CompanionLink Wi-Fi Changes for Version 10

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FCMID for Better Re-connection


With the latest CompanionLink Version 10 and the latest DejaOffice for Android\iPhone, the sync now stores an FCMID. This allows the PC sync to attempt to connect to the device even if the IP is incorrect or if the DejaOffice App is closed. The FCMID helps in the following two scenarios:

  1. IP Changed on Mobile: If the IP for the mobile has changed the PC will use the FCMID to correct this on the PC.
  2. DejaOffice App is Closed: If the App is Closed, you will now see a "Wi-Fi Sync" notification on the device, tapping this notification will launch the DejaOffice app and allow the sync to begin.

Note: We are still not able to sync via Wi-Fi if the Phone and PC are not connected to the same Network. Be sure to check this if sync is not starting.

Auto Sync

Due to changes in latest Android operating systems CompanionLink is no longer able to automatically launch DejaOffice if the App is closed. The Auto Sync is controlled by the PC, so if the PC "reaches out" to the Android and the device is asleep or if the App is completely closed we are not able to Launch the app remotely to start the sync. Wi-Fi sync is also bound to your local network, so if the PC is on at home and you are not near the PC, the Auto Sync will fail.

DejaCloud for the Best Auto Sync:

For the best Auto Sync, we recommend using our DejaCloud Sync. DejaCloud splits the sync into two syncs (PC to DejaCloud and DejaCloud to Device). This disconnect allowed the PC to sync independently of the Phone and regardless of the network either are connected to.