Using QuoteWerks with DejaOffice PC CRM

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Using the latest DejaOffice PC CRM you can now integrate QuoteWerks into DejaOffice Deals. With this integration you can directly create quotes from DPC Deals and have updated quote information synced back to those same Deals!

Enabling the QuoteWerks Integration


To enable the DPC integration with QuoteWerks:

  1. Open DejaOffice PC CRM (you must have the Express version or higher).
  2. Select Settings and choose Deal Settings.
  3. Enable the check for "QuoteWerks Integration".

Creating Quotes from Deals

After you have enabled the QuoteWerks integration option you can create Quotes from DPC Deals.

  1. Create a new Deal in DejaOffice PC CRM and Save.
  2. Right click the new Deal and choose "Create Quote". This will launch QuoteWerks directly to the New Quote creation popup.

Your QuoteWerk quote will be pre-populated with the Deal Name and Location (if entered). When you update the Quote in QuoteWerks, Status (Open\Closed), Total, Cost, Close Probability and the QuoteWerks Quote ID will all appear in the DPC Deal.