Comparing Google Apps Sync with CompanionLink

One June 9, 2009, Google announced a tool that can sync Microsoft Outlook contacts, calendar, and emails with Google Apps Premier edition and Google Apps Education edition. (Source)

But how can people with free Google or Gmail accounts sync with Outlook?  And what about support?

Google says that the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook is for Premier and Education edition customers.  So you can’t use that.

CompanionLink has a solution for everyone using a free Google account.  It’s called CompanionLink for Google.  It syncs Outlook contacts, calendar and tasks (no email) with any Google, Gmail, or Google Apps account.  CompanionLink works with all editions of Google Apps (Standard, Premier, Education, Government, Non-profits, etc.).  The one-time purchase also comes with free email and phone support for as long as you own the product.

Comparing Google Apps Sync with CompanionLink was last updated August 27th, 2009 by Rushang