Understanding Why Local SEO is the Game-Changer in 2022

Search engine optimization is very crucial if you’re looking forward to starting a new business. Not only does it help you in gaining a lot of audiences, but exposure helps in improving visibility. This improved visibility can help your products, being easily captured by the target audience.

If you’re looking forward to growth in a localized market, local search engine optimization should be your main aim. Creating a marketing strategy that aligns with the same will not only help you to see rich dividends but will also help you to grow at an exponential pace.

The digital market is booming in Australia. If you’re looking forward to having your own business grow, you should contact agencies specializing in SEO in Sydney. Understanding the market is very important when it comes to delivering results. The marketing agencies that have a good understanding of the market of Australia can help you in capturing the Sydney market.

Now that we have slowly moved towards an understanding of digital marketing, let us find out how local search engine optimization can boost your business growth.

Gaining an Understanding of the Local Market:

Search engine optimization can actually put your product at the front of your customer understanding and desiring customer is very important. Local search engine optimization enhances the chances of you gaining an understanding of the market. If this understanding is developed, you can not only target the right audience but can also curate the products as per their needs.

Gaining Visibility in the Local Market:

Setting a target audience in the local market using local search engine optimization will help you attract the business and the audience. One of the biggest advantages is the trust that the audience builds. Word of mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing techniques. If in the local market, people get to know about how your product is serving the benefits, then they can actually bring in a new audience. Moreover, you can also expect loyal customers with the help of local search engine optimization.

Improved Conversion Rates:

Stickley local search engine optimization gives a better chance of converting your audience. The lead conversion ratio is pretty high when it comes to local search engine optimization. Enter is something that you can really look forward to. It also brings in loyal customers, which is one of the reasons why local search engine optimization is the preferred mode when scaling a business up.

Say Goodbye to Competition From Bigger Firms:

Often the bigger firms cannot reach the grassroots levels. It is at this place where your small business can actually grow and enhance the local market. This local market can be tapped, benefited from and can give a run for the money to the bigger businesses. Moreover, gaining popularity within this small market can also help you get to the apex of the food chain when it comes to the regional market space. If you’re a small business that is starting in a very nascent stage, then local search engine optimization should be your bread and butter.

Improved Community Outreach:

The community is actually going to add a push for the sales of your products or services. If you are able to bring about the people with similar tastes into a certain train work and create a community, then the local business will actually flourish at a faster pace. It’s the community that brings about repeated customers, which helps you grow your business eventually.

Bottom Line:

No matter how much we talk about local search engine optimization, everything will fail if there is no clear strategy that we’re looking forward to. Make sure that there is a clear strategy that the business is operating in before implementing local search engine optimization.

What Are POS Systems And How Does It Work

A point-of-sale (POS) system is the electronic hardware and software used by businesses to ring up customers’ purchases, accept payments and keep track of sales. Although most POS systems work in the same way and share similar functions, the setup of a POS varies depending on whether the business sells products and services online or at physical storefront. 

Traditionally, the term point-of-sale was used in reference to the cash register in a brick-and-mortar store, however nowadays all POS systems are digital which allows for businesses to check-out customers anywhere using a POS app and a device connected to the Internet. 

If you are doing some research on a POS system for your business, you can read about some of their key functions below.  

Electronic Check Out

When a customer decides to purchase a product or service in a physical store, their next step will be to ask a sales associate to take them through the checkout process. In a retail store such as a clothes shop or convenience store, this would involve the associate using a barcode scanner to look up the item’s price, however, in other businesses such as a gas station, a specialized fuel POS system would be used to ring up sales at each pump. If the store is based online then the checkout process starts with customers adding items to their cart before clicking the checkout button to make the payment. 

Calculating Prices

One of the most important functions of a POS system is the accurate recording and display of prices during the checkout process. A good quality POS system clearly displays a breakdown of items and their prices as well as the total price including sales tax, after the sale takes place the inventory count should be updated to show the item sold.

Handling and Recording Transactions

To complete their purchase, a customer has to pay for the goods or service. POS systems allow them to do this via various methods including cash, credit card, debit card, eftpos designed gift card, or loyalty points. If a customer chooses to pay with a card, a POS system connected to the Internet will communicate with the customer’s bank to ensure the transaction is authorized. Once payment is confirmed, a digital or printed receipt is made which can be handed or shipped to the customer.   

