Configuring Alexa for use with CompanionLink and DejaCloud

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Connecting Amazon Alexa to a Google, Exchange, Outlook 365, or iCloud Account


First you will need to link Alexa to your Google, Outlook 365, Exchange, or iCloud calendar.

1. Launch the Alexa App from your device
2. Select the Menu in the top left
3. Tap Settings
4. Select Calendar from the list.
5. Choose the Account type you wish to sync with and follow the prompts to sign in to that account.
  • Note: If you have multiple accounts added to the Alexa App, be sure to select the Default Calendar option at the bottom of the Calendars menu to ensure you are adding new events to the right account.

Now that your account is added, telling Alexa to "Add an event" will automatically sync to the account selected. If any of these accounts are already connected to your device, you will see new entries added via Alexa in your Native Android Calendar.

Using CompanionLink to link Alexa or Google Home to Outlook via Google

When Alexa is linked to your Google Account, we can use CompanionLink to sync Google and your PC. CompanionLink can sync with any IMAP or POP3 account as well as with older versions of Outlook such as Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007.

1. You will first need to install CompanionLink for Google: [Here]
2. Once installed, use the following Setup Guide to link Outlook to Google: [CompanionLink for Google Setup Guide]
3. After completing the setup, click Sync from the main menu of CompanionLink.

Using CompanionLink to link Alexa to Act!, Goldmine, Time and Chaos, and Palm Desktop via Google

1. You will first need to install CompanionLink: [Here]
  • Note: For more advanced databases such Act!, Goldmine, or Time and Chaos you will need to use CompanionLink Express or higher.
2. Find your database on our list of Setup Guides located [Here]
3. After completing the setup of the database, set CompanionLink to sync with Google on the right. Sign in with your Google email and password when prompted.
4. Return to the main menu of CompanionLink and click Sync.

Connect Outlook 365 and Google via a CompanionLink Connector

If you have linked Alexa to Google and want to link the Google account directly to your Outlook 365 account, setup a CompanionLink Connector.

1. Create a DejaCloud account [Here]
2. Log in to the DejaCloud CRM with your new account.
3. Click the last icon on the left
4. Select Connectors
5. Choose Google and sign in with your Google credentials
6. Choose Outlook 365 and sign in with your Outlook 365 credentials

After a few moments, Google and Outlook 365 will be in sync automatically.