Switch from Act! Gmail Sync to CompanionLink Sync to Google Calendar and Contacts

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First, you will want to disable any additional syncs set up between ACT! and Google.

To disable the ACT! Google sync, complete the following:

  1. Open ACT!
  2. Select Tools > Integrate with Google > Google Integration Preferences
  3. Under the "Synchronize Calendar" tab, uncheck "Enable Calendar Synchronization with Google"
  4. Under the "Synchronize Contacts" tab, uncheck "Enable Contact Synchronization with Google"
  5. Click OK

Configure CompanionLink 8 on your PC

  1. Run CompanionLink from your desktop or start menu and click Settings.
  2. Select "ACT! 2005 through v21" from the Select your PC or web database... drop-down.
  3. Select Sync with Google from the Select the device you want to sync with... drop-down.
  4. Click Settings in the With section and enter your Google login information and select the Calendars you wish to sync with, then click OK.

If you need additional help, CompanionLink offers more advanced support solutions.
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