Update: Fix for Google Calendar sync service outage

CompanionLink has a fix to the synchronization service outage with Google Calendar.  If you sync calendar data from your PC to your Google Calendar, you will need to install this update.

You can download the free update software here. Install this update on your PC.  Make sure to download the software update for the product you currently have.  If you don’t know which product you have, here’s how to find out.

Details about the sync service outage with Google Calendar

On November 24, 2009, Google made a critical change to a core field in Google Calendar.  We don’t know if Google intended this change, or knows that it affects software that uses the published Google API.  It may be the case that Google will allow the software to work again in due time.  The change by Google to their published APIs made it unable for CompanionLink’s software to Add or Change Calendar information from PC to Google.  Google Contacts is not affected.  Sync Google Calendar works fine from Google to PC.

CompanionLink has created a software update that complies with Google’s changes.  CompanionLink products with build 3082 and higher will contain this change and can be used to update data from PC to Google.

Update: Fix for Google Calendar sync service outage was last updated November 24th, 2009 by Rushang