Getting Familiar with Softphones

Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP,  has positioned itself in the telecommunication industry as one of the most promising technologies and it is easy to understand why: this is a service that allows users to have the benefit of greater flexibility and efficiency since this cloud-based system allows users to place phone calls through a broadband connection.

In fact, flexibility is one of the major and appealing benefits of using VoIP. With this technology, users have the possibility to choose between different types of connections since VoIP systems can be configured to a variety of different methods, so netizens can get the one that makes more sense to their needs. There is no doubt that softphones are the type of connection that gives VoIP users considerably more mobility and freedom. Let’s learn more about them.

What are Softphones?

There is a high probability that users have come across the term softphone more than once while doing their research on VoIP telephony and ended up wondering how they are related. Basically, a softphone is software that allows users to make or receive phone calls using any internet-connected device.

Softphones have been designed to behave in the same way as traditional telephones do. They even have an easy-to-use interface, similar to the ones that mobile phones have. However, a softphone allows users to go beyond making and receiving calls. Through them, they can enjoy the different features that VoIP offers its users such as video conferencing, contact list, call recording, instant messages, analytics of recent call activity and many more. Softphones are not a standalone product since they are strictly connected to a VoIP system. 

In order to enjoy this communication tool, it is necessary to make sure that certain requirements are met. Since softphones operate using a VoIP system to transmit the audio to their recipient, it is essential for users to have access to a strong and good internet connection with enough bandwidth to avoid compromising call quality with dropouts or other issues like latency or jitter.

With a softphone, there is no need to invest on hard phone equipment since they can be accessed through electronic devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Most VoIP providers offer their own software in their communication plans and are compatible with iOS, Android and Microsoft operating systems as well as with the main web browsers. Then, to start using them it is just as easy as downloading softphone apps into the respective devices, follow basic setup instructions, and then start enjoying the system.

Softphones Have Many Advantages

Softphones are really a great tool since they are extremely beneficial for the high number of incentives that they offer to users at a low cost without having to sacrifice the quality of the call. This software is quite easy to use, with so many built-in settings by callers, that users can customize softphones to suit their preferences and needs. Here are some of the top benefits of using softphones:

  • WIDE RANGE OF FEATURES – this software provides netizens a considerable amount of features to improve and make more complete and dynamic the process of communications that include the more basic and standard ones as well as others much more sophisticated. Some of them are mute, call hold and resume, a mobile app, voicemail, instant messaging, caller ID, call recording, 3-way calling, screen sharing and many others.
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE – some might think that getting a service like this could be extremely expensive due to its outstanding characteristics, but they could not be further from the truth. In general, VoIP services are inexpensive and acquiring a softphone does not represent an increase on the cost of the service. There are different price ranges for this service available, but all of them will help users to save expensive telephone bills.
  • VIRTUAL NUMBERS – with a softphone, users can choose between the two types of VoIP virtual numbers: Fixed VoIP and Non-Fixed VoIP. The difference between them is that the first one is associated with a physical location while the second one is not. These virtual numbers help individuals and businesses to enjoy geographical flexibility to adjust to their rhythms of traveling in life.
  • LESS EQUIPMENT – this software is perfect because there is no need to purchase expensive new equipment since it works with existing hardware. Users can enjoy softphones without any inconvenience with the devices they already have. Thus, they require less hardware than other telephony options.
  • FRIENDLY EXPERIENCE – this service is very easy to use, even for those who are not very agile with technology.  Installing and upgrading a softphone software is a straightforward task with a very quick setup process.

Get a Non-VoIP number

At this point, it must be very clear that getting a VoIP service is an excellent choice. There are currently many options on the market but there is one provider that stands out from the rest for its fast, convenient, trustworthy and easy to use service. Operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, VerifyWithSMS is a Non-VoIP US mobile number provider that offers to customers an SMS verification service to validate their accounts on a vast range of platforms.

Their phone numbers come from real SIM cards from the principal carriers, such as Verizon, AT&T, Spectrum and Comcast. This service has become one of the most used worldwide since it offers netizens a premium service at a very affordable price that facilitates the verification process for its clients.

Without a doubt this service is simple, fast and reliable. Get a Non-VoIP number with VerifyWithSMS and you will not regret it. Feel free to take a look!

