Using CompanionLink with Amazon Kindle Fire

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You can synchronize to DejaOffice on the Amazon Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD using CompanionLink. Here's information on how to do this:

Getting Started

Install Dejaoffice: Simply search for 'DejaOffice' in the Amazon Appstore, click or tap here DejaOffice via Amazon Appstore

Choosing a Sync Method The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD can synchronize with CompanionLink via WiFi, USB or DejaCloud sync methods. (Other sync methods can be found [here]

Install CompanionLink to your computer Click Here to Download a Free Trial

Special Notes for USB synchronization

  1. DejaConnect USB: For [DejaConnect USB Sync], USB Debugging mode must be enabled. DejaOffice will walk you through turning it on. You can also manually enable it:
    • Kindle Fire always has USB Debugging mode on.
    • You can enable USB Debugging on the Kindle Fire HD by pulling down the notifications drawer, tapping More > Security > Enable ADB
  2. Direct USB: The Kindle Fire automatically mounts SD card storage when connected to the PC. Prior to starting sync, you must connect the cable, dismiss the "Mount" notification, and then run DejaOffice Sync.

Note: Kindle (Original), Kindle Touch, and Kindle Touch 3g do not support Android Apps like DejaOffice. They are not compatible with CompanionLink Synchronization. Kindle Fire is supported.