Types of POS Hardware and Software

Although every POS system requires software, not every type of business such as online stores needs the hardware. However, if you are running a retail business with a physical location such as a cafe or restaurant then you will need a cash register, display, receipt printer, and credit card, reader. The hardware usually found in POS systems includes:

  • A cash register for calculating and processing customer transactions 
  • A portable device connected to the Internet, this can be used as the display for your POS
  • A credit card reader for secure and fast payments by debit or credit card 
  • A cash drawer for safely storing cash 
  • A receipt printer
  • A bar code scanner

Effectively handling sales is an essential part of any business, and to make this possible businesses should use a point-of-sale. This combination of hardware and software carries out a variety of functions to ensure transactions are processed and completed correctly. 

Will Metaverse Help Facebook Stock to Go Up

Mark Zuckerberg announced during Facebook’s annual conference (also called Facebook Connect) about changing the company name from “Facebook” to “Meta”. He emphasized that Facebook isn’t fully justifying what the company is doing right now and where it wants to head in the future. Besides the name change, Zuckerberg also narrated the future of the company in the “Metaverse”. Since then, we can see a lot of debate around metaverse on the internet. So, will metaverse be a key to letting Meta stock go up? Let’s find out with the current information we have on this matter.

Metaverse – Brief Overview

Before we start discussing the impacts of the metaverse and other details, let’s first clear out our viewpoint around metaverse.

Metaverse is like a combination of virtual spaces that you can explore or create with others that are not in the same physical space. So, you will be able to virtually interact with friends or colleagues, play games, hold meetings, do shopping, and perform many other things. 

Metaverse is possible by combining aspects of virtual reality, augmented reality, social media, cryptocurrency, and the internet. By using VR/AR headsets, smart glasses, or any other immersive hardware, you will be able to access metaverse. It seems a fancy concept, but metaverse becoming mainstream still requires a couple of years or a decade.

Meta Current Investment on Metaverse

Meta (formerly Facebook) has been investing in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology for many years, which also includes acquiring companies like Oculus. However, now it has become aggressive around metaverse technology. Just in the year 2021, Meta spending around metaverse research is expected to exceed $10 billion. It also plans to hire around 10,000 new employees in Europe in the next five years to increase its research around metaverse technology. So, Meta is on an aggressive mode to take the lead in metaverse technology.

Other than the fact that metaverse is a game-changing technology, it is also vital for Meta because the company needs something new, innovative, and big to sustain the revenue flow in the future. The company already sees a minor decline in ads revenue. Its 2021 third quarter ads revenue rose to $29.01 billion, which is a little down from analysts’ estimates of $29.57 billion. Meta blames Apple iOS 14 privacy changes as a major factor in the decline. Moreover, Meta is also struggling to attract young adults, as young adults are actively opting for other platforms, such as TikTok.

Metaverse & Meta Stock

Mark Zuckerberg projects metaverse to become a realistic technology in the next 5-10 years period, but many think that it’s at least a decade away. So, whether metaverse will help the Meta stock to go up demands on how quickly the company can release the early version of the metaverse. As per Bank of America research, Meta’s metaverse project can assist greatly in long-term growth and help drive the stock price to 22% upside potential. There are some other factors that can influence Meta stock with metaverse technology. Two of the leading factors in this perspective are listed below:

1. The Race to Metaverse

There is a race going on among tech giants to become the first one to offer metaverse. Other than Meta, the tech giants, like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Sony, Epic Games, and many others are actively spending millions in metaverse technology. Whichever succeeds in offering the first realistic version of metaverse will lead the race. But why is becoming the first one that important?

Tech giants are believing metaverse to be the next “big” thing after smartphones. In fact, many Metaverse investing funds have emerged shortly after Facebook put this concept in the spotlight. The avatar-based gaming apps, such as Fortnite and Roblox, are already successful in grabbing millions of users. The concept of digital avatar is becoming popular, so that’s one indication that how consumers are going to respond when they will get to experience a virtual interactable world. So, whoever manages to lead the race will instantly grab consumers’ attention and investors’ money.

Meta didn’t manage to get involved in the smartphone industry and now it has to follow the privacy changes made by Apple and other platforms. Therefore, it is important for Meta to lead the metaverse race. So, the stock price of Meta can witness a prominent surge if we get to hear any realistic product release by the company.

2. Who Adopts Metaverse First: Businesses or Consumers?

Other than becoming the first one, the next concerning factor is that who is going to adopt metaverse first? Whether it would be businesses or consumers? If you recall, businesses were the first ones to adopt PC compared to consumers. However, the opposite trend was seen with smartphones. If we look at Meta’s Oculus brand, then consumers are dominating in the purchases of VR devices. So, it seems consumers will be the first ones to adopt metaverse, but the opposite can also be true.

