Moving DPC to a New Computer

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To move DejaOffice PC CRM to a new PC you will want to take the Database Folder and place it on the new PC.

Copy the Database Folder from the Old PC to the New PC

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM, select Settings and select Database Settings.
  2. On the right, select the "Open Folder" option at the top, this will open the Database Storage Folder.
  3. Click the Up arrow in the top left to move up one folder level. You should see the DejaOffice PC CRM Folder.
  4. Copy the DejaOffice PC CRM Folder to a Flash Drive, Network Drive, or One Drive folder.
  5. On the New PC, Move the folder to a folder on the local PC (IE the C:\ Drive, the Documents Folder, etc).

Install DejaOffice PC CRM on the New PC

  1. Click Here to download the latest version of DejaOffice PC CRM.
  2. Once downloaded, click the downloaded setup file and click Install.
  3. Select Yes on the Windows UAC popup.
  4. Select OK to Finish the installation.
  5. Register DejaOffice PC CRM on the new PC. Click Here for the Registration Guide.
  • Note: On some machines, the UAC message does not popup automatically, be sure to check the Windows Task bar for the Blue and Yellow shield.

Open the Copied Database on the New PC

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM on the New PC. It will open to a Blank database.
  2. Click Settings in the bottom left and select Database Settings.
  3. On the right, select the "Open" option near the top, this will open a File Explorer panel.
  4. In the Explorer Panel, locate the Database Folder you copied from the Old PC, select it, and choose Select Folder.

This will relaunch DejaOffice PC CRM with your data and settings from the Old PC.