How to Choose a Hard Drive: Essential Features

Recently, we’ve been proud of a 40 GB hard drive on our computer! But now this might not even be enough for one high-quality movie.

With the development of technologies, even modern hard drives of hundreds or thousands of gigabytes may not be enough. In addition, hard drives have their own service life, which sooner or later ends, so the purchase of a new HDD or SSD is only a matter of time. If you are worried about the safety of your collection of films, photos, music, or any other data, it is better not to delay the purchase.

Which hard drive should I choose? What is the difference between an HDD and an SSD and is there such a big difference? Which hard drive is good for work and which one for playing games? These and other questions are of concern to any buyer, and we will try to answer them.

Getting to the Basics

Modern storage media can be divided into those with which it is convenient to work, and those on which you can store it. They differ in speed, “capacity” and others.

Types of Hard Drives

SSDs do not yet have the same capacity as HDDs. There are some models with 4TB, but they are insanely expensive and used for special tasks and server machines.

In a normal computer, SSDs of about 320 GB is used. This is because SSDs are more expensive than HDDs. But at the same time, such a capacity allows you to install on a hard drive operating system, as well as the most important programs and games.

SSDs are solid-state drives that have no moving parts, and the storage elements are in the form of chips.

The principle of operation is similar to the flash drive, but these devices are much more complex and faster. The difference in speed is especially evident in comparison with HDD. If magnetic disks can write and read the information at up to 220 MB / s, the SSD drives can be dozens of times higher.

High-speed writing and reading speeds provide faster access to data while working and loading applications. That feature is important for web designers, sound designers, and others. With the help of an SSD drive, you can easily use templates and mockups like this business card mockup. The same Windows operating system which is installed on an SSD boots 10-15 times faster than an HDD.

Read-Write Speeds and Advantages of Different Types of Flash Memory

Sequential read speed is one of the most important considerations for selecting a hard drive for your PC or laptop. The faster it is, the faster programs and games will access your files as they need them.

An SSD with a read speed of about 500 MB/s is the best choice for your home PC.

Writing speed is considered a secondary parameter — it does not affect the computer’s performance so much, rather it will make you wait when transferring large amounts of information from one drive to another, installing programs, and so on. Better if this parameter will be equal to the speed of reading, but in this case, the drive will be a little more expensive.

Briefly About the Main Features:

  • For an office computer, an ordinary HDD with a speed of 5400 rpm and a volume of 300 to 500 GB will be enough;
  • If you buy a hard drive for use in a home computer, where you watch movies and surf on social networks, HDD with 1TB will be enough;
  • If you are an active PC-user, like speed and short downloads, SSD with a capacity of about 120 GB can be added to 1 Tb HDD to install the OS and programs on it;
  • For a quality gaming PC, you might choose an SSD with up to 1TB + one or two HDDs with 2TB each, high spindle speeds, and read speeds;
  • If you’re a geek who likes to play with hardware, then try experimenting with SSD M.2 drives and other new products.

Hope our article helped you to understand the main differences and features of different hard drives.

Top 8 Coupon Deal Sites

Coupon websites can be the best way to score every item on sale. For one thing, isn’t everyone thrilled to walk out of the department store with a bargain price? Also, remember that you don’t have to sacrifice quality to achieve your financial objectives.

You can get quality products at a reduced price when you avail coupons. We’re not talking about coupons from your grandmother from a newspaper. We’re talking about coupons that are available on the internet and readily available.

We’ll explore the top coupon websites that are currently available!

Why Would You Want to Think About Couponing?

Before we go over the top sites for coupons for free, let’s look at the benefits of couponing. First, coupons are an excellent method to lower your cost without losing quality. Second, though you’ll have to spend some time on this, it could be a great return on your investment.

Even if you use coupons to purchase everyday things such as grocery items, and other necessities, you can utilize the savings to buy fun things. Coupons can help you breathe more space in your budget and allow you to invest in other things.


Ibotta is an app for cashback and coupons that will aid you in saving money quickly, particularly when you shop for groceries. You’ll earn cashback on specific items by performing various tasks. For example, the tasks could involve purchasing the product or giving proof of purchase, viewing the video in a short amount, or reviewing the item.

The number of tasks available can vary depending on the product and what amount you can earn in cashback. In some instances, Ibotta can be used as a bonus to other purchases. This allows you to save money. It is among the most popular coupon websites, which makes saving money simple!


BeFrugal is an actual application that will help you be thrifty while shopping. It provides lucrative cashback offers for over 5,000 retailers. It’s among the top websites to find free coupons since it doesn’t require you to search for coupons. BeFrugal provides a method to apply coupons and coupon codes at the touch of a button.

It’s really more straightforward, which is excellent for beginners who want to learn about couponing. Earnings can be deposited through PayPal or check direct deposit, gift cards. Don’t hesitate to download BeFrugal.


DPcoupon offers numerous options that can help you do your best to achieve savings in your budget for the month. Keep a watchful eye out for coupons and discounts on the internet for all kinds of categories, like laptops, software clothes, travel, and lots more to learn about. 

Shopping online makes users more comfortable searching for the most popular deals and customer reviews of the product before purchasing it. Customers can use DPCoupons to find the best deals on Laptops and mobiles used by all to shop and save money. No matter where you are, customers can decide to opt for DPcoupon and offers that will save both time and money for customers who make large purchases of various items and goods.


Coupons4save is among the top couponing websites. It’s a flexible site that provides valuable coupons for its customers. Print coupons for use in-store or cashback offer when you shop on the internet. When you print coupons, you’ll earn Coupons4save. These points can be exchanged to buy gift cards from a wide range of stores, which is an excellent method to stretch your spending even more. If you’d like to earn even more Coupons4save, you can earn these by watching videos, filling out surveys. So it’s a good idea to join Coupons4save today.


SlickDeals is a unique take on couponing. Instead of being focused on saving money only for yourself, SlickDeals includes a community aspect. Their team not only discovers discounts; however but also permits users to post their discoveries. The latest deals are listed on the homepage. But, there are forums where you can have the chance to discuss the specifics of the deals with people who are in the same situation.


MrBargainer is yet another popular couponing website that provides coupon codes for thousands of retailers online. Almost every day, the website is updated with new specials that are trending for the day. It’s not just about coupons, but also cashback options and gift cards at a discount. It’s an excellent place to visit before going to the store or completing your purchase on the internet. 


Rakuten, previously called Ebates, is among the most popular coupon sites which also offer money-back. It’s completely free. However, you can expect to earn cashback from hundreds of sites. In addition, Rakuten provides access to coupons in addition to the cashback offer.

It’s possible to install a handy Chrome browser extension to inform you if the website you’re visiting provides cashback. There is no need to do any rigorous investigation to discover these offers. Earnings can vary between 1% and 120% cashback when shopping for special deals, sometimes even more.

Additionally, if you hook to your credit card, you’ll be able to earn cashback in certain stores with Rakuten. You’ll get your cash through PayPal or by check, which is the one that best suits your needs. So sign up to Rakuten now! Otherwise, you may be leaving money savings accessible in the dust.

Amazon Coupons

That’s right! Amazon offers coupons on a wide range of its products that it provides on its website. If you’re a frequent Amazon consumer, you’re on the ideal site to find coupons. It is a must to look into the savings opportunities available. The majority of coupons available are from manufacturers. However, you can put them into your shopping cart with just a few clicks. Find out what’s currently on sale by using Amazon coupons.


Coupons can be an excellent method to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality. If you utilize coupons wisely, you are likely to benefit from some incredible bargains. On the other hand, if you’re not making the most out of coupons, you’re not putting money in your bank.

Healthcare Mobile App Development in 2022: A Comprehensive Guide

The number of mobile health apps reached an all-time high last year. Over 90,000 new mobile solutions entered the market in 2020, according to a new report by the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science on digital health trends. It makes the overall number of mHealth solutions amount to more than 350,000 digital health apps available to users.

Also, we cannot underestimate the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare industry. Thus, the global market for Mobile Medical Apps is expected to reach a revised size of $20.7 billion by 2027, as the Globe NewsWire suggests.

This is certainly the best time to build a mobile health app and tap into the new, lucrative market.

If you’re mulling over investing in a medical app, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about how to build a health app.

Types of medical applications

Before diving into the mobile app development process, it is important to get the lay of the land. In particular, you need to look into the existing types of medical applications and the features that make them stand out.

Clinical and Diagnostic Apps

These apps allow doctors to collect, analyze, and exchange information about their patients. They usually include mobile access to electronic health records (EHRs), test results viewing, and digital imaging. Symptom checkers built within the device assist physicians and patients in promptly diagnosing illnesses and injuries. Patient scheduling is also made easier with these apps.

Clinical Reference

This type of mobile application caters to practitioners since mobile references allow healthcare providers to brush up their knowledge on any subject. Clinical reference applications offer digital access to drug dosages, urgent health-related concerns, and other specialized reference material helping to provide diagnoses.

Remote Patient Monitoring

App-enabled remote patient monitoring is an especially useful alternative amidst the pandemic. This type of app assists doctors in supervising stay-at-home patients virtually. Thus, healthcare providers can monitor changes in the patients’ health status, including vitals.

Doctor Appointment and Clinical Assistance Apps

A medical appointment booking app amplifies the doctor-patient interaction and makes it more effective. These mobile solutions aid in scheduling, mobile charting, remote dictation, and internal communication. In this case, the application keeps track of cancelations and appointments so that doctors will have a better idea of their workload and last-minute cancelations.

Lifestyle Tracking Apps

Getting enough sleep, staying active, and maintaining a medication regimen also play important roles in keeping your body and mind healthy. And this is exactly what lifestyle tracking apps do.

These apps collect critical parameters like heart rate, sleep, physical activity, etc. based on their target area. Habit trackers also allow you to check off accomplished habits and monitor your progress. You can become a better version of yourself by building long streaks of success and maintaining consistency in your healthy habits.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Health Applications?

The medical apps entail the potential for both sides. These include the patient, obtaining medical care, and the physician – rendering medical services. Mobile access to patient data makes it faster to perform diagnostics, get a holistic picture of one’s well-being, and brings patients closer to the doctors.

Among other things, the benefits of mobile solutions for the patient include:

  • Healthcare apps offer virtual consultations
  • Streamline appointment scheduling process
  • Prevent frequent clinic visits
  • Include updated information on healthcare-related topics, like vaccines
  • Provide easier access to patient data
  • Enable patients to monitor health conditions
  • Include medication reminders
  • Offer safe data storage
  • Amplify more effective and personalized treatment
  • Make healthcare more accessible to rural and far-flung areas

Benefits of mobile health apps for healthcare providers include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and engagement by connecting directly with patients
  • Automated repetitive tasks and paperwork
  • More time allocated to providing healthcare services
  • Reduced costs of healthcare provision
  • Allowing patients to participate more in their own conditions
  • Reduced risks of the wrong diagnosis

And these are just a sliver of all the benefits that medical apps bring to both sides. That is the main reason they are widely and wholeheartedly accepted by patients and clinics all over the world, which builds up the global demand for such solutions.

The Core Functionality of Healthcare Apps For Patients

The total of building a mobile app depends on various factors, including UI/UX design, number of platforms, prototyping, cooperation model, and much more. However, the complexity of your future application will always be one of the main cost drivers. So, every feature on your wishlist is going to get reflected on the bill.

In terms of medical applications, the list of core features looks like this:

  • User login – for personalized and safe access
  • User profile – for managing user accounts and vital patient data
  • Push notifications – for keeping the user updated about upcoming appointments, cancellations, and incoming bills.
  • Messaging system – for connecting doctors and patients
  • Payment gates –  for transferring payment data safely to the user
  • Promo code/Referral code feature – for better customer engagement and loyalty
  • Admin panel – for manipulating the data within the application

Based on your business needs, the core functionality can be integrated into your Minimum Viable Product to test your idea and further enhance the solution with more complex and expensive features.

After collecting feedback from end-users, you can turn the MVP into a full-fledged healthcare application. To do that, your development team will need to integrate the following features:

  • Video calls – the video conferencing feature will enable both sides to run a remote-friendly healthcare practice.
  • Medical device Integration – the MDI functionality will automatically collect and send patients’ vital signs data from various medical devices such as glucose monitors directly to the mobile application.
  • Health activity tracking – this option will help patients and doctors monitor their health condition and enter daily measurements such as their physical activity or calorie intake.
  • Cloud integration – cloud storage will guarantee 24/7 access to data from anywhere across the devices by logging into the accounts.
  • Compliance – mHealth apps must meet federal regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, which impose certain privacy and security requirements.
  • Third-party integrations – APIs promote better data management and enhance access to electronic health records for doctors.
  • Electronic prescriptions – digital prescriptions allow physicians to make and share prescriptions with patients without visiting the facility.

These are the most popular features that medical apps contain. The set of functionality may differ based on the app time. With that in mind, try not to squeeze all the functions into one application:

  • Plan functionality and design around end-users
  • Factor in the type of users: patient-facing or doctor-oriented
  • Launch an MVP first to get rid of excessive features and include the most important ones.

How Much Does Healthcare Software Cost in 2021?

A full-fledged healthcare application includes a wide variety of features based on its type. Moreover, the cost of creating a healthcare mobile app depends on a great number of other factors like the type of mobile app, number of platforms, and others. Therefore, it’s quite difficult to name the exact cost of developing a healthcare mobile app.

Overall, the price range for building a custom mHealth solution varies from $60K to $500K. To have a better understanding of the future investments, you need to factor in the number of hours developers spend on building your app:

  • A standard app with simple functionality can take up around 700 development hours.
  • A medium complexity app takes up from 900 hours.
  • A complex app with advanced functionality will require 1000+ hours to complete.

Mind that developer rates differ by country. Thus, the most well-paid mobile engineers are based in the US with an average of $80–250/hour. On the other hand, companies based in Eastern Europe charge around $70–150/hour for the same amount of work.

The Bottom Line

Healthcare applications owe their meteoric rise to the pandemic-induced reality. They hold great potential for improving the overall healthcare system, costs, and quality of healthcare services. That is why an increasing number of forward-looking business owners invest in building mobile medical solutions.

The total for developing health apps depends on a gamut of factors. These include the number of features, app complexity, location, and the type of app. Therefore, if you are looking to tap into this lucrative market, make sure to give thorough consideration to the process and technology vendor.

How is a Standing Desk Different from Other Tables?

Do you really know in what way a standing desk differs from traditional tables? Many office workers and remote work representatives have already discovered new opportunities and experienced considerable improvement in their workplace conditions.

The working computer desk for most of us is the main “habitat”. There is almost no such profession where such a piece of furniture would not be required. However, most buyers are rather indifferent about choosing this important unit of the workplace, but in vain. This article will show how convenient and practical a standing desk can be if compared with an ordinary table.

What do you usually turn your attention to when looking for a good desk for work? For many customers, it is essential to find a nice-looking table for home use, and they do not really care about its functionality and the health conditions it creates while using it. Of course, table tops for desks are paramount when it comes to the quality of the material of an automated desk. Looking throughout the variety of available tops you can discover your individual style and combine this part of the furniture with height-adjustable columns.

Things you will get with a standing desk

One of the major features a motorized desk has is its capability to adjust the necessary height.

This option belongs to the category of indispensable opportunities for the employee. It is convenient to work at the table while sitting and standing, in addition, the height is adjusted for a certain person’s height – there are several height modes.

What is so special about the standing desk functionality in comparison with a common table?


Due to a special control unit, the table is raised to the required height. This option is suitable for people of different heights.


Due to the presence of the “memory” function, the table rises and falls at a certain time previously set by the user. For example, if the table is programmed to work sitting 40 and standing 20, then every 40 minutes the table top will rise, and there is no need to remind the mechanism about this.


 The mechanism is designed so that under the condition of overloading on the table top, the lifting system does not work. This is necessary if there is a large amount of office equipment on the table. The maximum permissible load weight on top is usually indicated by the manufacturer and it differs depending on the selected model.

Aesthetic Qualities

If you are tired of intricate computer desks with a huge number of shelves, endless drawers and hanging consoles, this model is for you. The table will perfectly fit into the interior of any room complementing it with practicality and new functionality.

Stability and Durability

The main attractive thing about an adjustable table is its impact resistance of literally all structural details. The tabletop will not be scratched by the HPL coating, and the table legs are virtually invulnerable due to the special coating.

If these features are not enough for you to replace your old-fashioned computer table with a new better automated desk, probably you should read more testimonials about this technically improved desk or try it before buying in one of the related shops.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.

Top Five Android Apps to Play Safely Online

Online safety is a significant concern for anyone who uses the internet for business or pleasure.

