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Below are some easy instructions on how to set up your sync between ACT! and CL USB Sync for WebOS.

Here is a web page that gives general information about our sync with ACT! There are four steps; Install CompanionLink on your PC. Configure CompanionLink. Install CL USB Sync on your WebOS phone. Synchronize!

Follow these steps carefully and the your data will be synchronized from ACT!

Please make sure you back up all related databases. Setting up CompanionLink on your PC

1. Download and install CompanionLink Express or CompanionLink Professional.

2. Run CompanionLink Setup.

3. If you see the configuration wizard, click "Next". Otherwise, click on "Settings: (then "Next" if you see the user profile screen).

4. Choose "Palm Pre/Pixi direct via USB" from the drop-down options.

5. Choose your version of Act! from the drop-down options.

6. Click on ACT Settings

7. Verify the correct database is selected, and the correct username and password entered.

8. Click on the Groups tab, and verify the contact Groups you want to sync to Google and the Android.

9. If everything is correct, press Ok.

Setting up CL USB Sync on your WebOS phone

1. On your WebOS phone, go to the Application Catalog.

2. Tap the "Search" icon and type in "CL USB Sync".

3. Select CL USB Sync and install it.

4. Run CL USB Sync and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Sync

1. Tap "Sync" in the CL USB Sync app on your phone. This prepares your phone data for the PC.

2. Connect your phone to the PC using the USB cable. Make sure to choose USB Drive mode on the phone when prompted. The sync will begin automatically. This will sync data from phone to PC, and from PC to phone.

3. When the synchronization on the PC side completes, disconnect the phone and open CL USB Sync on the phone. Tap the "Sync" button at the top of the screen. This turns the data received from the PC into usable information for your contacts, calendar, tasks and memos.

If you need further assistance, CompanionLink offers a RunStart service for first time setup for $49. You can order this at Also available is Premium Support which gives a year of premium tech care. For details go here: