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PC CRM for your PC

A fast and easy Personal Information Manager for your PC, Android and iPhone


Based on Customer Response, we have discontinued the Free version of DejaOffice PC CRM

If you have previously registered, you can continue to use it on the current computer that you registered it subject to these guidelines.

  1. Tech support by email and forums - no Telephone Tech Support
  2. Personal use only - no company (staff member) use
  3. Sync to Mobile only, not Outlook or Act!
  4. DejaCloud Sync is free for up to 500 records.

To get DejaOffice PC CRM you can purchase a full license for as low as $49.95

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What is DejaOffice?

DejaOffice Personal CRM is a modern look for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes on your PC Desktop. With DejaOffice you can easily track all calls, meetings, tasks, emails and text with your customers, vendors, and associates.

Features of DejaOffice

  1. Contacts, Calendar, Task and Notes
  2. Sync to DejaOffice on Android and iPhone using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DejaCloud
  3. Does not require any Cloud, iCloud, or Exchange connection
  4. Runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10

Q. How does this work with DejaOffice on my Phone. – In addition to migration, DPC has built in sync to DejaOffice on Android and iPhone. You can use Wi-Fi, USB or DejaCloud sync.

Q. Does this replace CompanionLink for me? – If you use CompanionLink for Outlook, Palm Desktop or Act! and you switch to DejaOffice PC CRM instead, then this product effectively replaces CompanionLink for you.

Last modified: Oct 17, 2019 2:50 pm