CompanionLink supports sync with the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and other BlackBerry 6 OS devices

Last week, RIM launched the BlackBerry Torch 9800 with the newest revision of the BlackBerry platform, BlackBerry 6 OS. CompanionLink supports sync with the BlackBerry Torch using one of three methods: direct USB sync, wireless sync through Google, and automatic handsfree sync using CompanionLink’s secure wireless service.Visit for more info on how to sync the BlackBerry Torch 9800 with ACT!, Lotus Notes, Outlook Business Contacts Manager, GoldMine, Palm Desktop and more.

USB sync with the BlackBerry Torch works in tandem with RIM’s BlackBerry Desktop Software. With the Torch launch last week, RIM also launched a new version of the desktop software, BlackBerry Desktop 6. The new Blackberry Desktop 6 changed some underlying core functionality, which caused most 3rd party add-ins, including CompanionLink, to break. We scrambled to quickly find a fix, and our awesome development team got things quickly working again for all our BlackBerry users. If you use CompanionLink with any BlackBerry, visit for the latest information regarding BlackBerry Desktop 6.

CompanionLink and BlackBerry Desktop Software 6

Last week, RIM released the new Version 6 of their BlackBerry Desktop Software, used to synchronize BlackBerry devices via a USB cable with Compatible PC software. CompanionLink extends support to many other PC applications by functioning as an add-in within the BlackBerry Desktop software. The problem is that upon release of Blackberry Desktop Software 6, all 3rd party add-in support was seemingly non-existent. Many users reported problems with a wide variety of add-ins, not just CompanionLink. The problem was further aggravated by the fact that uninstalling version 6 and reverting back to (stable) version 5 still left add-in support broken.

We have been working tirelessly since the release of the Blackberry Desktop Software 6 find a fix for the many users who depend on CompanionLink to sync their PC data to their BlackBerry devices. Our development team deserves a high-five for their tenacity, as we are proud to announce the immediate availability of the CompanionLink 4 BETA (build 4007) with support for BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.

To learn more and download the beta, visit

BlackBerry Desktop Manager support for Outlook 2010 32/64-bit

RIM announced they will support Outlook 2010 32-bit some time in August 2010.  They will release support for Outlook 2010 64-bit in 2011.

BlackBerry owners who need to sync their Outlook contacts, calendar, tasks and notes rely on BlackBerry Desktop Manager to do this.  People looking for an immediate solution can use CompanionLink Express.  It supports both Outlook 2010 32 and 64 bit.  In addition to Outlook, CompanionLink can sync from other PC software like Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, ACT! by Sage and Goldmine.  CompanionLink Express costs $49.95, one-time, and comes with free phone support.

Alternatively, CompanionLink also develops a $9.99 product called O2g, which will sync Outlook to your Google account.  The Google Sync service (offered by Google) will then sync Google Contacts and Calendar over-the-air with BlackBerry devices.