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How do I configure CompanionLink to synchronize multiple databases?

Please follow the steps below.

1. Open CompanionLink Setup.

2. Click on Settings. Using the instructions from How do I configure CompanionLink?, set up your primary database. It is recommended that you set the Category Field tab to Business under the contact manager configuration. When you are done configuring your primary database, go to the next step.

3. Click on Category Manager. If you see the user profile screen, click Next.

4. Find the area you want to add a secondary database in. (For example, 'Palm Address Book'.)

5. If the name you want to use for your secondary database is not there, click on the name of the area (such as Pocket PC Tasks), then click on Create New Category and type in the name (for example, Brokers).

6. Highlight the name that you want to use for your secondary database. All of your data from this database for this area will appear in this category on your handheld. Note: Do NOT use Business as a special category.

7. Click on the Application Settings button.

8. You will be asked if you want to set up Special Category settings for this category. Choose Yes.

9. Click on the Application tab. Choose the PIM (i.e., ACT! 2000).

10. Click on the database selection tab (such as ACT! Data). Configure the tab(s) for the secondary database.

11. Configure any additional options you like.

12. Click Apply and OK.

13. You should now see a green plus sign in the list with your database listed below.

14. Click Finish.

NOTE: When you are using Outlook and another contact manager, it is usually best to make your contact manager primary and Outlook secondary.