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There are several ways to download "CL USB Sync" from the Palm App Catalog.

1) From App Catalog: Run the App Catalog application on your Palm Pre or Pixi. Type in "USB" or "CompanionLink". The App should display at the top of the list. Click to install. This App is Free.

2) Direct Download via Email: Email this message, with the following link, to your Palm Pre. Open the message and click on the link: http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.companionlink.clusbsync&applicationid=141

3) Direct Download: On the Palm Pre/Pixi launch the Internet Browser app. Type in the link above. Please note: If you attempt to open the link on a PC Browser, or any other phone, it will bring you to a Palm Developer page. The link only works to install the app if you run it from a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi.

NOTE: You do not need a data account but you need a Wi-Fi internet connection sufficient to browse to websites in order to download the software.