How to sync multiple Outlook folders with a single device

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You can sync two or more Outlook folders with a single device (or Google account) by using the Category Manager feature in CompanionLink Professional.

CompanionLink keeps the data from your folders separated on the device by using categories. The folder names on your PC will match the category names on the device. (This means that if you also use Outlook categories, these will not sync to the device, since the category field is being used to preserve your folder structure on the device.)

1. To get started, go ahead and set up CompanionLink normally - you can choose any of your Outlook folders here. You'll add the other folders later.

2. When you've gone through the initial Outlook setup, click the Category Manager button.

3. Select the conduit you wish to modify (contacts, calendar, etc.), then select the Create New Category button. Label this category however you wish it to appear on the device (it is common to name these the same as your folders).
  • Be careful when creating a category that you do not give it same name as an existing Outlook category, as this will cause trouble down the road. You will see your custom category listed under the conduit you've selected.

4. Once the new Category is created, click it to highlight it and select Application Settings on the right.
  • When prompted to Create Special Category settings for your new category, click Yes.

5. Under the Applications tab that opens, click the drop down and select Microsoft Outlook.

6. With Outlook selected you will be given a choice of Outlook folders to sync with. Select the Outlook folder that matches the category you've just created, then hit OK.
  • If you have multiple Outlook profiles you will need to first ensure the correct Outlook Profile is selected, then click the Outlook Folders tab at the top.

7. You should now be back at the Category Manager window. Tap Create New Category to create your second category, then follow the above steps for each additional Outlook folder you wish to sync with.
  • Once you've set up two or more categories, it should look something like the example on the right.

8. Hit OK. You're now ready to sync!
  • If you want to create a new record from your device, just make sure to apply the category that matches the Outlook folder you want them to appear in, and they will sync back to the correct folder in Outlook.