iHotsync USB – direct sync with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

We’d like to introduce iHotsync USB, our newest direct sync technology for iOS devices. It synchronizes all the data iTunes and iCloud handles as well as Categories, Notes, Tasks, and Contact Photos. Our iHotsync USB works like the reliable utility with a similar name from the days of PalmPilot. You can sync PIM data from PC apps like Microsoft Outlook, Palm Desktop, Lotus Notes, Act!, and many others.

Security took priority when designing iHotsync.
1. Connect your iPhone to the PC using the Lightening USB cable.
2. Tap Sync in the DejaOffice iOS app that comes with CompanionLink.

A complete setup guide is available here. A list of fields and benefits that iHotsync supports beyond the fields supported by iTunes and iCloud is available here.

iHotsync does not require iTunes, nor does it transfer or store your data in iCloud.

Why Outlook and iTunes are required for wired (USB) sync with iPhone

First, the facts:

1. CompanionLink can sync wired or wireless with the iPhone.

2. Wired sync uses Outlook and iTunes as intermediaries (working behind the scenes).

We get many people asking why Outlook and iTunes are required to do a USB sync between their CRM/PIM to their iPhone.  Here’s why.

Apple only allows developers to sync data with the iPhone via its iTunes application.  Everything must go through iTunes when doing a USB sync.  Since iTunes natively syncs with Outlook, we’ve developed the missing link: the exchange of data between your CRM/PIM and Outlook.

So essentially, this is how wired (USB) sync with iPhone works:
CRM/PIM <> Outlook <> iTunes <> iPhone