When Should You Buy TikTok Likes and Why These are Essential on Your Way Towards Online Popularity

You probably know lots about TikTok as this is a platform that currently becomes more and more popular over time, gathering people who’re making creative and funny shortcuts for their audience. But things are not that simple — behind blogging stands lots of opportunities for brand deals and growth, making money and starting a decent online career. That is why thousands of new users try to reach success here and have their lives settled with a great career online.

Nevertheless, becoming popular by yourself is not that easy, we’d even say that this is impossible right now — each successful account that you see right now has a whole team of professionals behind it and a used chance to buy TikTok likes for quick and efficient promotion. We want to tell you what exactly we mean by bought likes, when you need to buy them and how many you really need to become popular asap.

So, first things first, you have to purchase real likes for TikTok only. What do we mean? You could come by any website that claims to promote accounts on TikTok and buy the first pack of likes that you see, but it doesn’t guarantee results — to reach your goals you have to make sure that you’re purchasing genuine likes only, meaning these should come from actual people who’re using TikTok daily. Working with real people will make you popular, using bots — won’t, that’s why you have to check twice whether this company you’ve found cooperates with real people to provide their clients with real likes or if they are using bots and think of that as of an okay service to deliver. Bots aren’t good for anyone — yes, these will fill your profile with likes, but these will also provide zero interaction with your content, no real people will see what you’re posting and no real people will want to follow your profile or maybe even buy services and products that you’re advertising there.

Second of all, you should make sure that you’re purchasing adequately priced likes. Some companies can give you really low price options (almost for free) but most of the time it means that these are going to be bot-generated likes which aren’t good for your profile in any case. Options that are too expensive aren’t great either — aim for a mediocre price that will allow you to buy everything you need for promotion and maybe save some money in the process as well. We get it — not everyone is keen on the idea to waste lots of time on research to figure out which company is decent and which is not. You’d have to go through tons of comments and reviews from previous buyers to form an opinion of your own and come up to some sort of conclusion. To save you from that and to give you a nice clue we’d like to offer you cooperation with Viplikes — we are the company that provides clients with real services only, knows all the underwater rocks of this field and is always ready to show topnotch services and constant technical support.

Why else Viplikes is better than other promo companies

Through years of hard work we’ve been trying to form the main principles that would help us to leave each client completely satisfied with shown services. First one of them would be to always stay there for our customers and make sure that things go right. If any problems arise we will be here to fix everything asap and make sure that you’re content with intermediate and/or final results. Our managers are always there to answer your questions and solve your problems, so no matter the time of day and night you can always apply for help and get it.

We understand that some services might seem a little bit pricey — that’s why we’re trying to set regular sales and individual discounts to make our customers comfortable while buying as much as they need from our website. If you’re interested in buying demanded services with a very beneficial price you should definitely subscribe to our social media pages and join our chats in messengers — there we tell our customers when they’re able to buy all the services they need with discounts that drop up to 70% off the original prices. What else can anyone want from online promo?

We have more than a hundred options in total and we’re ready to provide you with the most quality and quick promo services that you’re able to find online. If you were thinking about promoting your account on TikTok but also were doubting this in terms of success and efficiency, you shouldn’t anymore — with the help of professional promoters you’ll be able to reach great results no matter what. Add some quality content and interaction with the audience to it and you’ll become a TikTok star in no time! We’re waiting for your questions in chat 24/7, if you have some, hit us with them right now!

Tips for Monitoring Your Data in External Servers

The days of having to house all of your data in-house are over, with the rise of the cloud and the widespread availability of affordable, effective third party server solutions making it cheaper and simpler to keep information externally.

This might make you think that there is also less need to keep tabs on how data is being used and what factors are impacting performance from moment to moment, when in reality it has never been more important to monitor data.

If you are looking to optimize all things data-related, here are a few handy hints on how to achieve this ASAP.

Choose the right software tools

Monitoring external servers is something you can do manually, although this is both a labor-intensive and technically complex process that will monopolize a lot of your time. Thankfully there are a range of software solutions that are designed to help you overcome such limitations and streamline the way you wrangle storage more efficiently.

For example, this tool is suited to monitoring SQL Server ecosystems to help troubleshoot issues, minimize costly downtime and ideally allow you to drive down the overall expenses generated by your infrastructure.

The best tools will not only be able to track the day to day state of play with your remote resources, but also operate effectively across whatever other platforms and server hardware setups you run.