Whether you are buying everyday goods through an online retailer, playing casual games on a reputable platform, or reading the latest news from around the world, your identity is at risk in the digital space.

By protecting your information and devices, you can ensure that no nefarious actor gets a chance to leverage your personal details.

Below are the top five Android apps to help you play, read, shop, and learn online safely and with peace of mind.

1. Password Manager

If you spend any amount of time online, you are probably exhausted from trying to remember passwords for different websites. Digital security experts believe that having the same password for various sites or apps is not wise, as a single data breach could compromise your accounts on every platform.

Installing a password manager on your phone from a reputable company is the only way to ensure that you can easily remember all your passwords. Rather than having to recall and type up passwords each time you want to log into a site, you can use the password manager to fill in your details instead.

Ensure you are using a password manager that provides full encryption for your account. That means even if your password data is stored on their servers, all the information is encrypted and only accessible with your master password. You can even enable two-factor authentication on your account, ensuring that if someone does get your master password, they also need access to your smartphone to get at all your other passwords.

2. Bouncer

Bouncer is a relatively new and unique security app that you should have on your Android smartphone. Many people have an issue with Android games, where they are asked to provide various permissions to access different features within the game.

If you download a new game on your phone and you want to try its various game modes, you may feel it is a risk to give the application all the various permissions it is seeking. Rather than giving up those permissions permanently, you can use Bouncer to temporarily give those permissions to an app.

Such a feature ensures that you can use the game without any problems by giving it the permissions it is seeking, albeit temporarily. Bouncer will take away those permissions in the background when you are done playing, ensuring the app is not accessing your location, camera, microphone, or other data without you knowing.

While you can use Bouncer for playing games on your Android phone with peace of mind, you can also use this application for other apps. If you are watching a television show on Netflix or Hulu, Bouncer can grant temporary permissions while taking them away after you are done watching.

3. VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, is the ideal way to protect yourself when playing online games on a public Wi-Fi network. Imagine you are at a public library, train station, airport, or at your workplace, and you do not want to use up the mobile data from your smartphone plan.

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, other people on the same network can hack into your device with relative ease. That means you could be playing a arcade game or sports game on your phone, but someone may be stealing information from your device without you knowing.

A VPN creates a barrier between you and anyone else on the network. They are not able to access your device, as you connect to the internet through the VPN, not directly through the public Wi-Fi network.

Any reputable VPN from a company that charges a modest monthly fee is a great investment. If you are concerned about the cost, you can look into annual plans, as most VPN providers offer steep discounts if you pay for one, two, or three years up-front.

4. AntiVirus

Most people associate viruses with computers, especially Windows PCs. While computers are more susceptible to viruses and malware, the problem can occur on Android phones as well.

Not only can a virus result in annoying pop-ups or random app installs on your phone, but it could even result in the theft of your personal information. Avoid such a fate by installing a reputable antivirus program on your phone.

Such an application constantly monitors your phone’s internal storage and attached memory cards for any suspicious activity. If any file or program appears out of order, the antivirus can quarantine said file or program until you decide what to do.

5. Banking Application

When you are playing online games, such as battle games, racing games, or even mobile games with microtransactions, you may have to enter your credit card or bank details to add money onto digital accounts.

Even if you are using the proper precautions on websites and apps when entering payment details, your information may still get into the wrong hands. Having the banking application of your bank or credit card provider on your phone gives you instant access to information about your accounts.

If there is any transaction on your card or bank account, the relevant banking app pushes a notification to your phone. You can immediately take action to prevent further problems when you see any transaction you do not recognize.

Enjoy Games to the Fullest with Peace of Mind

Playing online games is a wonderful way to spend time. Whether you have a few minutes to get through during your morning commute, or you want to kick back on your sofa after a long day at work with a glass of wine, you can enjoy a myriad of games on your Android phone.

By installing the most relevant safety applications for your smartphone, you can keep your private information secure while gaming online. These apps make the experience of using a smartphone, accessing the internet, and playing mobile games seamless, secure, and worry-free.

Why It’s Important That You Have Fast Home Internet​​

What do you think is the first thing a person should do when they get home from work? You probably want to relax and unwind. But if your internet is slow, it might be hard to find that moment of peace. You have enough going on in your day without having to wait for videos or other media content to load.

Even worse, your Wi-Fi could cut out at any time, leaving you frustrated and disconnected from what’s happening around the world. The right kind of high-speed broadband connection doesn’t just make life easier – it can also help improve mental health by providing people with more opportunities for self-expression and creativity through online participation in communities like social networks and blogs.

Let’s take a further look at why having a fast home internet is important:

You Get More BandWidth

If you have a slow connection, activities like streaming movies or playing online games are far less enjoyable. You’ll want to get a faster home internet to give you more control over your media content. When you have multiple devices, using an average speed internet may not be favorable to you as it would cause your internet to lag. Getting a fast home internet means you also get more bandwidth to give you a memorable browsing experience. 

Streaming is Smooth

If you are someone who likes to watch Netflix, YouTube, or any other streaming sites, you will definitely want a fast home internet connection. If the speed isn’t enough then it will heavily affect your streaming experience. You’ll get a much better experience with a faster home connection, and Verizon Fios offers for new customers are deals you should really consider if you love streaming. Wasting time buffering means that you end up losing out on both quality and quantity of content.

Multi-Tasking is Simple

People often have to use the internet for several tasks at once, so if your home internet isn’t fast enough you may find yourself constantly searching for the page you were on before. A slow Wi-Fi connection can make it difficult to check your email and answer messages, or stay up to date with social media.

With faster home internet, you can quickly jump between websites without experiencing any downtime. Simply put, you get more time to do what you love online!