On the other hand, Microsoft is focusing on VR and AR from a different angle. Microsoft has focused its strategy around VR and AR to business-related high-value use cases, like construction and engineering. So, if Mark Zuckerberg is right that people want metaverse to meet and interact virtually, then Microsoft seems a potential favorite considering its top-notch product “Teams” and enterprise-centric approach. Microsoft could integrate metaverse into Teams and use the personal profiles and data it possesses already to offer valuable service. If that happens and businesses become the early adopters of the metaverse, then Meta might have to face serious competition.

Final Thoughts

It is a bit early to guess how the Meta stock will respond to its metaverse project. If the company fails to achieve the targeted goals or someone else, like Apple or Microsoft, manages to offer before it, then we might witness a significant drop in Meta stock price.

However, Meta is doing its best to lead the race. The company is building multiple generations of AR and VR products at the same time, working on a new OS and development model, content studios, digital commerce platform, etc. In a nutshell, we just have to wait and watch how this metaverse battle shapes itself in the coming years, which is also going to reflect who is going to lead the stock market.

Three Unique Tips for Launching a Brand in 2022 Written by Industry Experts

Make no mistake: a well-known and well-loved brand is one of the most precious assets a company can have. According to a survey by Nielson, 59% of customers prefer to purchase new products from companies they’re familiar with.

As an entrepreneur running a small business that’s going to face strong competition from large corporations with loyal customers and immense marketing resources, you’d need every advantage that’d help you stand out.

And the best advantage you can get would come from not only building a business but by establishing a solid brand. Building your brand will propel your business to new heights and attract countless adoring customers.

So how do you create a solid brand? Come with us.

Three Unique Tips to Launching a Great Brand in 2022

1. Know Your Customers and Treat Them Like Kings and Queens

Although everyone understands that no business can thrive without a strong brand identity and a loyal client base, you’d be surprised how many founders launch their dream brands without first considering their target audience demographic and the impact their products will have on them.

And, no matter how hard these founders try, they invariably make two significant errors. One of them is that they spend a lot of money on social media ads that aren’t tailored to address the desires of their target audience.

The other is that they fail to see that their most devoted customers, no matter how few, have the purchasing power that their business requires.

And because these founders abandoned their loyal clients, their brand does nothing but spray and pray, hoping for the best but always receiving disappointing results.

So, if you want your business to flourish, make sure you thoroughly understand the desires of your audience, their financial capability, and trends that appeal to them, because this will help you establish a brand with an attractive personality and tone that perfectly suits your audience demographics.

2. Create a Strong Brand Identity and Promote it Actively on Social Media

Creating a solid brand identity will not be a simple undertaking. And the same way you spend a lot of time and effort planning and fiddling with your product until you achieve the finest outcome possible, you must also put in a lot of effort to create an appealing brand identity.

Your brand’s identity is more than your logo, slogan, colors, and cutting-edge product design. It is the personality of your brand, how you sell your products, the ideals your business stands for, how you connect with people on social media, and even the emotions your consumers feel when they view or purchase your products.

And, if you want your brand’s identity to extend beyond your company’s personality, you’ll need to do everything you can to make your brand’s identity a compelling promise to your customers, just like how Gucci guarantees their customers high-quality craftsmanship as well as imaginative and daring design.

3. Find a Powerful Brand Name for Your Fashion Business

Finding a great brand name is critical if you want to develop an engaging brand identity for your company, increase its social media presence, and maintain a steady stream of loyal customers.

And when it comes to finding a great name, two of the most simple and trusted strategies are brainstorming and using a reputable company name generator.

However, before you begin brainstorming, make sure you’ve gathered all of the required information about your company, like its niche, product, consumer demographics, rivals, and future roadmap. This information will be crucial in assisting you in developing a distinct and appealing brand name.Many entrepreneurs, even those with vast experience, struggle to generate intriguing brand name ideas for their businesses. So, if you ever run out of ideas when brainstorming, don’t be afraid to seek help from a reliable company name generator. Nothing good comes easily, and creating a powerful brand will take a lot of time and effort, but with these three practical steps, you can rapidly create an excellent brand that will appeal to people all over the world.

Author Bio

Grant Polachek is the Head of Branding at Inc 500 company Squadhelp.com, the world’s #1 naming platform, with 30,000+ customers from early-stage startups across the globe to the largest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation. Get inspired by exploring these winning business name ideas.