Schedule monitoring sessions

It is one thing to put the tools in place to monitor data in external servers, but unless you actively make use of them, your investment will be going to waste.

Modern software should provide automated alerts to draw your attention to complications that arise and are in need of your input, which is clearly a positive feature. However, you should also get used to performing regular proactive monitoring and maintenance, as this will get you in the habit of pinpointing small issues before they get bigger, and also help you to develop better overall administrative skills in a server context.

Consider all the possibilities

When you are monitoring data that is stored externally, it can be tempting to focus in on a handful of diagnoses when troubles with performance occur, or simply to blame any third parties that are responsible for providing some aspect of the service.

Unfortunately there are always a lot of aspects to consider and so you need to be prepared to expand your monitoring gaze as wide as possible to catch the culprits.

In short, you need to consider how resources are being used and what part they have to play in giving you access to data, not just within the server infrastructure itself, but also at every point on the journey from the server to the device that is using the data.

Everything from storage capacity, memory availability and CPU core count to network latency, traffic and security measures can determine how quickly data gets from A to B, so the best administrators will not jump to conclusions and instead use all of the monitoring capabilities at their disposal to unpick issues.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Doing Production Scheduling

There are a lot of things you need to consider in the manufacturing process, the control, arrangement, labor allocation, and optimization of work. Imagine doing all of this manually, really time, and effort consuming. It is why scheduling serves a big part in this. Production scheduling plays an important role hence the hard part of manufacturing. If any part of production fails, then delays occur. We can prevent conflict like this if there is an efficient timeline followed. Here are four reasons why you should consider doing production scheduling. 

Communication Channel

One of the main things needed in production is having communication. It is kind of hard having to go through many platforms to disseminate the information regarding the whole manufacturing process. Nowadays, life in manufacturing can get a little easier through the use of Production Scheduling Software. Through this software, manufacturers can receive concise information regarding manufacturing schemes. By implementing this, manufacturers will discern what to expect and what to decipher toward the whole organization. It can be a very efficient communication tool. Clear and precise information will make the entire set produce a commending outcome. 

Boost Priorities

Production scheduling does a lot of help in manufacturing. One of the most prominent support it provides is prioritizing requirements within the supply chain. The software analyzes the demands and determines what needs to prioritize first. Production scheduling assures that the demand product meets the supplies produced within the scheduled time frame. It also prevents nightmares of the team, the missed deliveries. Using a system that monitors the flow of the production can eliminate inefficiencies within the supply chain. 

Keep up with the Target

It can be such a hassle when you didn’t meet the target delivery of supply. However, when you utilize production scheduling, you can create optimized programs that balance the efficiency of production and the performance of deliveries. Worry less about the possible delays and conflict when the suppliers can’t deliver the materials on time since you can monitor where you need to focus when you do proper scheduling.

Manage Tasks

Through production scheduling, you will be able to have a closer look at the demand and adjust for possible changes to occur. You can also minimize idle time at your workshop through equal and efficient distribution of workloads. You can recognize inefficiencies that may lead to a production bottleneck that stalls in production, proffers pressure from customers, and causes low morale of the employees. This restrained capacity affects the whole chain. Nevertheless, you can still manage to have a stabilized and steady flow of production when you effectively implement production scheduling. 

Production scheduling helps the organization to provide real-time agendas and accurate outcomes that match the promised schedule. There will be a prevention of having discrepancies and inconsistencies in production. You can achieve a positive result such as ameliorated delivery performance, profit hike, and reduced cost and inventories. There is no reason why you should not execute production scheduling.

How To Set Up Your Remote Office for The Long Term

As we’re all adapting to the new normal of the global pandemic situation, for a lot of people this meant working from home. In the beginning, it might have been just a laptop they had in their lap while sitting on the couch, or even working from their phone. Many people welcomed this change, glad they can save time on the commute and spend time at home. But over time, without a proper home working space, productivity falls, you become less motivated and your work and personal life probably blend into one. So, let’s see how you can set up a home office that can be your long-term solution to working from home.

Find The Right Space

You should never set up shop in a place where you usually spend a lot of time in your personal life. If you like to relax on the couch and you think you can set up a work environment around your couch, that won’t work, because you’ll feel like relaxing, not working. If you don’t have a separate room where you can set up, you can transform a part of a room you’re already using, like redecorating a corner of the room to become an office. Lastly, if you already have a computer desk where you do both work and personal things, you can slightly transform it when it’s a “workspace” like moving everything personal from the desk while you’re working or changing the height of the chair or table. Anything you can do to make the separation of work and personal life.