Fast Home Internet is Cheaper Now

You don’t have to choose between slow home internet and paying a fortune for it. There are now many affordable options that let you get fast speeds without falling into budget overages.  Getting a fast home internet connection is much cheaper than it used to be.

In the past, many areas had only one option for high-speed broadband that was often too expensive. You can now choose an affordable plan that gives you just enough speed at a great price point – imagine being able to stream videos in HD without any lag time. So whether you want high-speed broadband or DSL, there’s a service out there for you.

Upload Speed is Important

Many people use the internet to share files and upload videos. Video content creators especially need fast home internet. If you want to upload large files or video content online, your speed needs to be reliable. Try uploading a big file when your Wi-Fi is acting up and you’ll likely end up with lost data – which can turn into lost time, money, and headaches.

If you are tired of slow speeds, the best thing to do is sign up for high-speed internet. You don’t have to wait until you move or call anyone up – it’s easy enough to get started right now! All you have to do is go online and look at what’s available in your area.

When uploading, you want your experience to be as quick and efficient as possible. A fast home internet service will give you the option of uploading high-quality files quickly. Time is very important when it comes to online interactions so make sure that all activities are done as quickly as possible. If you want to do this at home, then you need a fast home internet connection. Uploading content can take forever with a slow connection.

You Will Less Likely Experience Connection Issues

Connection issues are common when living in an apartment or condo that uses a wireless connection. If you are someone who moves around a lot when browsing, chances are that this will affect your internet speeds.

A fast home internet service will give you more control over the connection so you can always use it wherever and whenever you need to. As long as there is Wi-Fi in range, high-speed broadband has no trouble connecting quickly and easily.

The next time you move to a new place, try not to opt for average or slow connections – they aren’t reliable or worth the price! Getting a fast home internet will improve your overall user experience and leave you with super speed for all activities online.

Guaranteed Reliability

Downloading a new game or that latest album? Stream the season finale of your favorite show without worrying about lagging out. Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, businessman, designer, student, or whoever it is you are – having faster home internet will improve your experience. Spending time browsing the internet does not have to be stressful. You don’t have to deal with loading times and slow connections anymore because you can get fast home internet!

Fast internet speeds help improve user experiences online by making them more efficient and enjoyable. People who use their connection for several activities at once might find speed issues frustrating – if this is the case then switching to a high-speed broadband connection will simplify things greatly.

People often take advantage of fast home internet speeds by streaming music and videos. These activities are not possible through slower connections because they’re simply too slow to stream in full HD or listen to your favorite songs without interruption. Faster connection speeds will also help you share content online more efficiently – uploading files is much simpler when you have fast broadband speed, for example.

Getting fast home internet is not only convenient – it helps enhance your life in ways that aren’t immediately obvious until they’re gone: like during an important YouTube video or when trying to upload something. Sign up for a high-speed broadband connection to get fast home internet and all of the benefits associated with it.

Cycling 2000 Miles of Rail Trails from Katy to Plymouth

These entries were submitted via Email to the Undomesticated Cyclist blog during the Summer of 2021.

A Strange Feeling

I feel caught off guard, but I can’t really say why. It’s like I’ve been bluffing about the idea of riding across the country for so long, and then my bluff got called. It’s a feeling of disequilibrium. I really don’t know what this is going to feel like two weeks in. You know I don’t even have to do this – my life at home is more than comfortable. Why am I here on this plane?

I remember feeling undomesticated like this before. At age 24, I left California and drove East to a new job in Westchester County. Like now, I hadn’t a clue what it would be like, and my entire hone was in my car. It turns out the drive was the best part. Westchester and I never came to any kind of understanding, and six months later, I was a resident of Oregon.

I think this trip will go better, especially since I do return home at the end. The bike riding is not the really big deal about this trip. The big deal is living for a month with only the things I carry in these bags attached to the bike and not submitting to indoor accommodations every night.

Day 1: Kansas City Airport to Pleasant Hill, MO

Sunday, August 8, 2021, 54 miles (87 km) – Total so far: 57 miles (92 km)

You can’t make this stuff up. After a lovely send-off and goodbye kiss at the airport, my flight was delayed. While waiting, I had the good luck to see my bike getting loaded on the plane.

Back at the airport, there is more delay. I have my bike in hand at 1 am, and I drag it off to a corner to start reassembling. By 2 am I’m ready to roll, tires pumped back up, lights blinking. It is 80 degrees outside, and the rain is just arriving. The roads are deserted.

It’s a three-mile ride to the hotel. After two miles, the handling gets really soft, and there is a hissing sound. Then the rain finally arrives in great earnest glops. It is 80 degrees, and there I am, changing a tube in the dark and rain.

I rolled my bike through the lobby at 2:40 am, somewhat soaked. The night manager looks up but doesn’t say anything. So much for an early start tomorrow. But I have my bike, and I’m free to go in the morning.

Day 2: Pleasant Hill to Windsor, MO

Monday August 9, 2021, 52 miles (84 km) – Total so far: 109 miles (175 km)

The Rock Island trailhead was just a couple of miles from the campground. It was a straight run to Windsor through farm country. The track is lined with trees giving some shade as the temperature pushed up to 95 in the afternoon. In the morning, I ran into these guys from Missouri State Parks. Their job was to do a “trail run” with their truck every Monday to clear downed branches and maintain gates. Their work meant the entire trail was in perfect condition.

Windsor is in Amish country. As I lay on my sleeping bag hours after dark, I could still hear the clip-clopping of horse-drawn carts going back and forth along the lane in front of Katy-Rock Junction camping where I stayed. Nice place for an overnight stay.

I felt stronger at the end of the day than I did yesterday. I’m most tired in my arms from supporting my body while riding. The heat just wraps around you. The overnight low was 81.