3 Things To Look For In NPO Friendly Software

NPO or non-profit software is software used by non-profit charity organizations to help them handle various operations like payroll, accounting, fundraising, and managing donor data and relations. There are two options that you can choose from when purchasing an NPO software; a stand-alone tool that will offer very few features or a suite that will offer various options which will enable you to run your charity organization smoothly. If you are new to the world of NPO software then you probably want to find the best one with the most helpful tools to help you manage and organize your process.  In this article, we are going to help you by giving you the three most important features to look for in NPO-friendly software.

Managing Donor Database

One of the most important aspects that you need to look for in NPO software is a donor management database. The database will enable you to better engage with your donors and keep all of their information stored on a cloud-based system. Additionally, donor database management will make it easy for your charity organization to track all of your campaigns and view their success rate, and monitor donors’ donations and observe if they are still engaging with your organization or not. 

Having a donor database will give you the chance to establish strong and beneficial relationships with your donors. You can also get in touch with potential donors to inform them of your mission to grow your fundraising. 


Another feature that you need to look for is accounting. Accounting will make it easy for you to manage your funds and track all of your organization’s transactions, profits, and expenses. According to reviews on Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software, an accounting feature will help you recognize your income tax-deductible, manage sponsorships, and easily track all forms of your organization’s income. This feature is essential in order to keep accurate records of your finances. As a non-profit organization, you will need to report your financial transactions to the government without any mistakes or you will lose your non-profit status.

Scheduling and Planning Events

Most donations depend on fundraising events, therefore, you will need NPO software that provides you with features that will make it easy for you to schedule and plan events for your charity. Additionally, you can use this feature to contact the people who will attend the event, market it, and handle registration. Fundraisers attract donors and help you collect donations as well. However, these events can be overwhelming at times which is why you will need an event management feature in your NPO software that will make your job much easier and enable you to throw a fundraiser efficiently.

Running a non-profit charity organization isn’t easy. There are many things that you need to take care of like donations, attracting donors, keeping track of your finances, and throwing fundraisers. Human error is possible in any of these cases and can have serious consequences. Opting for NPO-friendly software will guarantee that all operations will run smoothly without any glitches. Additionally, the software will handle tax deductions for your organization so you won’t face any legal problems.

How to Put Micro SD Card in Computer Without An Adapter


Transferring your data from a storage card to your computer can be quite a lengthy process if you don’t know how it works. Many people connect their phones directly through the USB cable not knowing that using their USB cable will only help them access the contents of their phone’s built-in memory and not the SD card.

SD cards are storage devices which store your data and when you have the entire space on them fully occupied, you need to transfer some of it to your computer to save it as a backup. Many people have no idea how to transfer contents from their SD card to their PC. This is why we are going to bring you one of the simplest methods to carry out this process.

For today, we shall be discussing the difference between an SD card and a micro SD card, how to insert a micro SD card in your computer without an adapter, and some FAQs on micro SD cards.

Difference Between SD Card and Micro SD Card

Your standard SD card is known as the secure digital card and compared to the micro SD card, it is bigger in size. Of course, the word micro in the micro SD card does tell us just by reading its name that it is smaller in size compared to the SD card. The dimensions of the SD card are 24 x 32 x 2.1 but the micro SD card has dimensions 15 mm x 11 mm x 1mm.

The reason there is a difference in the sizes of both SD cards is because of their placement in different devices. Some phones and cameras have an SD card slot whereas some of them have a micro SD card slot. A micro SD card is also sometimes known as a TF card.

How to Put a Micro SD Card in Computer Without An Adapter

The procedure to install a micro SD card is not a complicated process but it can be done in a number of steps. Insert the flash drive into your mobile phone and connect your computer and phone with a compliant USB cable to your phone. Usually, the phones that are being manufactured now make use of a type-C cable.

Once you connect the phone to the laptop, you will receive a notification that the USB has been recognized. Tap the Setup button on which you will send the information. There are two options after this.

In the first option, you will utilize the flash as mobile storage and the second one is to use it as internal storage. Soon after, a new notification will pop up and you will need to click on the “Explore” option. Go into “Settings” and then go to “Store and USB”. Then you may switch your phone to your SD cards and view your files as per your liking.

If you don’t have a file manager then you can obtain support from other applications that are present. An example is the “ES File Explorer” which is a great application to carry out and fasten this process. You can easily download this application from the Play Store which is going to offer you loads of convenience.

