Syncing ACT! events to Google tasks

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Google Tasks (Beta)

Under the Google settings in CompanionLink, you must have the "Sync to Google Tasks (Beta)" option selected.

Otherwise the "Task" events will sync to the calendar regardless, and events in Google tasks, will not sync to ACT!.

Task beta.png

Activity Mapping

Under Advanced Settings, on the Activity Mapping tab you'll see that you can choose what types of events will sync to the "Task" list, or the "Calendar" in Google.

By default, To-Dos and Opportunities from ACT will sync to the Task list. All other activities will sync to the Calendar.

Activity map.png

Calendar Format

Under Advanced Settings, on the Calendar Format tab, you can configure how "Event Types" are appended to events that sync, this includes tasks.

By default To-Do's will be appended with the (To-do) event type [ie: (To-do)ACT! Task].

A task originating in Google, that is synchronized from Google to ACT!, that is not manually appended with an event type will automatically be appended with (To-do), and thus sync to ACT! as a To-Do event.

If you have other Event types syncing to the Task list you must append the task with the type for those events to sync to the appropriate "Type" in ACT!.

For instance, if you map "Personal Activities" to Tasks. You would append (Personal Activity) to the beginning of your task [ie:(Personal Activity)ACT! Task]

Cal format.png

Task Lists

Syncing with ACT!, CompanionLink will only sync with the "Default" Task List in Google.