Recover android contact app

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Here are some steps to recover the native Android Contacts app.

A. Turn off Google Contacts sync on the Android:

1. Open Settings. Select "Accounts", "Accounts & Sync", or "Data Synchronization"

2. Select the Google account (if available)

3. Uncheck Contacts and/or Calendar

B. Get the Contacts App working again

1. Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/All/Contacts Storage

2. Select Clear Data

3. Reboot your phone

4. When the phone powers back on your Contacts app should no longer crash, but it will not have any contacts.

C. Re-sync your contacts

1. Open CompanionLink on the PC, Select Options, then Reread Outlook (PC data) on next sync

2. Open DejaOffice and select Sync

At the end of the sync, contacts should be back in the native Android contacts application.