Setup Guide - Sync Windows Mobile via USB

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Backing Up Your Database Have you backed up your database? Click here for instructions how

Starting Out

In order to sync with a USB connection you will need to:

1. Install CompanionLink on your PC

Installing the Software

Installing CompanionLink

For help finding the version of CompanionLink that is right for you click here

Click here for instructions on installing CompanionLink

Click here for instructions on installing CompanionLink

Registering CompanionLink

Registering CompanionLink

CompanionLink is registered from within the software and requires an internet connect in order to verify your license. For more information click Here

Configuring your Sync

Back up your Data

CompanionLink cannot be held responsible for any data corruption or data loss that may occur in conjunction with our software. CompanionLink highly recommends backing up your PC database before performing a sync and on a regular basis.

Backing Up Your Database Click here for instructions on backing up your database

Configuring Windows Mobile Device Center

  1. Ensure that CompanionLink is Closed
  2. Open Windows Mobile Device Center
  3. Go to Mobile Device Settings -> End a partnership
  4. Select each partnership and click 'End Partnership' until none are remaining. Click Back.
  5. Connect the handheld.
  6. Select 'Set up your device'.
  7. Select 'Yes, I want to synchronize with only this one computer' and click Next.
  8. Uncheck all options at the 'What kinds of items do you want to sync?' screen. No boxes should be checked.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Create a name for the partnership, or leave it at the default. Take note of this name.
  11. Click Setup.
  12. Once Windows Mobile Device Center says 'Connected', disconnect the handheld.

Configuring your CompanionLink Setup

NOTE: Be sure your Windows Mobile device is not connected to your PC when you configure or open the CompanionLink Setup application.

1. In the first dropdown please select Windows Mobile

Select PDA

2. In the second dropdown please select your Contact Manager

Select Contact Manager

Configuring your Contact Manager Settings

Click here for help configuring your Contact Manager

Click here for help configuring your Contact Manager

Configuring Other CompanionLink Settings

Click here for more information about CompanionLink Settings

CompanionLink Settings

How to Sync

  1. Make sure that CompanionLink is not open
  2. Connect your Device to the PC
  3. Your Device should start syncing automatically

Performing a Sync

Open the Microsoft Mobile Device Center and connect your handheld.