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Connectors integrate DejaOffice CRM with other online platforms like Google and Office 365. They also provide a conduit for CompanionLink to sync with cloud based business applications like Act! Premium Cloud.

Without a Connector

Without a Connector the Sync is reliant on your PC to be the "Middle Man" to link the two platforms. Sync can only occur when the PC is On and the CompanionLink Program is "active".


With a Connector

With a Connector the sync happens within DejaCloud and is server based so there is no need to have your PC on, the sync is always working. You can still use CompanionLink on your Local PC to "loop in" another Platform (IE Local Act!, Goldmine, etc).


What Can I Sync with a Connector?

  • Google with Outlook 365
  • Act! Cloud with Google
  • Act! Cloud with Office 365
  • DejaCloud (connected to iPhone or Android) to Google or Office 365.

Connecting Google to Office 365 (Using DejaFlow)

If you want to connect directly Google to Office 365, you want to setup a DejaFlow Connector. DejaFlow allows for Google and Office 365 to directly sync without needing to install anything on the PC. DejaFlow uses the latest Graph API for Office 365 so no App Password is needed.

  1. Click Here and select the "No account? Create one!" link.
  2. Enter your email address, a password and click Register.
  3. Sign In to DejaFlow with your new account.
  4. Click "Add New Connector" in the top right.
  5. Select "Outlook 365" and "Google" for the Sync to/from options (You Can set Sync directions after adding the connector) and click "Add New Connector".
  6. Click the "Sign In" button under Google and Outlook 365 and enter the Credentials for each Account.

You can change the Sync Direction using the Arrow drop down between the Accounts (by Default Sync is Two Ways). You can also Enable\Disable Contacts, Calendar, Tasks individually on the right.


Setup Guides

These can also be found on the Setup Guides page.