2021 Scale Technology to Manage your Warehouse

A guide to scales that will make your warehouse more efficient and profitable

Nothing beats technology that makes your life easier. Well, actually one thing does. Technology that can help improve your business.

When you’re trying to increase your profits, you’re not thinking about spending more money to make this happen. However, a few clever investments in your business can change a lot.

A well-designed technology upgrade can make your business more efficient. It can make the lives of your employees easier, and that in turn, will make them work harder. Without accurate measurements, you may also be losing money you are unaware of.

Scales are one of the areas you should be investing in during 2021 to improve your warehouse.

Let’s look at 5 different types of scale technologies and how they can improve your warehouse in 2021. In this article, we will be looking at shipping, rental, wheel, and counting scales. As well as, looking at some useful scale accessories.

#1 – Shipping Scales

Shipping scales can save you from nasty surprises at the post office.

If you’re a business that ships their products then you need a shipping scale.

We understand that your local post office has their own shipping that you use to measure your packages before you ship out. But how many times have you had the horrible experience of realizing the package is too heavy. Then having to pay out extra shipping costs that eat into your profit margins.

Having a shipping scale in your warehouse can help you adjust the weight of packages before they ship out. Saving you from those terrifying postal fines.

To find out more about high quality shipping scales, check out the range at

#2 – Rental Scales

Renting scales is a great way to keep costs down and make more space in your warehouse.

This is not a technology upgrade, rather it is a business mindset upgrade that will save you money.

Many companies don’t need to use their scales every day. In fact, some companies only need to use their scales every few months. For example, when they have a new shipment come in or when they need to do their inventory.

If this sounds like your business then you should consider renting scales, rather than purchasing them. This way you can enjoy the most up to date scales when you need them, without having to fork out for them

#3 – Wheel Scales

Save time with these on the go scales.

How many steps do you think the average worker in your warehouse takes a day? How much time do you think they waste moving things back and forth to the scales? What if we told you that there are now accurate scales that you can wheel around your warehouse?

Wheel scales are designed to measure large items that you don’t want to be moving around your warehouse until they’re ready to be shipped out. Simply wheel your scale over to the correct area and slide the item onto it.

That’s a lot of time saved, and as they say time is money.

#4 – Counting Scales

Counting scales can take care of a lot of the math that needs to be done in your warehouse.

A set scales that works out the averages for you?! It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!

Part Counting scales come with an easy to read, digital screen that allows you to divide weights, work out averages, and add up weights. All without leaving the machine, or even picking up a calculator.

These scales remove a lot of the elements of human error – make your numbers more accurate and save your wor      kers time.

#5 – Scale accessories

If you can think of a scale accessory then it probably exists somewhere.

If you have a scale that you have invested too much in to part with, but doesn’t do what you want it to. Then, you might want to look into getting some scale accessories

These accessories can increase the functionality of your current scales, for a much smaller cost than upgrading to a completely new tool.

If you need your scale to measure at 0.0001 gm rather than 0.01 gm, you can pick up a new monitoring unit. This unit can be plugged into the existing scale. You can also purchase accessories that will make your scales taller, bigger, or more accurate.

There are thousands of different scale accessories out there, so get looking.

The Latest Science Lab Technologies That Will Definitely Impress You

Advanced scientific discoveries have moved far from being fictional. Scientists all over the world are working on impressive technologies to make life easier for everyone. You don’t hear about the latest technologies from science laboratories as easily you hear about the latest celebrity gossip. But here you have it, from the palm-sized tricorders to the million-dollar saving Oxgene Tessa.

1. Tricorders

Lab scientists must have figured out that people would love to diagnose themselves when they created this device. At some point in the past, a tricorder must have been referred to as fiction. Today, scientists in Pasco have made it a possibility. The tricorder is not a massive device. It is compact and easy to hold. Some of the functions of a tricorder are:

  • It diagnoses diseases
  • Shows heart rate
  • Monitors ongoing health
  • Summarises a person’s state of health
  • Detects overall state of health

The tricorders are just the size of the palm and are easy to handle. You can detect several health issues easily via the device. Basil leaf technologies released DxtER, a tricorder that can detect up to 34 health conditions like:

  • stroke
  • tuberculosis
  • pneumonia
  • diabetes

2. Advanced drug development

The pandemic era has seen the development of drugs become much better and faster. The quick discovery of drugs to counter the effect of the novel coronavirus is an impressive feat. There was a development of vaccines for covid19 in less than a year. The urgent need for a counter to the deadly virus has improved drug development. This is an impressive technology that would impact and speed up manufacturing drugs against other diseases. There are newer innovations to the way medical trials are conducted. For instance, virtual clinical trials became rampant during the most challenging stages of the coronavirus.

