How to exclude a category on the device from syncing

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Note: Category exclusion is a feature only available on CompanionLink Professional and CompanionLink FA.

In some cases you may wish to exclude a category that's on your device but not in your PC database. An example may be that you have a personal category on your device called "Bridge Club" in addition to your synced business data.

To exclude the personal category from syncing back to your PC, you need to explicitly single it out in the CompanionLink Category Manager.

1. Set up CompanionLink normally if you haven't already done so.
2. Open CompanionLink, click settings on the left, and select Category Manager:



3. Highlight contacts (or any other data type that you will be excluding a category from) and select Create New Category.


4. Enter the name of the category on your device exactly and click OK.


5. You should now see the new category in the list. If you do not please close and reopen Category Manager.

6. Select Exclude Category


7. This is what you should see once the category is excluded.

  • You will need to repeat these steps for each dataset you wish to exclude from the sync.