No need to worry if there is no built-in micro SD flash slot with your PC or laptop, you can still transfer files from your device to your PC with a tiny SD flash. All you need to do this is a tiny SD flash slot USB data cord smartphone and you’re good to go.

To put a micro SD card in your computer without an adapter, follow these steps:

  1. Insert the micro SD flash in the memory slot of your smartphone
  2. Connect your smartphone through a suitable data cord to the PC
  3. Click on the starting menu icon ‘My Computer’
  4. Double-click the smartphone name
  5. Choose the files on your SD flash and drag them to your computer desktop or any other location
  6. The file transfer should begin successfully from your micro SD card to your PC successfully without an adapter.
  7. If you can not transfer files or your mobile is not getting connected to pc then you should check if drivers are updated or not you can download driverpack solution from driverpacksolutiononline.com. Driverpack solution will help you to update drivers in one click.

Now that we’ve understood the process of how to insert a micro SD card in a computer without an adapter, we shall be looking at the relevant queries that many users ask in this process.


  • Can you put a Micro SD Card in a Laptop?

Yes, you can do so when you insert the micro SD card in the adapter slot. Insert the adapter card in the SD card port on a laptop with the inserted micro SD card. If a card reader has no SD card connector, pop the installation disc into your laptop’s optical drive for an external card reader.

  • What if my laptop does not have an SD card slot?

If your laptop doesn’t have an SD card slot then you will have to find a free USB slot on your laptop which you could make use of. After this, you will need to buy a USB card reader for your type of card (SD card or micro SD card)

  • Is there any need for an adapter for a micro SD card?

SD cards allow for easy file transfer between two devices. A micro SD card adapter is occasionally included in a micro SD card but you can also buy a separate converter. Any computer SD card reader or SD media port can accommodate the adapter easily like a conventional SD card.

  • What is a micro SD adapter used for?

A micro SD adapter is used by a computer to read the micro SD card that is inserted into it since laptops don’t come with micro SD card slots built into them.

Should Freelancers Buy New or Refurbished Laptops?

The first thing you need to think about when you want to start freelancing, besides the types of services you will be offering, is the computing device you will be using. Most of your work will be done on a computer, and so it is important to think about the type of computer you would like to buy and that will fit your use cases. When shopping for a laptop, it is common to hear the term “refurbished” or “refurb”. What are refurbished laptops, and how do they compare against new laptops?

Refurbished Laptops: An Overview

A refurbished laptop is a laptop that has been returned to a retailer or manufacturer for a variety of reasons. The retailer or manufacturer then takes these laptops apart, checks them, and ensures everything is working like it would in a new laptop. The major testing these laptops undergo before being put back on store shelves is what differentiates them from used laptops.

When Buying Refurbished is a Great Idea

One of the most common reasons why a laptop is returned to a retailer or manufacturer is cosmetic defects. This means there is nothing wrong with these laptops and after undergoing the required checks, they are often sold for a lower price than new laptops.

This means it is possible to buy refurbished laptops that are essentially new at a fraction of the price of a new laptop of the same capabilities and specifications.

As a budding freelancer, you can shop online for refurbished laptops that have the specifications you are looking for, and you might find them.


One downside of going with the refurbished option is that stock might be limited depending on the retailer and the specific model you are looking for. If you are looking for a specific laptop model, you might have to reach out to a manufacturer directly and see if they have a refurbished option.

A common solution to this is choosing a refurbished laptop that has the same specifications as the one you are looking for, even though it may not be the exact model you need.


Another huge difference between new, used, and refurbished laptops is the warranties offered for them. With used laptops, you do not get any warranty or quality assurances, and so you have to rely on what the seller tells you.

With refurbished laptops, you usually get a limited warranty. This is typically a fraction of the period offered by a retailer or manufacturer for a new laptop. However, even with these shortened warranty periods, you can expect the laptop to last almost as long as a new laptop due to the quality checks and assurances.

New laptops come with a full warranty. This is because they have been fully tested from the factory, and thus the retailer or manufacturer is completely sure about their projected lifetimes.

If you have the money, buying a new laptop is the best option. However, refurbished laptops are a great option if you are strapped for cash. They have been checked to ensure they perform as expected and come with a warranty, even though it might be limited. It would be a bad idea to start your freelance career with a used laptop unless you have a very small budget and trust the seller completely.

How to Market Your Product Using Video

The Magic of Video

Compared with traditional graphic content, short video is more intuitive. Focusing on short videos, we can implement soft advertising, flexible content, high interaction, and richer and diversified marketing methods. We must admit that short videos are the advantage of brand marketing. In the future, with the development of more products and the rise of brands, short videos will have more angles and diversified interactive features, realize a new profit model, and increase additional attributes.