3. Nanomedicine

If you’ve ever heard that microscopic particles can take medicine to another level, the discussion must have been about nanoparticles. Nanomedicine is one of the medical breakthroughs that used to sound fictional at some point. But nanomedicine is real, and it’s working. Nanomedicine applies the knowledge of nanotechnology where atomic, molecular, or supramolecular particles are the active elements. Some of the aspects of science that have seen a breakthrough with nanomedicine are imaging, sensing, and diagnosis. Nanoparticles can also deliver medical services to ill patients. How?

There’s more research ongoing concerning Nanomedicine. Apparently, there’s still a long way to go. Recently, researchers are working on new ways of utilizing nanomedicine so that nanoparticles can target specific cells in the body. Some pharmaceutical companies have developed nanotech to fight viruses and bacteria.

4. Wearables

For some people, wearables can be considered a pure tech feat. Still, these wearables can also perform amazing scientific functions like measuring a heartbeat and deriving certain health information about its wearer. Wearables are becoming more specific in the medical environment. Rather than being mere fitness trackers, wearables can now monitor a patient’s conditions. For instance, diabetic patients can get wearables to continuously monitor their glucose levels. 

Wearables have become the smart devices of medicine. Without lab scientists, the wearable might not be anywhere to be found.

5. AbCellera Celium

This device has been indispensable in the discovery of weak points and the fight against the deadly coronavirus. Since trying to probe the virus to find possible weak points by hand would be tedious, scientists decided to feed AbCellera Celium with the necessary data. Celium is a data visualization tool that reveals which antibodies will work best in a patient. Without Celium, scientists had to sort through spreadsheets that were extremely difficult to navigate.

6. Seven Bridges GRAF

Who would ever think that any device could discover an accurate and comprehensive genetic variation in humans? This device is a genome analysis machine. That iterates all possible genetic sequences at a given locus. The seven bridges GRAF was first released in 2013. But there’s more work to be done, and scientists seem to be making progress. Considering the magnitude of the science behind this device, it’s an impressive scientific lab research and invention product.

7. Oxygene Tessa

Oxygene Tessa has solved a major problem facing scientists. This challenge involves delivering genetic therapies to patients’ cells. Producing the AAV (Adeno Associated Virus) required comes at a high cost. One dose of the AAV costs millions of dollars and reproducing for the amount a patient needs would be financially impossible. So the solution is to replicate the AAV. However, this meant that the replicates were contaminated by the adenoviruses replicating themselves. To tackle this issue, Oxygene was devised to help replicate the AAVs without contamination. This makes the treatment of patients with the AAV possible and less expensive. 

When challenges come up in the world of science, it’s up to the laboratories to come up with something mind-blowing. Even when the challenges seem impossible, lab scientists almost always come through something to impress the world.

What to Look For in a Desktop Computer

Are you looking to buy a desktop computer? Whether this is for work or personal use (or both), it is a major decision to make and inevitably will be a high cost to cover. As such an important piece of equipment for people in today’s day and age, you need to take the time to find the right device for your particular needs so that it will be a good fit and allow you to easily carry out whatever you need the machine for whether this is playing video games, working with specific software, watching TV and/or simply for internet browsing and creating documents. Read on to find out what you need to look for to find a high-quality desktop computer.


The processor is the chip that carries the core operations and calculations that drive everything in the computer, so this is essentially the “brain” of the computer and highly important. It is difficult to upgrade a processor once it is in place, so ideally, you will want to get this right the first time. If you plan on heavy use, such as playing video games, you will want to make sure that you have multi-core processors, which are multiple processors working in tandem.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is the computer’s short-term memory and directly impacts speed and efficiency. When you ask the computer to complete a task, such as opening a file, the task is loaded into RAM, and the higher the RAM, the better. It is measured in GB but does not confuse it with storage space. This can be relatively easy to upgrade, but it is still something that you need to consider when looking for a desktop PC.


The storage is the long-term memory and for keeping all of your files, programs, games, and anything else. You do not want to run out of storage, so think about the type of things that you will be storing on the computer and give yourself plenty of space if you play games and have large video files. You can also buy an external hard drive if you run out of space (and for backups), but this will be another expense.

Choosing a Good Keyboard

There are many different types of computer keyboards on the market today, each with its own set of functionality to meet certain needs. If your main computer use is for gaming, choosing your gaming keyboard is very important. If you want to get serious about gaming, you’ll need more than the keyboard that came with your PC, and competitive gamers’ gaming keyboards are built to last, even after years of intense use.

Monitors and Hardware

In addition to the actual computer itself, you will also need to consider the monitor and hardware. A powerful desktop computer is not much good with a low-quality monitor, particularly for gaming or streaming. Hardware such as a mouse and keyboard are other important factors that will greatly impact the performance. You can buy all-in-one packages, or you could do your own research and find your own hardware but be sure that it is from a reliable brand and has good reviews.

These are the key areas that you need to focus on when buying a desktop computer. A desktop can bring many benefits over a laptop, especially for activities like gaming and using certain software, but it can also be daunting and a lot of money to spend, so hopefully, this post will help.

A Complete Guide To Buying A Laptop On A Budget (Under $1000)

Buying a laptop on a budget can present many challenges.  The computing industry is inundated with offerings from different brands and the technical jargon can often make it difficult to identify the best option for your requirements. 

When considering laptops, there are several factors that you will need to account for, particularly for those who are focusing their search on laptops that retail for $1000 or less. 

We have identified the technical specifications that you will need to consider along with a few other factors to make the process easier for you. 

What is the laptop being used for?

First, you will need to consider your intended use of the laptop. Do you require it for casual purposes, e.g browsing the web, watching Netflix, or checking your social media applications, or do you need it for work and study purposes? For the aforementioned, a Chromebook will likely suffice as they are affordable and perform well too. For the latter, you will need to select a laptop that copes well when subject to intense and prolonged use, for example, a Lenovo or Acer model. 

You must also be willing to make compromises. Approaching the market with high expectations when looking for a laptop on a budget can often lead to disappointment. The value of the laptop is often reflected in the quality and features. While a laptop may flourish in some areas e.g impressive performance speed, you will likely identify a flaw elsewhere. For that reason, it is important to assess what you need in a laptop rather than what you want. Doing so will allow you to make your selection accordingly. 

Technical Specifications

Understanding the technical specifications of different models can be daunting, particularly for those who do not have much knowledge in this area. However, considering these features will make it easier to find a laptop within budget.

The Operating System

One of the first things to consider is the operating system. The operating system is responsible for the memory, hardware, software, and processes of the computer. Chrome OS and Windows 10 are the two operating systems that are commonly found on budget-friendly laptops. Chrome OS is a lightweight system that is only available on Chromebooks. Offering a low-cost option, it will likely cater to those who require a laptop for basic uses. There are limitations to be aware of, the main ones being that Chrome OS only supports Google and Chrome Web Store Applications. 

Windows laptops utilize a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Another inexpensive option that offers power and productivity while allowing you to enjoy a selection of apps that are available on the Windows Store and desktop. There are some issues concerning the compatibility of this system with particular software and hardware. 

Both provide budget-friendly options, although it is likely that you will find one to be better suited to your requirements in comparison to the other.

The Memory

The majority of budget laptops have either 256GB SSD and 512GB SSD, of memory pre-installed. In some instances, you may discover a laptop that fits your budget that has more memory. If you like to store data like photographs you will benefit from the use of a USB flash drive if the current memory of the laptop doesn’t satisfy your needs. 


RAM is an abbreviation of Random Access Memory and is a crucial element of computing. It is the temporary data storage space that stores data and information that needs to be accessed quickly. 4GB is doable although 6GB to 8GB of RAM is recommended as this will support most basic computer programs.

The Processor

A computer processor, otherwise known as the CPU plays an integral role in the functioning of a laptop. Essentially, the processor provides the laptop with the instructions and power it requires to operate. A poor CPU can impact how well the laptop performs and handles tasks. The most common processors used in budget laptops are Intel Core I5,  AMD A6, Intel Pentium, and the AMD A9. The performance of the processor is influenced by the clock speed, cache speed, and the number of cores. Conducting a simple online search will provide you with information as to which processor is best. Most entry-level, budget-friendly processors are deemed to be mid performers. 

The Size

Considering the size of the laptop is also important. Do you require one that is smaller and more portable or one that is larger and more substantially built? The size of the laptop determines the screen size which in turn affects the resolution and image quality. While some have screens as small as 11.6″, others are bigger at 15.6″. Although laptops with a lower resolution can still provide a decent image, those with a higher resolution will display the image with more precision and detail. 

The Battery Life

The battery life will determine how long the laptop can be used on a singular charge.  This can vary from a couple of hours to a day and often depends on how the laptop is used. A laptop with a long battery life will allow you to use it for prolonged periods without needing to plug it into a power supply. Many budget laptops offer between 7 to 10 hours of use on a single charge. The specifications tend to exaggerate the longevity of the battery life so it is important to be cautious of this. 

Test a few before you pick

Conducting thorough research before selecting your laptop is fundamental in ensuring that all of your needs are met. While you can gather valuable information from browsing the web, you will likely benefit from visiting a selection of stores and looking at the selection that they offer. This will allow you to gain a feel for the laptop and assess whether it is a worthy investment. Analyze the trackpad, the keyboard, and the number of ports. You may even wish to invest in a 2-in-1 laptop that functions as both a laptop and tablet providing you with the best of both worlds.

Qualities to Look For in a Printer

Looking for a new printer? It can be overwhelming trying to decide on a printer due to the vast number of different models, styles, and features available. To make it easier for you, gathered here is a list of 7 key qualities you should consider when buying yourself a new printer.

1. Functionality

The first thing you may want to research is whether you want an all-in-one printer or a printer that quite literally just prints. All-in-one printers scan, fax, copy, and print. These kinds of printers have more functionality and purpose. Naturally, the more functionality a printer has, the more expensive it will be. So depending on what your priorities are, you can get a cheaper printer but you will be compromising on quality. 

2. Scanning Abilities

If you are someone who frequently uses a scanner, then you need to make sure you are getting a printer that has good quality scanning features. For instance, if you frequently scan documents that are irregular in shape, then you will want a model that has a flat-bed scanner. Some select models use capable automatic document feeders, such as Epson and Lexmark. What this means, is that you can load several pages at the same time in the printer’s tray, instead of having to slowly feed each page one by one. This feature is a real time-saver and one that is worth having!

3. Wireless Features

You have to bear in mind what device you will be printing from, as some devices will work better with other printers. There are many different printing options available out there for different devices as what is the best printer for one device may not work for another. For instance, a printer suited for Chromebook will not necessarily be the best printer for a Macbook. 

There are models available that feature Wifi connectivity that allows you to print documents even when you are not nearby the printer!

4. What Ink Does It Use?

This may seem trivial, however, the last thing you need is to purchase a printer that only works when using an obscure or expensive ink. The running costs of your printer will depend on your model, for example, an inkjet printer tends to be more expensive as replacing them doesn’t last as long. This is where the cost per page comes into play, as a laser printer has a more expensive cartridge typically, but lasts much longer. So, arguably, the laser printer is a more cost-effective option. Either way, before buying a model you should have a good idea of how much the replacement of ink will cost you. That way there are no nasty surprises down the line. 

5. Size

This point is simple, what size do you want? That will depend on your priorities, whether you want something compact and portable, or whether you need something big and industrial to get high quantities of printing done. A smaller size does not equate to a poorer quality! It can be tempting to think the bigger the printer the better it must be, but it really does depend on the manufacturer, the features available, and its main purpose. There are a lot of choices when it comes to sizing, so you will not get stuck on finding something that fits your space. 

6. Printing Speed

This is very important depending on what you need and uses your printer for. So, if you need your printer to print high quantities at a fast pace, then you need to check how many pages per minute the model can produce. This is especially important in office environments when everyone is trying to access their documents. To give you a rough idea your standard level printer will print 20 to 30 pages per minute. However, if you are printing in color then this will take longer. 

7. Print Quality

The greater the print quality, unsurprisingly means the higher the price. Laser printers typically offer the most impressive quality but are certainly the more expensive option and they require more running costs. If you are printing at home on a more casual basis then an inkjet will provide you with good enough quality. When checking for printer quality, the key thing to check is the printer’s dots per inch (DPI) as this will tell you how well a printer can duplicate the pixels of the image/document you are printing. 

Hopefully buying a printer will not be too much of an ordeal for you now that you know what qualities to search for! Do your research, assess your priorities and you will find the perfect printer for your needs. 

5 Reasons why we should use a VPN on a Fire Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick has made TV watching a tad more enjoyable. On the platform, you can watch any kind of app, and this includes the popular ones like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, etc. 

However, you must know that most of these apps do not have any content of their own. They just help you to stream different types of content that are pirated, and you may not be aware of it. 

Since streaming pirated content is a crime using a VPN is an easy alternative. To understand this better, here we share with you 5 reasons why we should use a VPN on Fire stick.

Security and Privacy

You must have heard the word “cord-cutting,” and it involves streaming and downloading content from different sources. Some of the content could be copyrighted, and if you play it, you could be penalized. 

Without using a VPN, all the viewing history of yours is for a display to your ISP, law enforcers, and copyright agencies. With VPN, you can enjoy with Fire stick tricks, and no one would ever get to know about it. 

Bypass Censorship

Some governments monitor the internet usage of their citizens. Such countries detest cord-cutting, and therefore, they even curtail the free streaming of channels. So if you travel to such a country, you may not be able to use your Fire stick. However, if you have a VPN hides your real IP address, and thus, the government has no control over your viewing pattern.

Unblock Geo-Restricted Services 

Content copyright means that content will be viewable only in specific locations. To meet the copyright restrictions, the service providers impose geo-restrictions. This means that when you travel to certain countries, you might miss your favorite program as the channel is restricted there. A quality VPN will also help you go through the restricted geo-locations.

Using Streaming Apps Freely

With a VPN, your internet history is hidden from others. You are not sure of where your sources are procuring the content they are sharing with you. Usage of VPN is just to remain on the safe side. On the website you can find a list of recommended VPNs for streaming.

Avoiding ISP Throttling

As soon as ISPs detect streaming activities, they tend to reduce the bandwidth. There could be multiple reasons why they resort to throttling, and if you are in the middle of something crucial reducing bandwidth can be a problem. If you are streaming, you can face buffering and lagging, something you would want to avoid.


Using an Amazon fire stick is an absolute delight. However, there are dangers associated with it that can spoil your entire fun. To avoid that situation from arising, always use a VPN with the device. It would reduce your chances of the authorities getting to know in case you are watching any copyrighted content. 

Apart from that, the reasons mentioned above are also why people use a VPN with a fire stick. You would not want anything to come in the middle of an enthralling TV viewing experience, and for that, using a VPN is the best bet.

Best Free Streaming Apps to Watch Live TV on a Firestick

The entertainment world is taking a new revolution from the standard cable TV to live to stream. The digital exodus is initiated by new technologies such as TV Firestick devices. The device provides an excellent experience to the user. Today you can watch TV channels from anywhere worldwide—a privilege by the Firestick product.  The internet has also developed apps that help you watch live TV on Firestick without any restrictions.

However, Firestick offers the best at a price. Users have to subscribe to the live streams. It’s challenging and consumes a lot of income. To enjoy the services for free, technology offers loopholes in the Firestick creation. The idea of jailbreaking the Firestick might work best for your device.  The process requires one to implement safety measures. You can improvise the best VPN software in the tech market.

What is a Firestick?

Firestick is a unique digital streaming device connected to the cable TV to stream content through the internet.   The device is shaped like a standard USB flash device. It’s easy to handle and contains thousands of online channels such as Netflix, Hulu, and more. Firesticks are designed to stream videos where you watch movies and TV shows. You can also stream music games and other online content.

However, the channels have a subscription fee, which you pay bi-monthly or annually. There are apps implemented for free use.  The device is Android-based but doesn’t support Google play services. The Firestick works with Android OS.  Technology also has several apps that help connect IOS devices though not fully implemented.

How to watch live TV on Firestick

To watch the live channels without paying any penny, you must add privacy software such as VPN. This enhances your security and hides your identity. A quality VPN will help you go through the restricted geo-locations.  Any wrong move like tempering with copyrighted items will land you in trouble with the government and ISP.

