Troubleshooting Outlook Not Syncing

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Some or none of the Outlook records are syncing to the handheld device (or Google):

1. Ensure you have selected the correct Outlook folders to sync with: Open CompanionLink > Settings > Advanced > Outlook Folders tab > select the correct Outlook folders to sync to your device.

2. Check the sync direction: Open CompanionLink > Settings > Advanced > Applications > Ensure the correct direction is not set to sync in one direction from your device to Outlook. This should say either "sync both ways" or "Outlook to device".

3. Check the category filter: Open CompanionLink > Settings > Advanced > Category Filter > Make sure you haven't filtered out any categories from syncing. The most common option is to select "all categories".

Then run a reread of Outlook on your PC. This will re-sync the data from Outlook to your device:

1. Open CompanionLink.

2. Select 'Options' from the upper left corner.

3. Select 'Reread Outlook data on next sync'.

4. Perform a synchronization like normal.

Your records should now be on your handheld device.