Data shows that more than 42.5% of digital marketing decision makers choose celebrities, influencers, or stars to create marketing content in short video marketing. More than 70% of users have consumed because of the influence of these celebrities and influencers. So how to market your product using video? Let’s check some product video marketing ideas below.

Product Video Marketing Tips

Choose Proper Video Content

1. User-Generated Content

In order to get a more positive effect, you can put different types of videos on social networking sites for different purposes. One of the most popular video types is user-generated content. These videos are provided by real customers, and they are more authentic. Many customers are happy to share their favorite brands, so if customers are satisfied, they can easily get user-created videos with a simple request. These videos are more attractive to potential customers because they see real users.

2. Product Display Content

This is a relatively simple way to better showcase the products you sell. Of course, this type of video does not have to be very high-end, it only needs to meet user needs.

After all, one of the main reasons why many people refuse to shop online is that they can’t get in touch with real objects, and it’s inconvenient to understand product functions and operations. Using product display content can help alleviate such concerns.

3. Behind the Scenes Content

We all want to peek into the story behind the curtains, which is why people generally think the behind-the-scenes footage of the movie is interesting.

If users can understand the story behind the product, they may have unexpected brand loyalty.

4. Tutorial Content

Tutorials are usually more suitable for users with in-depth needs, and are very important for some companies. For example, when you invent a new product or provide a new service, no one (or very few people) has heard of it.

Through the tutorial, you can show how your product works and how it will change people’s lives. In this case, tutorial videos will be the best choice.

Ensure That the Video is Mobile-Friendly

The following are two important statistics:

· 65% of video views on Facebook come from mobile devices

· Smartphone users hold their phones upright 94% of the time

The video placement effect in portrait mode is not necessarily better than that in landscape mode. But, if possible, please make both vertical and horizontal videos, and then choose a more appropriate mode in the placement customization to provide customers with a full screen viewing experience.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action

After all, this is marketing. We all know that no matter which format, call to action must be used in the ad. You can put the call to action in the display copy, or you can add the call to action in the video content through the cast or subtitle text.

Brand Consistency

Elements such as colors, graphics, and music will be used in brand videos. First of all, these elements must be coordinated with each other, and secondly, these elements must always run through the entire process of brand marketing. At the same time, in order to increase the conversion rate, it is necessary to always emphasize the brand and leave a deep impression on the audience.

Make an Engaging Marketing Video

There are countless videos on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Vimeo, and more platforms. How to stand out from the crowd? Creating an attractive video seems an option to go. A good video can increase the exposure of the product on the Internet, thereby bringing considerable natural page views to the company or the website and increasing the visibility of the company or the website. Let’s move to the next part to learn an easy way to make a video to market your product.

How to Make a Video to Market Your Product

To make an attractive marketing video in a free and simple way, VideoProc Vlogger is recommended to help you out. Developed as a professional yet simple video editor, VideoProc Vlogger is equipped with a lot of basic as well as advanced editing features. You can easily process your videos like trimming, splitting, merging, making picture in picture video, adding music to video, adding texts & subtitles to video, changing playback speed, color grading, color correction, removing noise, adding filters & effects, and more. Just download and install this free video editing software and create an amazing marketing video now.

Add subtitles to video: Run VideoProc Vlogger on your computer and upload your videos. Drag your video to the Video Track. Choose a subtitle style and drop it to the Subtitle Track.


Changing video speed: No matter you want to speed up your video or slow down your video, VideoProc Vlogger is ready to help. You can perform a variable speed change, and you can also change the speed constantly.


Add filters & effects: VideoProc Vlogger offers more than 50 beautiful filters and effects to help you make your videos cinematic. Just import your videos and drag it to the Video Track. Then choose a filter and drag it to the Overlay Track to preview the effect.


Platforms to Promote Your Product

YouTube: If you aren’t verified on YouTube, the length of your YouTube videos can only be 15 minutes or less. If you own a verified account, you can upload YouTube videos up to 12 hours long, or as much as 128 GB.

Facebook: It supports uploading files in 1080P or less. You can upload video files up to 10GB and it must less than 240 minutes.

Twitter: You can upload a TweetVideo within 512MB, but you can upload a video longer than 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You need to trim it before using the video in your Tweet.

