DejaOffice PC CRM Release Notes

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DejaOffice PC CRM (01/14/2019) Build 1061:

  • Returning to DPC contacts list re-selects list contact.
  • Added solid color when no background is selected.
  • Added hover text to DPC data sets when menu is collapsed.
  • Added more Emoji options.
  • Fixes for sorting with Emojis enabled.
  • Add roll over option for overdue Calls in Calendar and Tasks. Calls from calendar will be rolled over as a Task due Today.

- Enabled in DPC settings > Task Settings > Rollover Calls.

DejaOffice PC CRM (01/11/2019) Build 1059:

  • Fixed usability issue with Location Lookup.
  • Fixed usability issue with completing tasks from task details.
  • Fixed an issue with Red color in DPC Categories.
  • Added Emoji's for Act! Activity types (Call, Meet, Appt, etc).
  1. Enabled by default when Act! Mode is selected in Setup Wizard.
  2. Enabled manually in DPC settings > Calendar Settings > Use Icons for Call, Meeting, Task.
  • Added options to display Contact and Company name in Event Subject.
  1. Enabled in DPC settings > Calendar Settings > Day View description format.
  • Added some wrapping for event subject in day view.
  • Changed "Add Call" activity type on the followup panel to an Event.
  • Fixed a crash issue with edit menus and languages other than English
  • General refresh fixes.
  • Added Activity Type option to Act! Mode.
  • Added Emoji Field to Calendar.

DejaOffice PC CRM (01/07/2019) Build 1055:

  • Fixed an issue with DPC and Palm Desktop 6.2
  • Fixed an issue with certain Holiday Calendars not displaying.