How to create a Google account

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To synchronize your PC database with Google or a mobile device through Google, you will need a Google Gmail account. Google accounts are free web based email accounts that are accessed through the Google homepage.

Setting up a Google Gmail account

1. In a web browser navigate to [1]

2. On the Google homepage select Gmail. GGLACCT01.png

3. On the Gmail homepage select "Create an account". GGLACCT02.png

4. Fill out your name, desired email address name, and a password for your account. GGLACCT03.png

5. At the bottom of the page, read the Google Terms of Service, and if you accept, select "Create my account". GGLACCT04.png

6. The Google homepage will now appear different for you. Across the top of the Google homepage you will now have buttons for your account. Select the "Calendar" button to view your Google calendar. GGLACCT05.png

7. In the calendar, select "Settings" under "My Calendars". GGLACCT06.png

8. On the calendar settings page all of the calendars associated with your account are listed. Select the main calendar associated with your Google account name. GGLACCT07.png

9. In the section for the Calendar time zone, set your local time zone to ensure that your calendar events appear at the correct time. GGLACCT08.png

10. At the bottom of the page click save to finish setting up your Google Gmail account.

Syncing your Google account

To start using CompanionLink to sync your database with Google, follow Setup Guide - Sync with Google to our Google setup guide.