Sync ACT to WebOs via Google

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Congratulations on getting a new Palm webOS device. Here are some easy instructions to get it set up correctly for PC Sync to Google, which will then sync to your Palm Pre or Pixi.

Here is a web page that gives general information about our sync with ACT!

Here is a video on how to set it up:

Some special notes for synchronization through Google:

WebOS uses Synergy. Synergy is a system where Contacts and Calendar data is kept in different Accounts. Each Account is tied to a Sync System. CompanionLink will synchronize your Contacts and Calendar to Google, and Google will show on your phone as the "Google" Account.

Google lacks a Task API. For that reason, CompanionLink will synchronize ACT! ToDos as Calendar events for both Google and the Palm Phone. This is the only way to send tasks to the Phone. The Palm Pre Task app is not connected to Synergy.

If a technician loaded your data into your "Palm Profile" Account, then you may see your data twice. The Palm Profile Account cannot be removed. If your Calendar shows twice, you can select to show only the Google Account, which will show only the data that CompanionLink is synchronizing.

Be sure to set the Google Account as the "Default" for new Contacts and new Calendar items. That way they get sent to Google, and then to our PC using CompanionLink. The "Palm Profile" account is not synchronized to your PC, but is backed up by Palm.

If you need further assistance, CompanionLink offers a RunStart service for first time setup for $49. You can order this at Also available is Premium Support which gives a year of premium tech care. For details go here: