Setup Guide - Sync Outlook to Android using ADB Mode

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Please note: CompanionLink has two different USB Methods to synchronize to Android.

  • Direct USB (Mass Storage Mode)
  • ADB Mode

We recommend the USB Direct method for most customers. It is more reliable, and does not require an ADB Driver installation. Please try this method first.

If you cannot synchronize using Direct USB, these directions will assist in setting up Sync using ADB Mode:

Set up CompanionLink on your PC

  1. Download and install CompanionLink for Outlook if you have not already done so.
  2. Run "CompanionLink Setup" from your desktop or start menu.
  3. Select Android from the first drop-down option (Select the device you want to sync with...).
  4. Select ADB Mode from second drop-down option (Select your sync method...), and carefully read through the prompts. You will be asked to download ADB Drivers for your Android device model. For more help with this, read our Download ADB (USB) Drivers Guide.
  5. Select Microsoft Outlook from third drop-down option (Select your PC or web database...).

Set up DejaOffice on your Android device

  1. Install DejaOffice from
  2. Open DejaOffice and the Setup Wizard should automatically launch. (If it does not launch, tap the "Setup Wizard" icon.)
  3. Follow the prompts in the Setup Wizard. Make sure to select ADB Mode as your sync method.
  4. During the Setup Wizard, you will be asked to enable Debugging Mode on your Android. If you need help with this, read our Enable USB Debugging Mode Guide.

How to sync

  1. Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging on your device and that CompanionLink is running on your PC.
  2. Connect your Android device to your computer with the USB cable. Make sure it is NOT set to Mass Storage Mode.
  3. Sync should begin automatically. If you have disabled auto-sync on connect, you can click the Sync button now in CompanionLink.

If you are using Android 4.2.2 or above You will need to agree to allow your computer access to your phone when debugging mode is on. More information here.

NOTE: If you are unable to synchronize, please review our Troubleshooting Guide.

We also offer configuration service. Our experts will log into your PC at a time you select. We will set up everything for you. The service is called RunStart and costs $49.