Using DejaOffice PC CRM to Pass an Inbound Call Message

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In alot of businesses, there are one or more people taking calls that need to be turned into scheduled meetings and tasks for other staff in the Company. The following guide will help you with turning Calls into Events and Tasks for other users in DejaOffice PC CRM Pro.

Install DejaOffice PC CRM Pro and Setup Multi-User Mode

  1. Use the following link to install the latest version of DejaOffice PC CRM Pro: Download DejaOffice PC CRM Pro.
  2. Once installed, use the following guide to setup Multi User mode. Setup Multi-User Mode.
  3. Using the Database Settings Move the DejaOffice PC CRM Database file to a network drive that each user can access. Move PC CRM Database to a Network Drive
  4. Repeat Step 1 for any other users that need access to the database, then Open the Network database on those machines. Open a Network Database from a Local Machine

Be sure each PC that accesses the database from a local machine already has a user setup from Step 2 and when that local machine opens the database for the first time the local user should enter their personal username.

Taking Calls and Creating Appointments

Schedule Multiple Staff in Office and on Mobile

When the primary scheduler takes a call, they can create an Event or a Task from the Call, then assign it to any of the other Users in the PC CRM.

  1. Open Tasks or Calendar in DejaOffice PC CRM.
  2. Select a Time in the Day\Week View or press the + icon to create a new event or task.
  3. In the Edit Panel, select the Owner Drop-down to assign the record to any user. Save
  • Note: You can add Alarms for Tasks\Events, Notes and any other relevant information while creating the assigned record.

Each user will see the records assigned to their user on their local machine.

User Filters


In each data type (Contacts, Calendar, Task, Notes) you can display one or more user's records.

  1. Open any Data Type.
  2. Select the 3 bars in the top right and select Users.
  3. Enable any users record you want to see and click Ok.

This helps the primary scheduler see all records for all users, while filtering the records for other users logged in to their user on their local machines.

Tips for Scheduling


Multi-User Day View:

When you enable Multi-User mode a new option will appear on the left bar of the DejaOffice PC CRM for Multi User Day View. This view allows you to display a single day side by side for other users. To add\remove users from the dispaly:

  1. In DejaOffice PC CRM select Multi-User Day View.
  2. Select the 3 bars in the top right and choose Users.
  3. Select\Deselect and users you want to see or remove from the Day View and click Ok.

You will now see a day view panel for each selected user. For more information Click Here for the Multi-User Day View guide.

Setting up a Workstation with a Pinned Task Window


For notification of Calls from a central receptionist, you can easily set up a user to be notified for incoming calls.

  1. Install DejaOffice on the PC and select the Network Database.
  2. Enter the User ID, and click "Remember this User"
  3. Go to Tasks, and click the "Pin" Icon to pin a window.
  4. To resize and move the Pinned window - click on the top margin.

Once the pinned window is in place, you can test by entering a call (as a task) on the Receptionist PC. You will see the task on the Pinned Window. To Pop a notification, add an alarm to the task. That will pop a notification at the selected time. The task will remain on the list until it is completed.

Note: You can hide Completed Tasks and set the Task Sort\Group order by clicking the Top Title bar of the Pinned Window, selecting the 3 bars on the right, and changing the Completed\Sort\Group options.

Click Here for our video guide to Pinned Windows.