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This section talks about issues with Pocket PC/Windows Mobile direct synchronization. If you need help configuring this handheld to sync, please see our Setup Guide - Sync Windows Mobile via USB page.


How do I sync?

In order to synchronize a Pocket PC/Windows Mobile handheld direct, you would do the following. With the direct sync, your handheld should synchronize automatically whenever it is connected to your computer.

  1. Make sure CompanionLink Setup is closed.
  2. Connect the handheld.

Do NOT use the CompanionLink Synchronize icon or click on Synchronize in CompanionLink Setup.

How do I change my configuration settings?

In order to change your CompanionLink configuration settings, you first need to disconnect your handheld. If you do not do this, you will end up with data transfer problems. The correct way to do this is:

  1. Disconnect your handheld.
  2. Open CompanionLink Setup.
  3. Make your changes.
  4. Exit CompanionLink.
  5. Reconnect your handheld.

Why can't I open CompanionLink while the handheld is connected?

If you open CompanionLink Setup while the handheld is connected, this will create a 'ghost' partnership in Microsoft ActiveSync. 'Ghost' means that the handheld will use settings that cannot be configured because they aren't really there. In theory, this would create two virtual partnerships in ActiveSync (although only one would be seen) -- one using the settings for CompanionLink having been configured while the handheld was connected and one for CompanionLink having been configured while the handheld was disconnected. However, in practice, every time CompanionLink is opened while the handheld is connected, a new ghost partnership is created. Ghost partnerships will prevent your data from synchronizing properly.

The only way to assure that ActiveSync is using the correct CompanionLink settings is to configure CompanionLink while the handheld is disconnected.

Please see "I opened CompanionLink while the handheld was connected. Now what?" below for help fixing this problem if you have opened CompanionLink while the handheld was connected.

Errors and synchronization issues

I opened CompanionLink while the handheld was connected. Now what?

Opening CompanionLink while the handheld is connected creates a new 'ghost' partnership that does not actually exist. This can result in sync errors and data not transferring or transferring wrong. To fix this, it is necessary to delete all of the partnerships, then reconfigure CompanionLink and reload the data to the handheld. Please see the instructions below:

  1. Disconnect the handheld.
  2. Open Microsoft ActiveSync.
  3. Click on the File menu.
  4. Choose Delete.
    • If you are asked whether you want to delete the partnership, choose Yes.
    • If you are prompted to delete the Synchronized Files Folder, choose NO.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 until the Delete option cannot be clicked on.
  6. Open CompanionLink Setup.
  7. Press Ctrl-Shift-D. This should open a new folder.
  8. Delete the contents of this folder.
  9. Close this folder and exit CompanionLink.
  10. Reconnect the handheld.
  11. A new partnership wizard will open. Go through this. When asked what you want to synchronize with, uncheck everything.
  12. Once the handheld has synchronized, disconnect the handheld.
  13. Open CompanionLink Setup. The configuration wizard should open.
  14. Select your language and click Next.
  15. Select Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Sync Direct and click Next.
  16. Select your contact manager and click Configure.
  17. Click on the Category Field tab. If you get an error here, stop and contact our [Technical Support department] with the text of the error message.
  18. Go to the Purge And Reload tab. Check the first three boxes.
  19. Configure any other settings you wish.
  20. Click OK, Next and Finish.
  21. Exit CompanionLink.
  22. Reconnect the handheld.
  23. If you receive a prompt that says, 'Items of this type have not be synchronized before', select a conflict resolution method of 'Replace items on my device'.
  24. When this is done, your contact manager data should be on the handheld and the handheld should be using the CompanionLink settings to determine what data is synchronized.

The sync counts double the records I actually have. Is my data duplicating?

It is normal for the direct sync to show double the records you actually have, particularly if you have selected the purge and reload setting in CompanionLink. This is due to the direct sync process. With the direct sync, three synchronization passes are made. First your handheld data is read, then your contact manager data is read and then the changes are made.

My data isn't transferring.

Please see our Solutions section for general help with data not transferring. There are also reasons related to the direct sync as to why your data will not transfer. These include:

  • Wrong version of CompanionLink. If you have Windows Mobile 5 or ActiveSync 4.0 and higher, you must use CompanionLink 2.0, build 2617, or higher. If you use a lower version, the handheld will appear to synchronize constantly, but the sync will not transfer any data.
  • ActiveSync 4.0. This version of ActiveSync is very slow and can cause problems with synchronization. We recommend upgrading to ActiveSync 4.1 or higher.
  • ActiveSync schedule setting wrong. In ActiveSync 3.9 and lower, under Tools and Options, the middle tab (typically Sync Mode or Schedule) MUST be set to 'Continuously while my device is connected'.
  • ActiveSync conflict resolution setting wrong. In ActiveSync 3.9 and lower, under Tools and Options, the third tab (typically Rules) MUST have the conflict resolution for the desktop set to 'Always replace item on my device'.
  • CompanionLink opened while handheld is connected. If CompanionLink has been opened while the handheld was connected, then your handheld may no longer be using the settings in CompanionLink. Please see "I opened CompanionLink while the handheld was connected. Now what?" above for help fixing this.
  • Handheld disconnected before the sync finished. The direct sync makes three synchronization passes. Please make sure all three have completed before disconnecting the handheld.

I'm getting an error.

Please see the list of errors on our [Pocket PC/Windows Mobile Direct Configuration] page.

The error is in ActiveSync Generally speaking, errors in ActiveSync indicate that there is a problem with the ActiveSync settings. If you see a link to click on in the ActiveSync window to resolve the problem, do NOT click on this. If you do, it will launch CompanionLink, and you will need to follow the instructions for "I opened CompanionLink while the handheld was connected. Now what?" above.

You can find a list of the errors that occur in ActiveSync and their solutions on our [Pocket PC/Windows Mobile Direct/Windows Mobile Configuration] page.

The error is a pop-up window Generally speaking, pop-up errors indicate that there is a problem with the CompanionLink configuration. There are some pop-up errors that are ActiveSync related, such as [ActiveSync can only synchronize your data to a single destination] and the prompt 'Items of this type have not be synchronized before'.

When you get a pop-up error, please note what this error is. If it is not an ActiveSync error, then you will have to disconnect the handheld before opening CompanionLink Setup and checking your settings.