Best free apps to watch live TV on Firestick

1. Mobdro

Mobdro is an exclusive live streaming app for movies, TV shows, and live online content. It’s compatible with all devices. The app operates on Android devices, but recently, IOS users can also benefit from the app.  Technology is providing ways to have Mobdro for iPhone though the installation process is not generated.  Users can utilize third-party platforms to download and install Mobdro apk on your iPhone.

Mobdro has different channel categories from news, sports, Music, Gaming, Kids, spiritual and more.  From the list, users can select various channels according to preference. There are channels such as AMC, History, WWE network, ESPN, sky sport, Fox, etc.  You can also stream favorite shows using the Mobdro app.

2. Live Net TV

The Live Net TV is open to many Android devices and Firestick devices.  Users can access more than 700 TV channels. The app organizes the channels based on the country and categories. This makes it easy to access your favorite channel.  The software offers quality services for free to all users.  The Live Net TV apps also provide users with VOD services on different movies.  The app allows users to choose a video player for live TV channels from the external video players.

3. Swift Streamz

This is a fantastic app for watching live TV on your Firestick.  You can access 700+ channels for free and without any restrictions. For easy access, the app classifies the media based on countries and categories. Example USA TV, UK TV, sports TV, movies, religious and more.  Every category has different channels which you can choose and watch freely.  Swift streamz provides quality video, and content is available in 1080p and 720p.

4. TV Catchup

The TV catchup app is also a free platform developed for UK channels. The app has 120 UK TV channels, which are free and have no restrictions.  You can select channels such as BBC, ITV, horror channels, Film4, and others. However, the apps allow ads, and most of the media also have ads.  The TV catchup is only available for UK users. To benefit from the app, you need to implement a quality VPN and break the geo-restrictions.

5. Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media player that is compatible with all devices.  However, for Kodi to work, one requires third-party software. These are called Kodi addons. For example, installing The Crew addon on Kodi will give Firestick users access to hundreds of movies and TV shows. They all have different features and channels. The user should choose the best addons before installing them on the Kodi device.  Kodi is legal software that is best for the Firestick and other platforms.  You can watch live TV using Kodi on your Firestick.

The Kodi app is legal, but most of the addons bias regulation and policies of some channels. This provides a risk to the user. Once you start streaming live with Kodi addons, you’re exposed to government and ISP, and third-party authorities. They can survey everything and information streaming on your device. To cater to the issue, search and improvise the best VPNs in the tech market. This will hide your identity and stop government surveillance. You can also go beyond the geo-restrictions of some channels.

In conclusion, it’s best to get legitimate streaming apps that won’t lead to legal problems. The above are some of the top best streaming apps to help watch live TV in Firestick.

How to Know Which Type of 3D Printer to Buy

For many years, metallic and plastic objects were often cut from larger stock pieces of material or molded. Throughout the 20thCentury, however, the idea that something could be constructed from zero by simply adding more material started to develop. This, in time, became known as 3D printing. Fast forward to the modern-day and suddenly 3D printers are available on the market for everyone. The problem then becomes, how do you know which type of 3D printer to buy? With such new technology, it can be really hard to know what you are looking for. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important things you need to know when choosing a 3D printer. 

Types of 3D Printing Technology

There are no less than 9 different technologies developed for 3D printing. Printing Atom’s review on the best printers has all types of 3D printing technology listed, however, we are just going to briefly explain the most common 3 types. These are:

FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling

Fused deposition modelling (FDM) is very commonly used in private homes for 3D printing with plastic. It is sometimes known as fused filament fabrication (FFF) due to the way the process works. This kind of 3D printer works by pushing a plastic filament layer-by-layer onto a build platform. This means it is very quick and cheap but can result in rough finishes and products that are not very strong.

SLA – Stereolithography

Stereolithography(SLA) is the original 3D printing process. It uses a laser beam controlled by a computer to draw layers of a designed part, usually creating the support structures first, before moving on to the part itself. The laser beam interacts with a liquid thermoset resin to create each layer of your design. Once one layer is complete, the platform shifts down a level and moves to apply the next layer of resin, repeating each layer until the full design is complete. It creates very detailed, strong, and smooth-surfaced finishes.