TikTok: TikTok first allowing users to upload 60 second clips (up from 15 seconds originally), then expanding that to 3 minutes in July 2021.

Instagram: You can upload a 60 seconds video for a regular Instagram post and videos in Instagram Stories should be no longer than 15 seconds. But videos for Instagram livestream can be up t0 60 minutes long.

How to Rebound From a Bad Sales Month

A bad sales month can be extremely discouraging for new businesses or any business for that matter. The reality is that sales will ebb and flow, and your business should be optimally prepared for drops in revenue and potentially have other lines of income to keep yourself fortified in a pinch. Your slumps in sales are ultimately learning opportunities and chances for you and your team to take stock of what has worked and what hasn’t worked when it comes to pushing your sales beyond the goals you’ve set for yourself. Maybe there is a key way you can adjust your sales plan, or set your goals to be more realistic in your reach. Running a successful business means not giving up when things are slow, and being realistic about what you can achieve and in what timeline would be appropriate for a business your size. There is no reason to aim towards goals that older, more established businesses are able to achieve. Businesses that stay in the game by being smart about their goals and sales plans will move up in their industries in no time, it’s all about being patient and realistic with yourself and your team. 

Adjust Your Sales Plan 

The first thing to do when you run into a bad sales month is to review your sales plan and adjust it accordingly to meet the more realistic expectations for your company. “Rebound from a bad sales month by adjusting your plan,” said Sabrina Pereira, Head of Growth Marketing at Easy Standard. “Go back to your sales plan and review it. Find what you missed from the previous month and recalculate your plan for the next month. This includes identifying the key drivers of your forecast delta and aligning testing plans to solve for that. Plus, you can distribute the shortage over a few months and bolster your sales plans for the next few months.” This is of the utmost importance and should be done as soon as possible after your sales report comes in. 

Changing and adjusting your plan is also an opportunity to set more realistic goals for your company for the foreseeable future. If your goals are too high, you may find yourself feeling strained to meet unrealistic expectations. “Review your plan so you can set more realistic goals for the future. Part of being successful is setting yourself up with goals you know you can meet. Then, you can start to aim a little bit higher each month as sales flatten or increase,” said Dylan Fox, Founder and CEO of Assembly AI. Starting small is a key factor for any blossoming business. It sets you and your company up for success and will motivate your team to work towards setting higher and higher goals. 

In addition to adjusting your sales plan, businesses should also take stock of what they can control and what they can’t. You can draw people in, but they make the final decision to buy in or not. “Be real and honest about the things that you can control rather than the things you can’t. For instance, you can control your brand’s outreach and marketing practices but you can’t ultimately control whether customers will choose your service. Simplify your website content and make it as easy as possible for customers to sign up for your service to increase your sales,” said Jae Pak, Founder of Jae Pak MD Medical.

Learn From Failure and Go For Smaller Deals

In the grand scope of things in business, setbacks and sales slumps should be seen more as opportunities rather than failures. “Try not to look at sales slumps as failures, they are in fact learning opportunities for the future. Many times, these slumps are due to conditions that may be vastly out of our control. Use this as an opportunity to learn more about your industry and market trends to help predict your sales in the future,” said James Ville, Chief Product Officer of GunSkins. If you can shift your perspective and see the value in scaling back your goals to meet your capability, you’ll set yourself up for a more positive approach to solving these problems.

You may find that the deals you were seeking might have been too ambitious for your company as it currently exists. Smaller deals help you build connections and expand your business network. “Sometimes a bad sales month can be an indication that you need to scale back your goals and look for smaller deals you can make to help fortify your business and set yourself up for success,” said Scott Sonneborn, Co-Founder of Tydo. “Aiming too high can result in a lower return. It’s true that the higher the risk the greater the reward is, but the opposite is also true. The fallbacks from big deals can be much larger as well.” The amount of risk you can take on depends on the age of your company and your history of success with smaller deals and goals. 

Meet With Your Team

Consult your entire team as soon as possible following your low sales results. “Have a team meeting immediately afterward to brainstorm ideas. Keep the meeting as upbeat as possible,” said Jean Gregoire Founder & CEO of Lovebox. “It’s best to not dwell on why your month was poor, but instead, focus on ways to improve the following month. By working as a team, you’ll have a better chance of coming up with fresh ideas that will propel you forward.” This will promote a solution-based attitude at your company rather than getting stuck in a slump after getting bad news. “You need to keep your team positive to make sure you keep your productivity up,” said CEO of Package Free Shop Lauren Singer. “Positive reinforcement is especially important during these moments when tensions may be high and emotions fragile. Focus on what went well rather than what didn’t. This will help you combat future issues.” Seeing the positive can be difficult, but it’s always going to lead your team to better results than focusing on the negatives. “It can be difficult to see the positives in a month that fell short, but being able to see what was working will help you and your team both recover and make a plan for the next month. Don’t just focus on why your sales were lower, focus on what made the sales happen that you did make,” said Kashish Gupta, Founder and CEO of Hightouch.

