Advanced Settings Tabs

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Advanced Settings Tabs

This guide goes over the generic advanced options available in all versions of CompanionLink, for database specific settings see the below quick links.

Accessing Advanced Settings in CompanionLink 6

~ Click Settings on the main setup screen of CompanionLink and then click Advanced.

Accessing Advanced Settings in CompanionLink 5

~ Click Advanced Settings on the main CompanionLink Setup screen.

General Settings Tab

Personal Category
  • This option allows you to specify if you would like content assigned to the Personal Category to synchronize.
  • This option allows you to specify whether or not you would like CompanionLink to run during your PC's startup cycle.

Calendar Setting Tab

Calendar Alarms
  • This option allows you to determine if you wish to sync alarms associated with your calendar.
Date Range
  • This option allows you to set date range of how far back you would like to sync
Completed Records
  • This option allows you to transfer records that are shown as complete in your Calendar and Tasks

Field Mapping Tab

  • Each of these is an option for which fields you would like to sync. If you have created special fields or do not find a specific field listed by default simply change one of the fields to the field you wish to sync.

Phone Format Tab

Use US Formatting for Phone Numbers
  • This always you to specify the phone numbers to be synced in a US format
Automatically Include Extensions
  • This allows you to specify whether to automatically include extensions
Clear Leading Zero
  • This allows you to automatically clear the leading zero from in front of phone numbers
Format Phone Numbers for Windows Mobile Devices
  • This option allows Windows Mobile users to apply this format to their phone numbers prior to them being synced to the device.
Sync all Country Codes
  • This allows you to specify whether to include all country codes when syncing.
Symbol to use for Extensions
  • Determines which symbol to use as an extension.
Local Country Code
  • Specifies the local country code.

Applications Tab

Data Types to Sync
  • The left lists the sync-able data types and can be selected by checking them off.
  • The drop-downs allow you to choose your direction of sync.
  • The check boxes on the right allow you to wipe data prior to sync.
Deletion Preferences
  • This allows you to set which databases will be allowed to delete items.
Handling Conflicts
  • This allows you to set how changes are reflected in each database.
NOTE: This option does not display in all versions.