Get The Right Chair

You’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting on the computer and working, and without the extra exercise that you’d usually get from a commute, your back is going to be suffering. You’ll need to find the right chair that will give your back the support it needs. What you want to do is get the right ergonomic gaming chair – even if you’re not a gamer! Gaming chairs are some of the best on the market and they will make sure that you are sitting well. More importantly, of course, is how you sit, which is why these adjustable chairs are important. The rule of thumb is that everything should be at a 90-degree angle. Your back should be straight, your chair at the height so your legs are at a right angle, and your arms, resting on the table, should also be at a right angle at the elbow. This way, you will protect your back and the rest of your body.

Keep Organized

Whereas you might have had a whole office or at least a desk with plenty of drawers at work, you have much more limited space now. This means you need to be very organized in order to keep up with everything. You might want to get some extra filing drawers, shelves, and other accessories to help you stay on top of things. Bonus points if you can pop to your office and take your drawers or shelves from there, so you feel more like you’re at work.

Take Care Of Your Eyes

If you are working more on the computer now than you did at work, you’ll need the right monitor. Not all screens are the same and some will damage your eyes much more than others. So, try to see if your company can provide you a monitor you can set up and work on. More importantly, if you’re only working on your laptop, you will need to either add a monitor that you can place higher to support your neck, or you need to get an extra keyboard and lift your whole laptop up because you don’t want to be constantly looking down.

Stick To Your Shift

Sit down at the beginning of your shift, don’t do personal things while you’re on the clock, and when your time is up – leave the area. You need to be strict with yourself about this because otherwise your whole days will blend into a work-life nightmare and you will be less productive at work and stressed when you’re not working. You should also set clear boundaries with your employer and colleagues not to contact you outside of working hours unless they’d also do it before working remotely from home.

Setting up a long-term working space is important for both your mental and physical health, and once you take care of that, you will feel one step closer to a “new normal”. So take your time to organize the space and follow these tips for a healthy, productive work environment from home.

Increase Your Business Security With A Top Rated Long-range Doorbell

You should ensure that your business is safe and secure by implementing stringent measures and processes or through the use of technologically innovative tools. When you have the proper process and gears in place, you will be able to safeguard your business from theft, fraud, or damages that can significantly disrupt your operations. You may be surprised to know that even the use of a long-range doorbell can already do wonders. In line with this, below are some of the things that you need to consider in choosing a top-rated long range doorbell to enhance your business security.


One of the primary things that you need to look for in a wireless doorbell is its range. Some of the best wireless doorbells reviews highlight that the transmission distance that you should look for is at least 150 feet. The transmission distance is the space between the button of your wireless doorbell to its speaker. Even if the range is already specified in the package, you must still exert the extra effort to test this range in your environment.


Another thing that you need to consider in choosing a wireless doorbell is its volume, both indoors and outdoors. In this case, you can compare manufacturer specifications or get their advice if you are after a particular model. The key is in testing the doorbell as soon as you receive it. Make sure that you can hear your doorbell regardless of where you are, inside your business facility. In case the volume of your doorbell is not loud enough, check whether there is a provision for you to integrate additional speakers as necessary.

In the same manner, your business visitors and customers must also be able to hear the sound of your doorbell. This is because if they don’t hear your doorbell ring, then they will just keep on pressing the button of your wireless transmitter. Rest assured that in most wireless doorbell models, you will be able to adjust the volume and even play around with different pleasing sounds accordingly.


Every tool that you acquire for your business becomes a part of your investment. For this reason, you should ensure that the wireless doorbell that you purchase is of high quality. This will provide you with a certain level of guarantee that it is durable and it will last for a long time. In this case, make sure that you buy from a manufacturer with an established reputation in dealing with wireless products and the like. It is even better if they have a return policy or a brand warranty.

To wrap things up, maintaining the security of your business is important for you to safeguard it from any harm that may disrupt your operations, garnering a significant loss. This entails the need for you to carefully choose a wireless doorbell that will provide you with a certain sense of security. In this case, make sure to consider the factors listed above when it comes to choosing a long-range doorbell that will suit your needs.

