When it comes to industrial vacuum processing, turbo pumps prove to be beneficial for thin film deposition, device processing, as well as other general processes. If you need a turbo pump for this purpose, explore online sources because there is a great chance that this is where you will be able to find turbo pumps for sale at a lower cost. In this case, you will be able to have a turbo pump for your surface treatments or to manufacture television and monitor picture tubes.

  • Nanotechnology Instruments

Another common application of turbo pumps is in nanotechnology instruments such as electron microscopy and focused ion-beam systems (FIB). Turbo pumps are also quite beneficial in semiconductor manufacturing and surface analysis. The reason behind this is that with a turbo pump, you will be able to analyze various types of substances such as organic compounds, as well as semiconductor wafers.

Reasons to Own a Turbo Pump

  • Convenience

There are various reasons why you should get a turbo pump but the primary one is for convenience because these pumps come in a smaller size compared to other types of pumps. Aside from this, turbo pumps are generally lighter too, making them easy to transport and even install. Turbo pumps also tend to produce less noise, which is very much favorable if you prefer to work in a quiet environment. The best part is that turbo pumps also garner lower maintenance costs, even if you have to shell out a bigger sum upfront.

  • Performance

Another reason why you should get a turbo pump is that they are fully functional and performant. When it comes to energy consumption, a turbo pump can save you as much as 20% of energy compared to other pumps.

Turbo pumps also generate a lower carbon dioxide emission during operation, making them the perfect alternative particularly for an environmentally friendly system and ultimately, a healthier planet.

Because turbo pumps generate more pressure, you also get to save time as well when you use them. Rest assured that they are suitable for diverse uses because of their wide pumping range. Just keep in mind to get a pump from a reputable manufacturer who will be able to offer you high-quality turbo pumps.

Turbo pumps have various applications and industrial vacuum processing and nanotechnology instruments are only some of them. If you deem that your system can benefit from turbo pumps, then go and get one. Rest assured that not only will a turbo pump pave the way for more convenience when it comes to running your application, but it will also ensure that you get the maximum performance you expected.

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