SLS – Selective Laser Sintering

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) printers work slightly differently. By melting together two nylon-based powders into a solid plastic as they print, they create durable finishes. They fall somewhere in between SLA and FDM printers as far as finish goes as they create rougher finishes. But, what they may lack in finish, they make up for in durability and strength. These are great for prototyping designs and testing parts.

What Do You Want To Print?

So, now that you’ve understood a little about the three main types of desktop 3D printer, it’s time to figure out which suits you. The first and most important question is; do you know what you want to print? As you can see, there are positives and negatives to each. FDM is much faster but produces rougher and less durable products, while SLS and SLA take longer but increase in durability and finish.

If you plan on printing models or other non-functional parts, maybe FDM is the correct printing process for you. If you are planning on designing parts with more functional purposes, you’d have to consider a more robust 3D printing technology. Some printers will be better for large scale output You may find a different 3d printer for tabletop miniatures.

If you are simply a hobbyist, we recommend you stick to FDM for starters. Knowing what you want to print will inform most of your decision regarding 3D printers.

Open or Closed Frame?

As you may have guessed, 3D printers come in both open and enclosed designs. There are pros and cons to both which can have a big influence on what type you go for. Firstly, let’s discuss enclosed/closed frame printers. One big decider for home printers may be style, and many argue that enclosed printers look much neater than their open counterparts. They can also be much quieter and also produce slightly neater products due to the enclosure keeping drafts or dust out of the printing nozzle. On the flip side, many people prefer an open printer for a few reasons. Firstly, as it is open, you will be able to clearly see the printer’s progress and keep tabs on how your design is coming along. It is also arguably easier to keep clean and work on the printer as it is in action, as well as easier to perform maintenance and upgrades.


It is also worth considering the price. FDM printers can start at a much cheaper value than SLA and SLS, with SLS occupying the highest price point on the scale. FDM and SLA both start quite affordable, so are generally considered good starter printers. Again, it truly depends on what you’d like to print, and how often.

You should now be armed with all the knowledge you need to decide which 3D printer to buy. It’s an enjoyable experience designing in 3D and watching your products come to life. We hope you find a printer you love.

Where to Sell Video Games in 2021

As an avid video game player, you have probably amassed an extensive collection of games over the years. The good news for collectors is that their stash of old video games doesn’t have to stay stored at home and collect dust. Several fantastic opportunities can help you get rid of your games without throwing them away, and you can make some money out of it. If you’re a gamer and want to give away some of the games that you don’t play anymore, read on to know where you can sell them in 2021.

Trade-In Websites

A popular source where gamers can sell their old video games is a trade-in website. These are online platforms that accept old games, with thousands of different prices for people to choose from, make a shipment order, send it to the platform, and then get paid. In fact, The Old School Game Vault, one of the platforms, says that trade-in websites should have multiple payment methods to suit different clients’ needs, whether it’s money transfers, business checks, or eGift cards. Trade-in websites accommodate sellers that are close by and agree to meet up locally for sale. The platforms are reliable cash-for-video game businesses, and they have a section for buyers as well if they’re interested.  

E-Commerce Platforms

Another reliable source that gamers can use is e-commerce platforms, which are also websites, but it focuses on selling any product and not just video games. The trend of selling products online is popular, and gamers have numerous marketplaces to choose from. People can make accounts, list their items, wait for a buyer, and the platform takes care of the shipping and handling for you. It’s an easy, affordable, and flexible choice for people that want to sell their old games online.

Brick-And-Mortar Stores

The online methods aren’t for everyone, and some gamers prefer to physically go to stores and sell/trade their games instantly without the idle waiting time or possible shipment issues. People still love to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, and these establishments specialize in selling second-hand memorabilia, consoles, or video games. Even though technology and digital platforms are growing, traditional stores are still thriving, and they can be excellent sources for you to sell your unwanted games.

Social Media and Forums

Social media platforms and online forums can work for people that have time on their hands. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can sell your games yourself by utilizing the marketplace feature in social media and forums. Write a good description, choose the price you want, and wait for someone to message you. This method is only good for local meet-ups or if people are willing to ship the games themselves.

When trying to sell your video games, the key is to find a reliable source that can buy your games and make it worth your while. People can even sell their stash themselves if they have the time for it, but they’ll need to put in the effort to get in touch with sellers and ship the games to them. Old video games you don’t need anymore can find new homes and be enjoyed by others, and they can help you make some extra cash along the way.