The New Wave of Customer Service in Social Media: How Quickly do Customers Expect a Response?

In the era of consumerism, clients tend to demand more from businesses when it comes to the quality of products and customer service.

If we want to grow our business successfully, it’s time to begin to interact with customers using social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Telephones, letters, and other means of traditional forms of communication gradually lost their potential in the world of fast growing technology.

Keep reading to find out more about the demands of modern clients!

What are the customer’s expectations?

First, according to 2020 Sprout Social Index:

  •  Over 75% of the consumers expect a response in 24 hours.
  •  Over 35% of the respondents seek a response within 1 hour.

To put it another way, a greater number of customers expect a same-day response form customer service.In order to meet the needs of all the clients, rapid and efficient customer care becomes a necessity of every profitable brand.

Aspiring businesses need to be present on several social media platforms to make the customer service experience as comfortable and available as possible. The top 3 most popular social media sites for a company’s presence are considered to be: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Showing constant attention, as well as effective interaction with customers, may positively influence a brand’s popularity. Answering service cost and plans, there are many ways for business owners to assure clients with proper customer care amongst different social media channels.

Why Does Social Media Response Time Matter?

Social media gives a feeling of constant presence and availability, which results in customers demanding quick responses.

Speeding up the customer service process can result in attracting loyal clients.  As more and more users rely on customer’s care available on various social media platforms it becomes a crucial factor in building the client’s trust.

What is an Average Response Time on Different Social Media Platforms?

To understand the specification of certain social media sites in terms of customer care better, take a look below.


Twitter is considered as a less formal and more “instant” type of platform as opposed to Facebook. That is why communication using this medium is much more rapid as you are expected to read and reply to other people’s tweets immediately.

According to some reports the average response time from any company’s account on Twitter takes one day, seven hours and 12 minutes.

Besides two different styles of previously mentioned platforms, there is still a common denominator between those  social media platforms. Brands do not answer fast enough. Even though 64% of clients on Twitter demand a response from companies within one hour.


This platform is mainly perceived as more user-oriented. Posts are usually published less frequently by average users. That provides a large scope for the company’s activities and customers to express their opinions and stories.

According to some studies, the average response time for brands using Facebook takes about one day, three hours, and 47 minutes. But still, 85% of customers on Facebook demand an answer from companies in less than six hours.

Facebook measures how responsive your brand’s profile is. So how does this platform calculate your response rate? It’s really simple. It fully depends on the percentage of messages answered and how long did it take you to respond.

A good response rate can make your company’s profile more likely to earn

‘Very Responsive to Messages’ badge. This positive implication may assure users about the high standards of your brand by putting customers first.

Various forms of live chats

This form of communication provides a client as well as a brand with privacy. So that suggesting a client some solutions may not be judged by other users.

It’s crucial to mention that live chats can be used not only on the company’s website but also on other social media platforms such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Summing up

Improving customer service by responding to live chats as fast as possible or “being present” on different social media channels will surely help the brand gain trust.

Huge successful brands around the globe like: Coca-Cola, Nike or Tesco have proven to us how building engaging systems on different social media platforms will be an integral part of every worldwide brand.

Tips on Tracking The Cost of Your Fabrication Equipment Usage

Being attuned to how much your fabrication machinery costs to procure, run and maintain will help you to calculate costs, balance your budget and ultimately achieve a profit.

To that end, here are a few tricks to optimize your expenditure at every step and also keep tables on expenses so that you can detect when certain elements are becoming a burden on your budget.

Buying and Selling Second Hand Machinery

Fabrication equipment costs can skyrocket if you only focus your attention on the new models that are available. Equally you may find that your output is suffering if you put up with older kit for longer because you feel that the cost of buying new is a prohibitive factor.

This is where buying used machines at Revelation Machinery and other online marketplaces makes a lot of sense. Whatever your fabrication requirements, you should be able to find the right equipment at a competitive price. Likewise you can also sell older units, recoup a bit of cash to then re-invest in your next purchase.

Paying attention to procurement costs and taking action to manage them through economically sound measures like buying and selling second hand will put you in a stronger position.

Schedule Maintenance to Avoid Disruption

Downtime is a significant cost to manufacturers, so planning for it to occur when machinery usage is at a minimum will reduce disruption and also keep expenses down.