Day 5: Tebbetts to Marthasville, MO

Thursday, August 12, 2021, 54 miles (87 km) – Total so far: 289 miles (465 km)

Tebbetts is one of many towns on the Katy Trail where there were just a handful of buildings left in the station area, and those were all shut except for the post office, open 2 hours a day. The Turner shelter stands out because of its big sign in front and also because it comes from a big heart, Mrs. Leone Turner, who donated the building for use by youth groups and trail users. The guest log goes back 20 years. I had the whole place to myself. It was a very welcome refuge from the heat. $5 per person per night.

There was a restaurant across the street located in the old bank building.  There seemed to be another riverfront town every 10 miles or so. Each one had an old bank, long gone.

Day 13: Cincinnati to Morrow, OH

Friday, August 20, 2021, 56 miles (90 km) – Total so far: 771 miles (1,241 km)

It was a 15-mile ride from my hosts’ home through suburban towns that gradually transitioned to inner-city neighborhoods. Once across the vast rail yard that bisects the city I jumped on a wide bike lane the led straight downtown.

The Ohio to Erie trail starts at Cincinnati’s beautiful front porch park along the Ohio River. I saw a pair of cyclists just finishing a ride from Cleveland. It was a little tricky at the start to get from the Ohio River trail to the Little Miami trail, but once there, I had left crazy world and will be immersed in fantasy bike trail land for the next 5 days. Like the Katy Trail, the separation from road traffic is almost total. Unlike Katy Trail, the Ohio to Erie is paved, and there are lots of people on it. I passed half a dozen eateries on my way to Morrow. I finished at Morgan’s, a canoe outfitter that offers camping on the banks of the very clean and beautiful Little Miami River.

Day 20: Westfield to North Tonawanda, NY

Friday August 27, 2021, 80 miles (129 km) – Total so far: 1,398 miles (2,250 km)

This was probably the last long, tough day of my trip. It’s warm and humid, and there was a headwind that kept me down in the drops for much of the day. And a lot of miles to cover. I could have broken these two days into three to have less distance to travel, but there isn’t enough attraction here to spend extra time.

There are three routes that trace the lake shore: I-90, US 20, and state route 5. I took the latter because it was the smallest, but by mid-day, it was two lanes in each direction. Fortunately, there was a generous shoulder the whole way so everyone could pass me with lots of space.

The one highlight was the beaches: Evangola State Park after second breakfast and Woodlawn Beach State Park after lunch. The water was perfect and clear, and the warm sand invited indolence.

And then I rode through Buffalo. They are really trying to create bike routes to traverse the city, but there were a bunch of puzzling detours due to construction.

I finished my day at the Royal Motel and Campground, which was full of huge RVs and one tent camper, and me. It wasn’t pleasant or unpleasant and certainly not royal, but at least I had a corner site by myself for sleeping outdoors in the clean air. That lasted until about 12:30 am when the manager sold my site to a second tent camper. They had their car headlights shining on my sleeping spot until they had their tent set up. I left the next morning before my site-mate, or anyone else in the place woke up.

Day 24: DeWitt to Marcy, NY

Tuesday August 31, 2021, 51 miles (82 km) – Total so far: 1,628 miles (2,620 km)

I got a late start. The skin rash seemed better already, but I went out in the morning to get some antihistamines, and I stayed at the EconoLodge until check-out time to give them a chance to start taking effect.

On the trail again, I was thinking about the mosquitoes. The Erie Canal was built in 3 phases. The original 1820 canal was widened around 1850, then in the 1920s it was replaced by the Erie Barge canal, which was much wider and deeper and followed a different path over much of the route. The trail often follows the historic canalway, and this has become bracken water or wetland forest in places.

My thought was that this was good habitat for mosquitoes. Later in the day, the path rejoined the new barge canal, and I was hoping there would be fewer mosquitoes here.

I passed through Rome and visited Fort Stanwix, originally built in 1754 to defend the colony in the French and Indian war. It was rebuilt from archeological findings in 1976. This national monument is really well done.

I landed for the night at the Lock 20 camping area for cyclists and boaters at Marcy. There was no potable water, but a boater had some extra water to share with me. The mosquitoes were bad again, shredding my theory about the big canal being a poor breeding ground. I slept in my tent on the deck of a covered pavilion which seemed to be a little less infested than the open grassy areas.

Last Day: Medway to Plymouth, MA

Monday September 6, 2021, 61 miles (98 km) – Total so far: 1,971 miles (3,172 km)

This was a beautiful day and a worthy bike ride to finish my big outing. Overnight showers gave way to a sunny morning with a few puffy clouds drifting by.

After saying goodbye to family in Medway, I continued my tour of suburban Massachusetts roads, heading southeast.

When I was a kid, we used to have a tattered atlas of local roads floating around in the back seat of both family cars. This wasn’t just for navigating the last mile – the detailed atlas was needed for the whole trip. Roads in Massachusetts don’t go straight, and they often don’t last more than a mile before ending in a confusing Y or T junction or just changing the name without reason. Even-numbered state roads seem to start and end in the middle and can’t be trusted to lead you where you want to go.

Now, of course, you just enter the address in google maps, and it figures out several optimized routes you can choose from. My day consisted of blindly following a sequence of fifty turn directions. Every town has its own Maple, Church, Center, and Main Streets. Every town also has its own Donut Shop, making this a nearly perfect place to ride a bike. The roads led through oak forests dotted with small farms, continuously lined with suburban homes large and small and almost all beautifully maintained, in contrast to the midwest states I rode through three weeks ago.

In the afternoon, the oak forests gave way to cranberry bogs and pine barrens. This is a unique ecosystem in coastal southeast Massachusetts. I rode through Myles Standish State Forest, another of the most beautiful places. Dad says we camped here when I was a kid, but I don’t remember it specifically.

