Troubleshooting sync with Apple via Wifi

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Wi-Fi sync is possible when your computer and Apple device are both connected to a network that uses the same local Wi-Fi router or access point. Your PC can be connected to directly to the Router, connected via Network or via Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Connection Validation

Verify Wifi Connection

  1. On your Apple device, go to Settings
  2. Verify that Wifi is turned on and that you are connected to your network
  3. Open DejaOffice on your Apple device
  4. Press Sync
  5. Verify that DejaOffice detects your IP Address and Network Name

Pairing CompanionLink with DejaOffice Watch Video

  1. Open CompanionLink on your PC
  2. Open DejaOffice on your device
  3. In CompanionLink Select Settings under Local Wi-Fi Sync
  4. Press Pair Device
  5. In DejaOffice press Sync

If you are unable to pair your PC and your Device. Please watch the video above for "Pairing CompanionLink with DejaOffice".

Verify your PC can ping your devices IP address Watch Video

  1. On the device, launch DejaOffice.
  2. Open DejaOffice and tap Sync.
  3. In Windows Click Start > (All)Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
  4. Type "ping [IP Address]" (Example: ping and then Enter.
NOTE: If you see "Reply from..." then the PC is able to ping your IP address.
NOTE: If you see "Request timed out" then the PC is unable to ping your IP address.
NOTE: Even if the Ping works, on a weak connection the Wi-Fi sync may still NOT work.

If the validate step works. But Sync does not work, please check the following:

Make sure the and IP matches on Apple and on PC

  1. Soft reset your Apple device by powering the device off and for about 10 seconds and powering it back on.
  2. Check DejaOffice, Settings, Sync Settings, and make sure Wi-Fi Sync is selected.
  3. On the PC, run CompanionLink Setup, be sure Apple via Wi-Fi is selected.
  4. On the PC, in CompanionLink Setup, click Settings under Wifi and insure the IP address matchs your device.

Sometimes with Laptops you may want to insure a Wi-Fi connection by pulling a Network cable

  1. Pull a network cable.
  2. Allow enough time for the Laptop to re-connect via Wi-Fi such that you can browse or see the internet.
  3. Try the validation step above.

Wi-Fi Interference

Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit data. Many things can effect this signal. (e.g. Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, microwave ovens) If you are experiencing Wi-Fi Sync issues, you can try eliminating possible interference.

Advanced Router options

  1. Differentiate 2.4 and 5.0 frequency
  2. Change frequency channels
  3. Change Channel Width (higher Channel Width can increase the chance of interference)

Other Interference


Please review our setup guide for syncing Apple via Wi-Fi and ensure all settings are configured correctly:

(NOTE: Be sure to double check all setting entries made after completing the tutorials.)


If you have continued issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, you may want to try some alternate methods provided by CompanionLink. If Wifi is unavailable, CompanionLink USB Sync can be used instead if your device has a USB cable. For devices without USB cables, CompanionLink has a DejaCloud Sync which uses any internet connection. Finally, you can use CompanionLink to move data to Google Calendar and Contacts, to move Calendar and Contact information via Google Sync to your Android phone or tablet.