There are clearly costs that go with maintaining and repairing existing fabrication equipment, which may make you hesitant to carry out necessary work on a consistent basis. However, the alternative is ignoring issues until it is too late, at which point your operations may grind to a halt if a machine fails in the middle of a shift and you are not prepared to deal with the fallout.

Creating a sensible maintenance schedule and sticking to it will help you to track costs more closely and ideally reduce them wherever possible by banishing machinery-related downtime altogether.

Monitor Material Consumption & Make Changes if Necessary

Another major expense associated with fabricating parts is that of the raw materials consumed in the production process.

In some cases it will not be possible to make changes to reduce the amount of material that is wasted, while in others you could curb your expenditure by migrating to a different approach.

For example, the rise of additive manufacturing in recent years has given businesses a fresh way to handle rapid prototyping and even fully-fledged production, all while minimizing the amount of waste that is generated. If this technology will fit your requirements, it could bring down material costs and help you to make each use of your fabrication equipment more profitable.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately the precise nature of the steps you take to track the cost of your fabrication equipment usage is not important; what matters most is that you are proactive in monitoring your expenses as well as in your efforts to fix any issues that are highlighted.

What Vloggers Should Consider When Choosing a Smart Device

With technology advancement and the need to produce and stream content, there has been an influx of smart gadgets in the market. We now have different brands, devices, and operating systems, making it overwhelming to make the right choice. As a Video blogger, there are many qualities in which you need to check for the device you are buying. These factors determine your purchasing power, especially if you need the product for a specified purpose. So, what do you consider when choosing such devices? Here are seven tips to guide you.

1. How durable is it?

As a vlogger, you will need something that will last longer, just like your vlogging career. You require something durable that can stand the test of time and give you value for your money. This situation means you need to research and get reviews on the products you are looking for to understand their durability. In order to find your smartwatch that guarantees durability, you should check out some review articles and online customer reviews beforehand. Buying something that won’t last long will either affect your business or get you at a loss in the long run. A durable item will be priced a bit higher, but it’s worth the price. It’s better to get something long-lasting at a higher price than buying it cheaper and regret it later.

2. What are the smart functions and their value?

As a blogger, you need to get value from the smart function of the gadget you plan to purchase. It will help if you look for gadgets that will fit those specific functions you require. If you stream videos directly to your fans, go for that particular streaming Device instead of getting an alternative that will require the use of several gadgets. It’s recommended to avoid gadgets that come with tones of smart functions, as sometimes they end up messing their functioning. Go for products that are easy to operate and will enhance your life, other than those you’ll require to adapt to them.

3. Can the product work without the smart function?

Being a vlogger requires smart gadgets that thoroughly work when needed. But to be on the safe side, you need to consider devices that have an option to function without the intelligent function. For example, if you are getting a smart camera, you might want to go to areas with no internet or streaming capabilities. Your camera should work with such a function and maybe stream the content later after you get the internet. Products that are limited to smart functions only may create inconvenience when you visit areas or doing something that doesn’t require the smart feature. It would be best to get a gadget that can get switched from operating smart to regular use.

4. Does it require a subscription, or is it a one-time purchase?

Most advanced smart gadgets come with software that requires a subscription to get upgraded. In the case of subscriptions, you have to be paying for it once it expires or every month. If you are taking vlogging as a business, you need to understand that subscriptions will increase your operating expenses and reduce your profit margin. It is advisable to go for a one-purchase product that won’t create additional costs for your business. It is better to buy something expensive with your capital than buying it cheaper and then incurring monthly expenses, which sometimes escalates. If you don’t require the advanced services, why not purchase the ordinary smart gadget and save on costs? 

5. Will you be saving money?

A smart gadget should enable you to save money in the long run. With increased business costs and the rising cost of living, many people find ways to save money. Your smart gadget should enable you to save on energy costs, must have all the technologies, thus no need to buy different devices, and it should create value for your money. Any gadget that increases your monthly expenses is not worth buying, no matter its purpose. A good example is purchasing a smart camera. The camera should use less energy and should have long-lasting battery and streaming features, which will reduce your electricity bills while working more efficiently. Before paying for that product, check on its money-saving capabilities and other conveniences. If it doesn’t add any value to your blogging business, look for a better alternative.

