How to Switch from Exchange to IMAP - Outlook App to DejaOffice - for Calendar and Contacts

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CompanionLink offers a smooth alternative to Exchange for Contact, Calendar, Task and Note sync using IMAP folders. Because Exchange connects to the folder structure of Outlook it is required that you move your data to an independent Outlook folder. The steps are:

  1. Make a new local PST file that is not connected to Exchange.
  2. Move your Outlook Contacts, Calendar and Tasks.
  3. Remove the Exchange connected Email Account so Exchange no longer syncs with Outlook.
  4. Set up CompanionLink and DejaOffice to sync to your new local Outlook IMAP folders to replace the Outlook App.

Reconnecting an Email Account to Outlook without Exchange

1. Open Outlook, click File in the top left, and click Add Account.
2. Use the following guide to connect the Email account to Outlook as IMAP located Here
Note: If given the choice when entering the IMAP login information choose New Outlook Data File under Deliver New Messages to.
3. Once the Account is added > Click "File" > Click "Account Settings", and select it again from the drop-down menu.
4. Select the "Email" tab, select the new non Exchange Email > click "Set As Default".
5. Close and reopen Outlook.
6. Open the Contacts/People in Outlook. On the left under My Contacts, click the folder associated with Exchange and do the following to move the contacts to the new folder:
7. Click View, select Change View on the left, and select List.
7a. In the contacts list, click one contact to highlight it and press Ctrl + A to highlight all contacts in the list.
7b. Drag and drop the highlighted contacts to the new secondary Contacts folder, release the right click and select Copy Here.
8. Repeat the above step 6-7 for Calendar, Tasks, and Notes in Outlook.
9. When all data is in the new folders, click File > Click Account Settings, and select it again from the drop-down.
10. Under the Email tab, select the Exchange associated account > click remove. Choose Yes when asked and close this menu.

Now that the Exchange account has been removed the data exists in the local Folders connected to an IMAP email.

Replacing the Outlook Mobile App with CompanionLink and DejaOffice

DejaOffice is Full Featured and Fast replacement for the Outlook App on Android and iPhone. DejaOffice supports:

  • Contact, Calendar, Task, and Note Sync form Outlook.
  • Color Categories just like Outlook.
  • Advanced Filters and Searches.
  • Advanced Sorting and Grouping.

While we do recommend using our DejaCloud sync for the Fastest and Easiest sync that can be Automated, we do have sync options for Direct USB, Local Wifi and Bluetooth.

1. Install DejaOffice

You will first need to download the DejaOffice app on your Mobile device.

  1. Find and open the Play Store or iTunes on your device
  2. Select the Search icon on the bottom right
  3. Type "DejaOffce" and tap search
  4. Select "DejaOffice CRM with PC Sync" tap "Install".

For more information on getting started with DejaOffice see our specific guides:

2. Install CompanionLink for Windows

For a video guide to Installing CompanionLink Click Here.

  1. Click Here to download the latest version of CompanionLink.
  2. Once downloaded, click the downloaded setup file and click Install.
  3. Select Yes on the Windows UAC popup.
  4. Select OK to Finish the installation.
  • Note: On some machines, the UAC message does not popup automatically, be sure to check the Windows Task bar for the Blue and Yellow shield.

3. Create a DejaCloud Account

To get started syncing you will need to create a DejaCloud Account.

4. Setup Sync

Once your DejaCloud account is created check the following guides to connect the Account and get started syncing.

  1. Click Here for the Android Setup guide.
  2. Click Here for the iPhone Setup guide.

5. Relax

After you have DejaOffice and CompanionLink syncing with Outlook, CompanionLink will Start with your PC and run automatically in the Background. DejaOffice can be synced from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection (3G, 4G, 5g, or Wifi).

Runstart (Optional)

Want us to set it up for you? CompanionLink offers a remote configuration service where we will set up everything for you called RunStart. CompanionLink also provides direct help from our expert technicians through Premium Support.