Performing a Purge and Reload

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Note: "Purge and Reload" is now known as "Wipe all records before sync" in the software.

Performing a Purge and Reload

Occasionally you may have items on the handheld you wish to have removed during a sync. Items such as duplicates records or items you previously synced can be removed prior to being synced.

  • Note: CompanionLink is unable to purge your Contact Manager. When selecting this option, only information on the device/sync target will be cleared.

Configuring CompanionLink to Purge and Reload

Ensure the information in your Contact Manager is correct and up to date. Create a current back up of your data.

1. Open CompanionLink and click Settings on the left.
2. Click Advanced in the bottom left.
3. Find the Applications tab at the top.
4. Select the check boxes on the right for each dataset you wish to wipe and reload.
  • Note you can wipe one data type, several data types, or all data types at once with these check boxes.
5. Return to the main menu of CompanionLink and sync with the device. After one complete sync, the Wipe boxes will automatically uncheck.
  • Please note that a Purge and Reload is a troubleshooting step. This does not have to be enabled each time in order to sync.
This will clear the information from your device and sync the information present in your Contact Manager. Please be aware this sync may take longer as CompanionLink is reading through all the records.