6. Is it easy to Install and Maintain? What are the after-sales services?

Many people end up buying smart gadgets and fail to use them in the long run simply because they are expensive or difficult to maintain, or they stopped functioning due to factory error, and there is no warranty for the same. Your new smart gadget should be easy to install and connect and should not incur extra costs in maintaining it. If it’s a product that will require regular updates and customer support, check their availability and reliability. It would be best if you didn’t fail to use a product because it could not connect or update, or when customer care is unreachable. Please don’t get a product that will require technicians now and then for its maintenance.

7. What’s the price?

I guess that’s where most people look into when trying to find a product of their choice. Price determines the buying decision of any product. Most of the smart gadgets are very expensive to purchase. But you need to ask yourself if it’s worth buying at the set price. You need to check on its Price and its features and see if it’s worth buying or it is better to go for the cheaper models. Compare the expensive gadget features with the more affordable models and see if its features warrant the price increase. Get a product that matches its price with the added features. 

Price gets determined by the brand, hardware features, software features, retailer margins, customer service costs, transport, etc. Don’t buy something because of the brand name or just because it’s popular. You can also check on the reviews to determine its performance and reliability.

When choosing a smart device, you can also consider its operation and if it fits with other devices and software. It would help if you even looked at why you’re buying the product to avoid wasting money on something you can forgo. If you take these tips seriously, you will get a device that will improve your vlogging practice, thus getting value for your money.

A Guide to Launching Your Student Business on Social Media

Starting a business right when you are at college? In today’s digital world, the business environment is very flexible, which makes this not only possible, but actually quite simple! These days, pretty much anyone can start an enterprise. All you need is an idea and a knowledge of how to promote this idea to the world.

Just to give you a few prompts, students can consider some of the following simple opportunities to start their own business before even graduating from college:

  • Photography;
  • Videography;
  • Academic writing (similarly to how you can find an essay helper at https://essayhub.com/);
  • Online tutoring;
  • Blogging;
  • Design;
  • Delivery, etc.

And there are tons of other ideas!

However, while it is not that hard to find a suitable niche or idea, starting a business is never a piece of cake. Most issues kick in when it comes to promoting your services or products. Luckily, this can be done through social media. Want to learn how? – In this guide, we will tell you everything about it!

Launching Student Business on Social Media: A Step-by-Step Guide

Social media has plenty of benefits for startups, especially those run by students who need to cover their own expenses. First of all, using social media for promoting your idea is not as hard as it may seem. Secondly, it is relatively cheap. And thirdly – in 2020, about 3.81 billion people are active users of social media. This means that your potential customers are out there somewhere. All you need to do is to reach out to them!

Build a Plan

Regardless of whether you decided to launch a student blog or want to offer any kind of services, the first thing you should take care of is a well-thought-out plan. A detailed plan will give you a clear, SMART goal. Which, in its turn, will help you define the right metrics to track the progress.

To create an effective social media plan, take the following steps:

  • Set your goals (e.g. to acquire customers, to boost brand recognition, etc.).
  • Research the competition and define what SMM tactics they use.
  • If you already have business accounts on social media, conduct an audit to see what holds you back from reaching the set goals.
  • Think of the right visual and written content that will complement your strategy.
  • Create an SMM calendar.

Pro Tip: at the beginning of your path, you might want to make it through with organic posts for free. That’s totally fine. But, you have to do this right. If you are not planning to invest in advertising yet, you have to make your pages interesting for users. For this, try the 80-20 rule – post 80% of engaging, informative, and entertaining content, and only 20% of marketing content. This will help you gain some followers and raise the bar!

Get to Know Your Target Audience

One thing we love about social media in terms of business is that it allows entrepreneurs to micro-target their prospects and, thus, achieve better and faster results. However, to make this benefit work for you, you must first identify your target clients!

Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Analyze profiles of your current audience (clients)
  • Look at your competitors
  • Conduct surveys
  • Experiment
  • Monitor the engagement

All these tricks will help you get to know your audience better and, eventually, create content that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Define the Most Effective Platforms for You

Once you know your target audience, you can decide which networks should work best for you. But, don’t make any guesses! To make the right decisions, be sure to check out the demographics of different platforms to see which ones are used most by your prospects.

To give you an example here, we can assume that your student business will be targeted at students as well. Checking the demographics, we can see that:

  • Facebook use: 76% of people of 18-24 years; 84% of people of 25-30 years.
  • Instagram use: 75% of people of 18-24 years; 57% of people of 25-30 years.
  • Twitter use: 44% of people of 18-24 years; 31% of people of 25-30 years.

