IPhone and iPad CompanionLink USB Sync Troubleshooting

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If you are unable to connect to your device try the following to confirm the PC and Phone are connected correctly.

Ensure Local iTunes is Installed

For USB sync to work, the PC needs drivers installed by iTunes to recognize the iPhone\iPad. Please ensure iTunes is installed. If so, open iTunes, connect the device and "Trust" this PC.

  • Note: Apple has released a "Store" version of iTunes, the correct drivers do not install with this version, Click Here for our guide on installing the "local" version of iTunes.

Verify the iPhone\iPad Connection to the PC

Ensure CompanionLink is set to sync to the correct mobile device.

  1. Open CompanionLink.
  2. Click Settings on the left and Settings under USB on the right.
  3. Ensure in the User Name drop down the correct iPhone\iPad is being listed.

If you don't see a device listed in the username drop down, check your cable and confirm the iPhone\iPad is visible in iTunes. If this is correct, you might need to reset the "Trust this PC" permission in the iPhone\iPad. To reset:

  1. On the iPhone\iPad, open the Settings (the default Device Settings)
  2. Tap General, at the bottom tap Reset and finally tap the option to Reset Location and Privacy.
  3. Tap Reset Settings when prompted.
  4. Plug the iPhone\iPad back into the PC, you should now see a prompt to to "Trust" this PC. Tap Trust.

Verify in the CompanionLink settings that the Username for this device now appears. If so, return to the main menu of CompanionLink, open DejaOffice on the iPhone\iPad and tap Sync in DejaOffice.