DejaOffice for iOS v1.2.1+ Contacts Storage Changes

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DejaOffice v1.2.1 and higher brings a major change to how contacts work in DejaOffice for iOS devices.

DejaContacts Storage

-DejaContacts data is now stored within DejaOffice and is no longer "shared" with native, just like its Android counterpart. Sharing the contacts database with the native contacts in Apple made it very difficult to create custom fields, categories and other "DJO type" things that the native contacts list did not handle well. This new way makes it much easier.

Sync with native Apple iOS contacts

-In Settings/Sync, below "Sync with Apple's Calendar", there is a new option called "Sync with Apple's contacts". There is no button to start the native sync. With this option checked, the sync will run in the background after closing/opening DejaOffice. The sync will perform differently depending on your device and OS:

-Newer iOS 4 devices (excluding iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2G):When DJO is opened, contacts changes sync from native to DJO. When DJO closes any changes made in DJO will sync to native

-All iOS 3 devices (and iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2G w/ iOS 4): When DJO is opened, contacts changes sync from native to DJO. No changes are synced with DJO closes.

-DejaOffice will only sync with a single native account. The local "On my iPhone" account is the default, and is recommended. The account selection can be found in Settings/Sync and also in the Setup Wizard.

Upgrading from 1.1.9 - Importing contacts

-Users updating from version 1.1.9 will be prompted to "Import Contacts." This will copy all of their contacts into DejaOffice and keep their categories and custom fields in tact. When the Import completes it then turns on the native contacts sync setting. When they sync with CompanionLink, everything should sync just as it did before.

-It is very important for users to run the Import Contacts function if they've previously synced with DejaOffice. If they skip this steps, they could potentially duplicate all of their contacts data.

-If the user installs a fresh copy of 1.2.1, they are presented the Setup Wizard, not the release notes screen with the Import button.