Google maps wasn’t entirely clear on how to get through Myles Standish State Forest and kept wanting me to ride down a scrubby track into the Pitch Pine forest. There were a few extra miles to find a meandering route through the park. Once through, five more miles brought me to Dad’s home and the end of the ride.


Monday, September 13, 2021

Today marks one week since I rolled up to my family’s house in Plymouth. Today is the day I finally dunked my body into the Atlantic at Race Point Beach on Cape Cod. Now I have swum off both coasts in the same summer.

So how was this bike tour? Just like how I couldn’t give a reason why it was appealing for me to do it at the beginning, now I can’t think of a way to sum it up. It was great and bad at times. It was too long and too short. I was ready to finish a week ago. I wish I could ride some more.

Ok, maybe talk about some details. For me, a 50-mile ride is a long ride. I have done a few of these as day trips, usually with my kid, who is a big road cyclist. On this tour, I averaged over 60 miles a day every day for a month. It wasn’t hard because this is all I did from breakfast to dinner and sometimes after, seven days a week. My body felt tired after riding 300 miles in four days, and I felt rested and fresh after riding just 130 miles in the previous three days.

The really big aspect of this tour was not all the miles or the time spent on the bike. It was the near-complete separation from my normal life. I like my normal life, so it’s kind of goofy to separate from it, but it did ease most of the usual responsibilities. These were replaced by more primal things like where am I going to sleep tonight, and what can I find to eat. 6 hours of cycling burns 3000-4000 calories. I ate 4-5 meals a day.

Physically my body did fine. The first week was the hardest, and I felt the most discomfort on day 2 in my arms. My lower back threatened to spasm into pain that week but it fell in line with some gentle stretches and a little cognitive override to hold my pelvis on the correct orientation while pedaling. By week 3, it was no longer any concern at all. One knee thought about aching on the medial side, which seemed normal because I was not doing my usual knee routine at the gym that keeps this pain away. The skin rash that attacked me in Syracuse was easily diagnosed from the symptoms alone after a few days: poison ivy on arms and stomach. It’s a mystery how I was exposed, and I’m assuming it was an airborne source that stuck to my wet shirt and sun sleeves and was held there all day until I washed my clothes. It’s almost completely gone now.

How about the route? The long bike trails were great, even the Erie Canalway with 150 miles of mosquitoes in the middle. I liked all those miles of not having to share a road with cars and trucks.

What was the best state? Massachusetts. Such beautiful scenery and the cars are more savvy on how to be cool while passing a bike. Least favorite state? Southern Illinois. The only reason to be there on a bike is to ride to somewhere better.

Any epiphanies? Sure. I just don’t know what they are. Would I do it again? Not sure about that. The summertime road life was fun for a whole month but it was too long to be away from my wife and the kids.

So that’s it. It was an experience I’ll remember and appreciate, even if I can’t say why.

5 Reasons to Build Your Own PC

For some buying a ready-made computer is an easy route, but have you considered building your computer from scratch? Many people are doing it today, and it comes with a lot of perks. You can customize your PC just as you like it and have it running in no time. 

Here are five reasons why we think building your PC is a smart choice.

1. It is Cost Efficient

If you are building from scratch, you will be spending less than what you would when getting a pre-built system. You can choose what parts you want to be included and work with your budget. Sometimes, it will cost less than 300 bucks to build a regular-use computer.

With this type of computer, you can do basic things like streaming videos, browsing the web, and sending emails.  For a gaming PC, you can also spend as little as between $300-$400 for an entry-level type. If you want a good 1080p display, you will be spending a little over $600, but it can still be cheaper than a pre-built system.

2. Access to Easier Upgrades

When building your own PC, it’s ideal for you to know all the parts in a PC and their functions. And with that knowledge, you can also easily upgrade your PC if you build it yourself. You know how the parts were installed and how to replace them. 

However, for a pre-built system, it’s likely that you’ll take much longer to get upgrade components, and you will need to pay more to have someone do the upgrade. The cost of upgrading a custom-built PC is cheaper.

3. You Have the Option to Get High-Quality Parts

Most people trust branded logos to deliver quality, but they don’t know that the pre-built systems do not always come with the highest quality parts. Oftentimes, PC manufacturers will use low-quality components like hard drives, power supplies, RAM, and other materials to build their computers. The reason they will use cheaper parts is so they can maximize profits. If you build your PC, you can choose to use only high-quality components for it.

4. You Can Customize Your PC

Building your PC gives you complete control over the design. You can select parts based on your preference and what you need your PC for. If you want a PC with high graphics for streaming videos or playing games, it will be your choice. You don’t need to buy a new computer; you can always change the components and swap parts from your existing PC. 

When you build your PC, you can decide to make custom decisions when choosing parts like memory controller, power supply, motherboard, monitor, graphics cards, and other components.

5. You Can Choose Your Operating System

You also have a choice to switch to a suitable operating system. Pre-built systems come with a specific operating system, and most times, it isn’t always the best one. Getting a pre-built system leaves you in the same boat with the everyday glitch issues, broken files, and other common complaints people make using that product.  

When you build your PC, you don’t have any limitations or restrictions when it comes to operating systems. You can’t be coerced into running a Windows 10. You can choose the operating system you feel most comfortable with and even try entirely new software.

10 Best Ways To Use Vacation To Prepare for the Next School Year

When exams are over, you can exhale and relax. After that, you need to spend time in useful ways to reset your mind and body.  If you do not, you will be playing catchup when school restarts and you will not feel prepared. 

We have collected 10 ideas that will help to tell you what to do on vacation.

