DejaOffice Android App Compliance with new Google SMS and Call Log Privacy Policy

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Update (08/25/19): We have release a Side Loaded Companion App to DejaOffice called DejaHelper. This companion app will restore the SMS to History, DejaOffice Caller ID, and Call History functions to DejaOffice. Please Click Here for further info on DejaHelper.

Play Store changes to Call and SMS logs:

Starting in March 2019, Google is banning apps that access Call and SMS Logs.

Here is an article summarizing the change: Google's New Policy Cripples Apps

As required by Google, DejaOffice complies with the new policy. Until Google change it, DejaOffice will no longer able to collect SMS and Call History.

What this effects in DejaOffice for Android:

1. DejaOffice Caller ID: DejaOffice will no longer be able to read Caller ID without the Native Contact Sync enabled.

  • To enable the DejaOffice Native Contact sync, use the steps found Here

2. SMS for Call History: DejaOffice will no longer be able to collect a record of Text messages sent in the Android.

3. Added Unknown Caller to Contacts: Removes prompt to "Add Unknown Number" to DejaOffice after an unknown number calls your Android.

4. Add Journal after Call: DejaOffice will no longer be able to collect a record of Calls made in the Android.