Webos - Invalid Device Database

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Please update to the latest build of CompanionLink. You can download the latest build from the following link:


If you still receive the error have user try uninstalling CL USB Sync and reinstalling it.

If you still receive the error message follow the instructions below to manually delete the .db file:

Plug the phone to the computer and select USB Drive, then if you get the Auto Play window click on Open Folder to view files, if not go to My Computer/Computer and select the Palm Pre from there

Then double click on .app-storage, if is not showing, go to Tools > Folder Options > View > Hidden Files and Folders and click on Show hidden files and folders, then OK

Then look for the folder that ends in … companionlink.clusbsync._0 and open it

Delete any file ending in ".db", then eject the phone, uninstall CL USB Sync from the phone, then eject the phone again and reinstall the application on the phone.