Synchronization Speed and DejaHub

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When using the DejaHub application on your BlackBerry 10 device, you may notice that the synchronization seems slow.

The sync speed to the BlackBerry 10 Contacts application moves at approximately 1-2 seconds per record; the more records you have, the slower the sync moves. We've found that a database containing 1,000 contact records will sync in about 20 minutes - but the time can vary quite a bit, depending on the records themselves.

This is a limitation of the BlackBerry Contacts app, but here are a few tips to work around the issue:

Archive unused or old contact records - or use a Category filter

If you have unused or old records, removing them from synchronization will help improve speed.

Allow DejaHub to run in the background

The DejaHub application will continue to synchronize while running in the background on your BlackBerry 10 device - which means you can use other applications while the sync is running. To leave DejaHub in the background, swipe up from the bottom of the device to the top to make the app window smaller - then move on to another app. Do not hit the 'x' to close the application completely - this will stop the sync

Run the DejaHub sync only when necessary

If you use DejaHub to synchronize from DejaOffice to the BlackBerry 10 applications, you can run the DejaHub sync once per day, or less. You can continue to add information to DejaOffice or to the BlackBerry 10 applications, and that information will sync when you do use DejaHub.