How to Connect Mac with Google and Office 365 using DejaCloud Connector

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Setup a Sync with DejaCloud on your Mac

  1. Download and install the latest version of CompanionLink for Mac
  2. Configure CompanionLink to Sync with your DejaCloud account

NOTE: Create a DejaCloud Account if you do not already have one


Enable the Google Connector

  1. Select "Google" as your Device
  2. Select "DejaCloud Sync" as your Sync Method
  3. Click the gear wheel
  4. Enter your DejaCloud Login information
  5. Select "Connect With My Google Account" and follow the prompts to select your Google account.

Enable sync via the Office 365 Connector

  1. Login to DejaOffice CRM Live
  2. Click Account Status
  3. Click Connectors
  4. Click Add Office 365 Account and enter your credentials.

OPTIONAL: Selecting Edit next to the connected Office 365 account will allow you to choose specific conduits to sync.


  • Once enabled, your DejaCloud and Google/Outlook 365 account will generally sync about once every 5 minutes.
  • The status of a pending connector sync will be indicated by Changes on the connected account in Account Status > Connectors.