Upgrade requirements from CompanionLink version 3 to version 4

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CompanionLink 4.0 was introduced in June 2010. It is a free update for anyone who purchased CompanionLink after January 1, 2009. For prior purchasers you can obtain an upgrade for a discount from our order form: https://secure.companionlink.com/buynow/orderform.php

Please use the drop down item to select the proper upgrade.

We recommend upgrading to CompanionLink 4.0 if:

1) You have updated your PC Software to Outlook 2010, ACT! 2011, Time & Chaos or any other software that did not exist in July 2010.

2) You have updated your Phone, or your Phone has received an Over-The-Air update to an OS version that did not exist in July 2010.

In general, all our current development is done on the CompanionLink 4.0 platform and so there will be new features and increased compatibility in the higher version. CompanionLink 5.0 is now in the design phase, and will probably be released in Mid-2011. As with CompanionLink 4.0, purchasers for the prior 18 months will get a free update.