CompanionLink Support Center

Sync Outlook for Mac with Google Gmail Contacts and Calendar

How to install CompanionLink for Mac

  1. Download CompanionLink for Mac here.
  2. Run Companionlink.dmg, follow the prompts.
  3. Drag and Drop CompanionLink into the Applications folder.
  4. Run CompanionLink for Mac from your Applications folder.

Here's how it works:

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1. Set Google as your Device, set 'DejaCloud Sync' as your Sync Method, then click the gear icon..

Home screen CLM.png

2. Enter your DejaCloud login info, then click 'Connect with my Google Account'.

DCL account info.png

NOTE: If you do not have a DejaCloud account at this point, we will generate one for you during this step. Just follow the prompts provided.

3. In the window that opens, enter your Google account credentials, then follow the on-screen instructions to authorize CompanionLink to access your account.


4. CompanionLink will automatically create your Google connector, which will keep your DejaCloud and Google accounts in sync.

Now that your Google connector is set up, you can synchronize Outlook with Google by hitting the "Synchronize" button on the CompanionLink home screen.