Samsung Android USB connection not detected

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  • When attempting to sync a Samsung Android phone via DejaConnect you receive the error message "Unable to connect to DejaOffice".
  • When connecting your Samsung Android device to your PC, the device does not display in Windows Device Manager.
  • Windows may also display an error indicating that a USB device has malfunctioned.


  1. Make sure that USB Debugging Mode is enabled on your phone.
  2. If turning on USB debugging does not resolve the problem, the following will sometimes work
a. Disconnect your phone from your PC.
b. In your Samsung phone dialer, dial *#7284# to open the PhoneUtil screen.
c. Under the USB heading, toggle from PDA to MODEM then back to PDA.
d. Choose the option to SAVE and RESET. Your phone will restart.
e. Reconnect your phone to the PC.