Based on this, we can see that Instagram and Facebook should be much more effective for your needs. If you’re on Twitter, you can also use a service to buy Twitter followers

Build Authority

Here is one thing to keep in mind – the authority of your startup brand is vital for success! It is what makes prospects trust you.

How to build authority? Show others that you are an expert in your niche. For example, if you are launching a design startup, make sure to notify your audience that you have a design major, share your professional knowledge, showcase your skills and portfolio, etc. This will help establish credibility and evoke trust. And this, eventually, will help you transform prospects into actual customers!

Experiment & Track Results

So, you already know who your potential customers are, have chosen the best platform, and have an SMM plan. What’s next? – Next on, get out there and experiment! Chances are you won’t get immediate success. It takes time to promote a business. But, what you can do now is experiment with content and strategies and track outcomes to eventually find a tactic that brings you the most benefits.

Good luck!

3 Business Apps every Realtor needs on their Smartphone

Let’s face it: as a realtor, you are as busy as a beaver. You have a lead to pursue, meetings to attend, and a sale to close—all in a day’s work.

True enough, being a realtor is exciting, and being a successful one at that can lead to gratifying rewards.

This, however, requires you to always be on top of things. Without incredible organization, you can cave in from the number of things you need to do.

Thanks to technology, we got you covered. The key to organization is at the tip of your fingertips. Here are three apps you need to install on your phone ASAP.

Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that lets you manage your leads and agent team efficiently.

The app basically generates leads by redirecting prospective buyers without agents to you. The app doesn’t only rely on Zillow’s website. Zillow Premier Agent has a wide network of leading real estate websites like Trulia and StreetEasy.

The great thing about Zillow Premier Agent is that it already offers so much from their free CRM. You get instant alerts with every new lead along with their property and contact details. Leads from many sources can all be consolidated through your Gmail account. You can even record your phone calls for later listening.

Not only that, but you can also manage your team by assigning the right leads to the right agents per price, location, or property type. Monitoring and tracking tasks for your team members through the app has never been this easy.

Zillow Premier Agent is available on both Apple and Android devices. Zillow Premier Agent’s pricing is determined by both ZIP code and competition. If you are part of a team with a larger marketing budget, then this will be of great help to you.


Zapier is a must-have, especially for realtors like you who juggle between software. It is a workflow automation app that connects functions between apps. These workflows can be saved for further use later.

How does it work?

You simply create workflows called Zaps with 2 (or more) easy steps. Zaps are created when you set which action is done based on a change from another app. This process is automatic, which can help you focus on more important work. It’s no wonder why Zapier rhymes with happier.

The first step is to create a trigger. Anything can be a trigger: when you receive a new lead from online listings like this one at https://precondo.ca/new-condos-brampton/, when someone registers to your event, or even as simple as receiving an email.

Then you choose an action for the second step. After you receive a new lead from Step 1, Zapier can add the lead to your email list. For event registration, you can send the client a welcome email. You can add more steps to your Zap if you want to.

Every time a Zap runs, information from one app to another is transferred securely. Zapier can connect about a thousand integrations and apps like any of the Google apps, Trello, Follow Up Boss, or social media apps like Twitter and Facebook Lead Ads.

Zapier is available on both Apple and Android devices. Zapier offers an unlimited free plan for 5 zaps and at most a hundred tasks per month. Setting up multi-step zaps starts from CAD 26.52 with their Starter plan.


Spacio markets itself as a paperless open house app. Yep, you heard that right. Instead of leaving sign-up sheets for open houses like this one which has Calgary houses for sale, you can collect their information using Spacio instead. This way, you avoid clients easily messing the data up.

You don’t even need to rely on a CRM app to send follow-up emails. Spacio can do that for you. The app also notifies you of new visitors and allows you to market your listings on social media and websites.

Spacio can be integrated with a number of apps like BoomTown!, IDC Global, Contactually, DocuSign, and many more.

Spacio is available on both Apple and Android devices. Pricing starts at $25 for agents but offers a 30-day free trial.

What’s Next For You

If you think you’re falling through and need some robust organization in your life, these apps can surely help you. Remember: real estate isn’t just about marketing houses and properties. It’s also about marketing yourself. If you can’t follow through because you missed several things, then you’re doomed to fail.

But with the centralization, streamlining, and organization these apps offer, you’re on your way to better yourself and hopefully succeed as a real estate agent.