This also gives your team a chance to provide feedback and be honest about how they think things could improve. “Ask for feedback from your team, and encourage honesty,” said Ryan Rottman Co-Founder & CEO OSDB. “Your employees and sales team will likely have proactive and topical ideas about how to improve customer relationships and increase your rate of conversion. Don’t dwell and try to solve issues on your own, involve your team to help you come to the best solution.” This will show how valuable you find your employee’s opinions and create trust between management and the sales team that they can solve issues together. 

Plan For Slow Months 

Part of changing your business plan should be expecting that some months will be slow. At certain times of the year, the state of the economy and many other factors can go into sales spikes and slumps. “Any business is sure to experience highs and lows, try to see these challenges as positives, it means that you are in business and doing everything you can to stay afloat. Trust your instincts and learn from the challenges you face,” said Jared Hines, Head of Operations Acre Gold. Holiday sales spikes and post-holiday slumps are something that all businesses should be expecting as well. “Certain times of the year will yield higher sales results, such as the winter months,” said Katie Keirnan, Co-Founder of Nue Life. “People are buying more for holiday gifts and it makes sense to see a sales spike during this time. 

Use these moments as opportunities to prepare for inevitable sales slumps at the start of the new year.” Your surges in sales should help to fortify you through the slower months of the year, something that businesses should be folding into their business plan. “Use your spikes and slumps as ways to predict the cash flow in your company,” said Joe Thomas of Loom. “This way, you can use additional funds from those surges to keep your business operating smoothly when things slow down.” 

Rebounding from a bad sales month relies on a solution-minded team with management that can see the benefits in the ebb and flow of sales. This is ultimately an inevitability that every business faces, and how you deal with it will define how your company succeeds in the future. If you can’t be flexible and change up your plan, you will likely fall short of your competitors in the long run. Adjust your plan, meet with your team and plan for the future to ensure your success in your industry.

Why Strong Brands Are Important in a Digital World

 A brand is everything that a customer sees and experiences when they interact with a business. A customer’s first impression includes how the staff welcomes them, what can be seen on social media websites, and what the story behind the business is. It’s basically how the customer perceives your business.

When a consistent message is conveyed, a brand is created. From the website to the logos and social media profiles, it tells the story behind the company. There should be a consistent branding strategy, regardless of how the customer is introduced to the business whether it be through the website after doing a search, or through a link shared by a friend. Using appropriate tools to generate a very unique business name does a great trick here. 

You’ll find such a tool at www.biznamewiz.com. Here, you can read more about how the generator works, why it can be a great source of inspiration in the naming process, and you can learn more about the importance of a good name for your branding process. It is feasible to bring in more clients as well as develop repeat customers with good branding for a firm. However, the execution of great branding requires knowledge of what brands are important in a digital world. Stay tuned to learn more!

Brand Definition

A company’s branding must be defined before it can begin to create a consistent message across all media. They must evaluate the company’s mission, the advantages of its products or services, what customers think of them now, and what they want customers to think of the company in the future. All of this helps establish the business’s individual branding, including what colors to use on the website or in logos, how to design the website’s layout, which social networking networks to utilize, and more.

It is not easy to define a company’s branding, and it will take some time. There are so many reasons to use agencies when trying to define your brand.


When a company’s brand is defined, it becomes consistent. The same visuals will be used on websites, packaging, social networking sites, and everywhere else. Even if two distinct items are being advertised to clients, the packaging, colors used in the products or packaging, the purchase form on the website, and other visual elements will all be aesthetically similar and send the same message to buyers.

It is possible to ensure that everything, from websites to social media to advertisements and more, is consistent and geared to attract targeted consumers through branding. There are now optimized methods to achieve this consistency across all devices.


Another important brand is standing out from the rest of the flock. When people are seeking a product or service, it’s far too simple to go under the radar in today’s digital environment. Businesses can compete even if they are located on opposite sides of the globe, so finding a strategy to stand out is critical. 

Standing out is an important aspect of brands because it attracts customers and makes them see reasons to stick with your brand ahead of competitors.