1. Take a Vacation

The first thing you should do is plan two or three weeks of complete rest. Watch movies and TV shows, read at your pleasure – do the “useless” things you’ve been putting off for so long. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to do anything, you can get up and go to bed whenever you want – just enjoy it.

2. Travel

Winter is not only a vacation but also a new experience. If you do not know what to do on vacation, and finances do not allow you to go to other continents, it’s okay: a budget tour will do. Explore the sights, meet the locals, go to concerts. Your task is to get as many bright impressions as possible.

3. Spend Time in Nature

The best place to get out of the city is in winter. Anything is suitable: skating rink, mountains or various kinds of winter sports. You spent a semester behind the books – it’s time to go skiing and walk in the fresh air.

4. Communicate

Because of studies, there is almost no time for friends and relatives. On vacation, you can make up for this lack of communication. Spend a week with your parents, go on a trip or a trip to the countryside with friends, go on a date. A lot of free time and great weather will benefit you.

5. Take Time for Your Health

If you have a chronic illness, take care of it: take a therapeutic and prophylactic course, go to a sanatorium, go for a check-up.

If you are generally healthy, vacations are a good excuse to get into new healthy habits or to start exercising, such as jogging. Try to compensate for the lack of physical activity – a sedentary lifestyle, typical for students, is harmful to health.

6. Get a Professional Job

Find an internship, i.e. a temporary job with a company in your field. Many employees go on vacation in the summer: you can take their place for a couple of months. Usually, interns are paid little or no money at all. Nevertheless, this way you get experience in your specialty. It will be especially useful for those who have to study the last year. If you perform well on the internship, you may be hired permanently. Then you won’t have to look for jobs after graduation.

7. Earn Money

If a low-paying job for the sake of experience doesn’t suit you, go outside your field of study. For example as a waiter, a trainer, and so on.

8. Engage in Self Development.

To make the next semester more productive than the previous one, try new approaches to learning. Time-management books can help with this: try out some sort of to-do system. If it works, you will have more energy and free time in the new academic year.

Barbara Oakley’s book Think Like a Mathematician is especially helpful for students. She “teaches how to learn effectively.” Based on scientific facts, the author tells you how to memorize information quickly.

9. Learn New Things

At the end of the calculus, it’s time to do some self-education: you’ve already rested and recuperated. Think back to the skills you lacked during your studies.

Are there many sources in English for your major? Start reading them with a dictionary, fill in the gaps in grammar. Is there a program you actively use in your profession? Download it and watch the lessons on YouTube. Or if you want to become a developer, look through help with python and learn how to do it right. Constantly unable to take notes after the lecturer? Practice writing quickly and legibly. 

10. Get Back on Track

This tip is relevant to all students. If you are an owl and your sleep time shifts after the vacation, start fixing it two to three weeks before your study. That way you won’t oversleep and be late from day one.

The more of these points you accomplish over the vacations, the better. To save time, combine the ideas suggested above: go to an internship in another city, find a part-time job outdoors, arrange jogging with friends. Such a break will be both useful and memorable. Have a nice vacation!

Find Your Thrill and Chill with eSports

Competitive video gaming is a rapidly expanding global phenomenon with millions of followers and billions of dollars on the line. Casual gamers have become major stars on streaming platforms and live events, making seven-figure sums and receiving big corporate sponsorships.

Group Play Opportunities

In eSports, you can play as a group, or view others who are playing.  This goes for both traditional team games and also racing. There are numerous e-games to choose from, and they are not all limited to a few alternatives.

Soccer, Basketball, Racing, Pokemon, and TonyBet CA games will challenge you and provide entertainment. For long-term fans, years of experience will pay off well.

What Are eSports?

The realm of competitive, organized video gaming is referred to as eSports. In popular at-home games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Madden NFL, players from different leagues or teams compete against one another. Millions of fans watch and follow these gamers from all around the world, whether they attend live events or watch them on TV or online. Viewers may watch their favorite gamers play in real-time on streaming sites like Twitch, and this is generally where popular players establish their fan bases.

Who Plays eSports

Players in eSports, like conventional athletes, may earn a lot of money: Millions of dollars in prize money may be won in tournaments, which is usually shared between the players on the winning teams. That means the best players in the world may easily make seven figures in a year. Ticket sales for these contests help both teams and event organizers. That 2017 League of Legends tournament that was so popular? Ticket sales for the event totaled $5.5 million.

How Far Can eSports Enter Your Life?

More people are participating in e-games and virtual bet-related activities, especially in light of the covid 19 pandemic. As a result, online games have introduced substantial and novel ways for you to participate.

As an example, video games like FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden NFL, and MLB are played by a lot of people globally today. Players who are more comfortable with the notable successful virtual sports titles have the idea on this niche rather than others. The gamers can set the artificial intelligence’s difficulty very easy to very hard.

Virtual Sports on Mobile Phones

This is another example of a very pleasant and popular form of entertainment that we can observe nowadays. Any mobile device with an internet connection can simply access the entertainment. The only thing you have to do is use your mobile web browser to touch on one of the linked eSports links.

Then the graphical interface will adjust to the display’s dimensions, giving an app-like experience. Here you don’t want to download anything. The most exciting thing is that these web apps provide heightened security, which apps are difficult to provide.

 Virtual Sports Vs eSports

Virtual sports and eSports have a lot of standard features. There is one considerable difference that changes the two matches held in a digital environment.

As we know, both virtual sports and esports are technical video games. Virtual sports are games that you compete indirectly, where eSports you participate as a viewer.

In addition to that, esports are multiplayer video games played by teams or single people who compete against one another to accomplish various in-game targets. In the case of esports, the odds work as same as the traditional sports since every team involves actual people.