DoubleLook Release Notes

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DoubleLook Enterprise v9:

DLE Build 9051 - 10-20-21:
Added support for Act! v24.
Added support for Microsoft Graph.
Updated Google sync to latest People API for contacts.

DLE Build 9018 - 2-7-20:
Fixed registration issue for user seats over 5.
Fixed issue with GoldMine deletions not syncing via Real Time Sync.
Fixed issue with DLE Report email not sending from Gmail\Outlook email servers.

DLE Build 9013 - 11-29-19:
Fixed issue with Act! v22 Note sync for all conduits due to Act! change to HTML Notes.
Updated Act! version text to include v22.

DoubleLook Enterprise v8:

DLE Build 8038 - 5-20-19:
Fixed display issue with Outlook Folders resetting to default when reloading Outlook Folders.

DLE Build 8037 - 5-03-19:
Fixes for issue with OL365 returning "Duplicate" for a Record ID.
Fixed issue with Act! and OL365 sync where attendee in OL365 would be lost if attendee did not exist in Act! contacts.
Fixed issue with Dedupe not finishing. Due to changes from previous update.
Fixed an issue with DLE registration not listing the correct version.

Fixed an issue with Goldmine Username not using caps.

Fixed an issue with Completed tasks not syncing the Complete to OL.

Updated Act! text to Act! 21.

Fixed an issue with Goldmine failing to find the history if phone number has an extension.

Fixed an issue with Location being cleared from Outlook 365 records on a Reread.
Fixed an issue with Attendees being cleared in Outlook 365 records on a Reread.

Added a fix for Location being cleared from Outlook 365 events
Added a fix for Unicode Characters.

Added fix for the timeout issue causing new sync keys with Outlook 365.
Further fixes for duplicating contacts with non standard characters.

Added fix for Duplicate records with odd characters.

Added fix for Goldmine 18.2 Login issue.

Fixed an issue with batching contacts.

Fixed an issue with Custom Exchange invalid username\password not giving an error on sync.

Fixed issue with recurring events and exceptions for Google.

Fixed issue with recurring events and exceptions for Outlook 365.

General UI improvements.