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Free One-Way Sync - Google Calendar to Outlook

Outlook and Google have a built in method for publishing your Google Calendar online so it can be viewed in Outlook. This method involves adding the "Secret" calendar URL from Google to Outlook as a "Shared Internet Calendar". To add the Google Calendar to Outlook:

  1. Login to your Google Calendar (
  2. In the left column, hover over the calendar you want to add to Outlook, select the three dots beside the calendar, and choose"Settings and sharing."
  3. Click "Integrate Calendar" on the left column and find the "Secret Address in iCal Format" link. Copy this link.
  4. Open Outlook, select Calendar, choose Add in the top right, and select "From Internet".
  5. Paste the link from Step 3 into menu that opens, click Ok and choose "Yes" to add the calendar.
  6. (For at Step 4 - Open via a browser, select Calendar, choose Add Calendar on the left under "My Calendars", and select "Subscribe from the Web".

This will add a new Calendar in Outlook under the My Calendars list on the left. This is a Read Only Calendar that will display your google events in Outlook.

  • Note: This Display calendar will be updated on a Send\Receive in Outlook. Your publish URL is available to anyone online to copy your calendar.

Two-Way Sync - DejaFlow: Secure Sync for Outlook Exchange Accounts to Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

If you use an Exchange account, you can securely link the Exchange Contacts, Calendar and Task data directly to Google.

  1. Click Here to open the DejaFlow Login Page.
  2. Enter the Email and Password for your account and click Sign In.
  3. In the top right, click the "Add New Connector" button.
  4. Outlook and Google will already be selected, click the "Add New Connector Button".
  5. Sign in with the Google Account you want to link and click Allow.
  6. Enter your Exchange login information and click Add Outlook 365 Account.. (If you are using a Custom Hosted Exchange, enter this URL in the optional box. This is normally not needed.)
  7. Enable the Conduits you would like to Sync between Outlook and Google (IE Contacts, Calendar, or Tasks).

That's it! Your sync will begin shortly after enabling a conduit to sync and then be automatic moving forward.

  • Note: If you have Two Factor Authentication enabled in your Exchange Account, you might need to create an App Specific Password. Click Here for our guide on creating an App Specific Password.

Two-Way Sync - Secure Sync for Outlook IMAP\POP3 Accounts to Google Calendar, Contacts and Tasks


You need a 3rd Party tool for Two-Way Sync from Outlook to Google. There are some free options available. Few handle both Contacts and Calendar, and also a portable and perpetual license.

CompanionLink offers more options than any vendor, and is unique in providing US based telephone technical support. You can install and set up the software in about 10 minutes:

  1. Install CompanionLink for Google. Click Here for a direct link to the installer.
  2. Open CompanionLink and select Settings on the left.
  3. A Google sign-in page will appear. Sign into the Google Account you want to sync with.
  4. Click the Allow Access button in the bottom right to finalize the Google Login.
  5. Click Ok in the bottom right and press the Sync button to start the synchronization.

For more settings using CompanionLink for Google, please Click Here for our Advanced Google Settings guide.

Sync Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

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